Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 94

Kogoro Moori began to investigate the scene. After being scammed by anime many times, he no longer believed in the original plot. He had to rely on his own reasoning to solve the case.

The windows in this room were closed, and the door was closed. There was only one key, which was still in the hands of the butler Suzuki, but the murder weapon was missing.

Everyone outside the door started arguing one by one, and there seemed to be joy on his face. The yellow-haired male tortoise man kept talking: "This must be suicide. You see, this is a secret room. The key is at the Suzuki butler, and the Suzuki butler has been there again. The restaurant, there is no way to commit crimes. The old man must have been tired of the world, and then he left the world in this way to punish his children."

Kameo kept talking, as if he was going to commit suicide by taking Mikakurazu, so as to immediately divide the inheritance.

Maori Kogoro couldn't help cursing: "Don't be silly, this is a complete murder. You see that there are traces of blood being cleaned up outside the door. How can the suicide clean up the blood?"

"It's 8:40, and the time of death is between 30 and 40 minutes. Since 7:30, we have been waiting for dinner in the restaurant with Miss Xia Jiang and the butler from Suzuki, which means that we are not suspicious. , Then the murderer must be among the few of you who have not proved alibi." Mouri Kogoro said with certainty.

The yellow-haired tortoise man opened his mouth and said: "Then how do you explain the murder in this secret room?"

Maori Kogoro couldn't help but glanced at the yellow-haired man: "Are you stupid, this is not a murder in a secret room at all, I said, there are blood stains wiped outside the door, and the murderer stabbed Hagi Shibumu with a murder weapon outside the door. , Then Hagii Zangwu fled back indoors, locked the door, and died in blood."

Hearing what Kogoro Moori said, everyone suddenly realized that Conan couldn't help but looked at Moori in surprise. Why is Uncle Moori's reasoning so accurate today?

Xiaolan couldn't help showing the color of worship in her eyes.

In this way, everyone is suspected of killing, and the suspects present can't help but become jealous of each other.

Xia Jiang grabbed Maori Kogoro by the shoulder, tears in her eyes, and said in her mouth: "Detective Maori, please find out the murderer of my grandpa."

Kogoro Mouri naturally agreed.

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Kogoro Mouri carefully observed the death of this Shibumoto, his expression was very strange, angry, frightened, painful, and he couldn't believe these emotions appeared on his face.

Conan was also lying on the ground, looking at the blood stains on the ground, the blood had already solidified.

The wound on Qimoto Zangbu's abdomen was fatal, and there were marks of strangulation. The heavy bleeding caused by this wound would quickly kill him.

However, no murder weapon was found in the room, which means that the murder weapon was taken away by the murderer, but forty minutes have passed. The murderer has time to deal with the blood stains on the floor outside the door. How can there be no time to deal with a murder weapon? , Just find a room to go in, open the window, throw it hard, and sink into the sea, who can find it.

Without the most direct murder weapon, you can only look for other clues.

Mouri Kogoro began to observe the blood flowing out of Kashimoto Kurashiwa. He carefully observed every drop of blood. Nothing was left on it. It was not like the crumbs left in the animation in the previous life. Such things are very neat and tidy.

Interesting, this murderer is quite cunning!


At this moment, all the suspects on the scene began to tear up.

The fat aunt Mariko Qimoto was the first to speak, pointing her finger at the yellow-haired man: "I heard that the turtle man owes a large debt outside. Could it be that you killed your father and want to inherit the property of the Qiben family quickly? Come to pay the debt."

Qimoto Turtleman repeatedly denied it, and Qimoto Qiujiang, the guardian's eager husband, couldn't help but say, "Auntie, I think you want grandpa's property the most. It's so obvious that you just said it on the deck; and my uncle always wants to leave. It’s been a long time since the Qimoto consortium did it alone, but it’s been stopped by grandpa; and Ichiro, his award-winning painting was torn off by grandpa. Your family has been resenting grandpa for a long time. It makes sense that the three of them conspired to murder Grandpa!"

At this time, Qi Ben Xianger in the white suit said with an angry face: "Enough, don't you think you are not embarrassed enough? Dad just died, just talk like this."

Fat aunt Qimoto Mariko immediately sneered: "Second detail, what a good person? We are helping to find the murderer. Don't think I don't know that your hotel is suffering a serious loss. You want to borrow money from your father, but your father is ruthless. I scolded him, and it is entirely possible that you killed Dad for that."

Suddenly, Mariko Keimoto seemed to think of something: "Oh, yes, I almost forgot, there is an outsider here, Xiaowu, don't you comment?"

Xiao Wu waved his hand: "What did I say?"

Ma Lizi's face instantly became extremely gloomy: "I just overheard everything that my father told you to talk over, Xiaowu, I never thought that you turned out to be the son of Yongfu Caicheng who died ten years ago. ."

Everyone who heard this couldn't help but change their faces, one by one with horror!

The bald male Kimoto Kitaro looked incredulous: "Xiaowu, are you coming back for revenge? Because my father seized the property of your financial consortium ten years ago, forcing your father to death, and even hurting your mother for the second year. You end up in depression, making you an orphan, so did you come back today to take revenge?"

Xia Jiang's pupils kept shrinking: "Xiao Wu, tell me, is this true? Are you the son of Yongfu Caicheng?"

Xiao Wu's expression kept changing. He looked at everyone's vigilant appearance, and couldn't help but laughed wildly: "Yes, since you have recognized it, then I can't make it anymore. I am the wealth city that you forced to die. Takehiko, the only son of Yongfu, the wealthy city, I admit that I had a plot to approach Xia Jiang at first, but Xia Jiang, I really love you, and I didn't kill this old fellow."

Tears shed tears when Xia Jiang heard Xiaowu's admission. She no longer believed Xiaowu's words, turned around and ran out.

"Good boy, I want to quibble!" Qi Ben Xianger in a white suit captured Xiao Wu: "In addition to you, who else wants to kill Dad, and your identity has just been exposed by Dad, tomorrow It’s the wedding. If you don’t do it today, and tomorrow’s wedding will be cancelled by your father, you will never have the chance to enter my Qi family, and you will not be able to regain the property of your Caicheng Group.

"Yeah, and you were the last to show up at dinner just now, you have enough time to kill." Qiu Jiang couldn't help but echo.

"I said I was not a murderer, let me go." Xiaowu struggled constantly.


When Maori Kogoro watched this scene, it was really a good show. The riches' grievances and dog blood revenge were all gathered, and it would be hard for him not to shoot thirty-four episodes.

Qiben Sangji said to Maori: "Maori detective, we all think this outsider killed my dad. I wonder what your opinion is?"

Kogoro Mouri smiled and said, "His motive for the murder is very strong, but it is not possible to conclude that he is the murderer."

Qimoto Mariko also spoke: "I think the murderer is this Xiaowu, who was forced to kill after being exposed."

Qimoto Qiujiang and Qimoto Kameo also echoed, Mouri Kogoro instantly understood that to this group of people, it doesn’t matter who killed Qimoto Kurama. What they value is property, so it’s a crime to take this outsider against him. The best choice is to eliminate the troubles.

It really is an extremely ugly upper class society!It is also that the eldest daughter of Xia Jiang is not crooked, thinking about it, in this environment, it is really not easy for Xia Jiang to maintain a kind nature.

Moori Kogoro and others watched Xiaowu being locked into the warehouse by them. If Moori Kogoro could not find the murderer this time, then this Xiaowu would definitely be taken to prison by this group of people.

Kogoro Mouri searched this room carefully for a long time, but still could not find any useful clues.

He couldn't help asking the Suzuki butler next to him: "Excuse me, Suzuki butler, besides having a weapon in the kitchen, who else has a weapon in his room?"

"Oh, Mr. Xianger is the chef, and he seems to have knives in his room." Butler Suzuki thought for a long time, patted his hand, and remembered.

"Can the butler please open Mr. Xianger's door and let me see his set of knives?" Maori asked.

"Of course." Several people followed the Suzuki butler to Qiben Xianger's room, opened the door, and found the box for storing the knives. Everyone opened it, but they were disappointed.

The knives in the box are neatly arranged, and there is no missing half at all.

That said, I didn't start with these knives.

This time the murderer really has no flaws. Maori sighed and hugged Hui Yuan up: "Xiao Ai, have you found anything, remember to tell uncle if you have something?"

Huihara only shook her head slightly, she reached out her hand to smooth the frown between Mouri Kogoro's eyebrows, and Maori couldn't help but smile.

With Moori Kogoro's IQ, there is no way to find useful clues, let alone Conan, but this little devil still doesn't give up, and he ran to the place where Kamoto Kurashiwa died again looking for clues.

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Mouri Kogoro held Huihara, followed Xiaolan, and the old housekeeper to the restaurant.

At this time, the people who had just detained Xiaowu returned to the restaurant, they were talking and waiting for dinner.