Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 97

Caicheng Takehiko approached Xia Jiang with a smile on his face, and said: "Xia Jiang, I finally recovered my innocence. You must believe that although I approach you for a purpose, the person I really love is you. Our wedding tomorrow ..."

But seeing Qiben Xiajiang face full of frost at the moment, he directly stretched out his hand and slapped the Caicheng Takehiko: "Mr. Caicheng, you dare to show up in front of me. Now that grandpa has passed away, our wedding will naturally be cancelled. Now we have nothing to do, please leave here."

Caicheng Takehiko immediately said: "Xia Jiang, don't be angry. Although I lied to you, the person I love is really you!"

Qiben Xiajiang sneered, "Let's lie to others for such naive words, Uncle Beilang, I don't want to see this hypocritical guy again, please let the captain on the lower floor open the door and send this guy to the next floor."

Hearing this, Kimoto Kitaro and Kimoto Kameo quickly stepped forward to capture this wealth city Takehiko, and sent them to the lower floor.

This Caicheng Takehiko kept shouting: "Xia Jiang, listen to my explanation! You listen to my explanation!"

Maori Kogoro couldn't help giving a thumbs up when he looked at Qiben Natsue's clean solution.Kamoto Natsue smiled slightly at Mouri Kogoro when he saw it, but his smile soon subsided.

Qiben Xiajiang approached Qiben Xianger with grief in his eyes, and said: "Second Uncle Xiang, you are obviously such a good person, why do you do such a thing? Even if it is a usury, you tell me and I will help. You paid it back, why, why do you even want to kill me?"

When Qiben Xianger heard this, he couldn't help kneeling on the ground, and kept kowtow: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Xia Jiang, it's my uncle who is sorry for you."

There were tears in Xia Jiang's eyes, but he still forced his composure, and said: "Second Uncle Xiang, anyway, he is a murderer, so please go to the warehouse to rest for a night, and all this will be judged by the law. "

Naturally, Qi Benxiang II no longer resists.

The group of people escorted the flag book to the warehouse. The outside of the warehouse was locked, and the key was kept by Xia Jiang.

The murder case in the rich family was finally solved. Hui Yuan looked at Xiaolan on the side with a pensive look, and couldn't help but curiously said, "Xiaolan, what are you thinking?"

Xiao Lan hugged Hui Yuan in a hug: "What a rude little guy. If you want to be called a sister, you can't teach how to teach."

Xiaolan looked at no one on the left and right, and whispered: "I was wondering why Ms. Marizi and Ms. Beilang are cousins ​​and can still get married and give birth to children, and I seem to have seen so many people who are close relatives. The last time the diplomat’s house was also his brother and sister married."

After hearing Xiaolan's confusion, Hui Yuan couldn't help being filled with black lines. She looked at Xiaolan's innocent face, always feeling that she was thinking about something dangerous!!

Conan walked to the side of Kogoro Moori, pretending to be innocent and innocent: "Hey, Uncle Mouri, how did you find that Uncle Xiang was the murderer?"

Kogoro Mouri glanced at Conan, smiled, and said casually: "Nonsense, although he turned off the electricity, but this guy in a big white suit came out and attacked people. Even a little moonlight is enough to see his suit. The color of the man, who else is there except him? I have never seen such a stupid murderer."

But in fact, there was no light on the deck at that time. The moonlight was obscured by dark clouds, and the darkness was so dark that Mouri Kogoro could not see what the murderer was wearing. This was purely fooling Conan.

Conan, who has honey confidence, believed it again, and couldn't help but glanced at Maori with contempt: Che, thought it was a reasoning, but unexpectedly it was another shit luck, uncle, reasoning still depends on me!

Conan looked at the sky and smiled confidently.

Kogoro Mori laughed at Conan, who had been completely crippled and lame.

Item 0086

The case was over, it was already over ten o'clock, and the side of Kibmoto Kitaro looked at Kogoro Mouri like a fan.

"I was so lucky to be able to meet a Maori detective today. I found the real murderer for my father, Maori detective. To express my gratitude, please let me entertain him tomorrow." Kimoto Kitaro's gaze made Maori Kogoro a little bit I can't bear it, it's almost the same if I change to a soft and cute girl.

For some reason, the Maori and his party were separated from the bald male fan. They returned to their respective rooms, and each of them went back to the room to wash.


On the deck, Qiben Xiajiang looked at the bright moon hanging in the sky, looked at the dark sea in the distance, and listened to the sound of the sea constantly roaring.

"Miss Xia Jiang, you seem to like looking at the sea very much!"

Kamoto Xiajiang couldn't help turning around in surprise when he heard this, and saw Moori Kogoro, who had already washed and changed his clothes, looked extremely handsome in the moonlight, like a knight.

Xia Jiang turned his head and said with a smile: "Didn't Mao Li once said that he had a connection with me? Then, does Mao Li know what I am thinking now?"

Maori folded his hands on his chest, frowned, and looked at Xia Jiang who had changed into a pink dress. She looked like an elf in the moonlight. The sea breeze blew by, and a blue silk was constantly flying. She looked at the sea in the distance. There was a hint of smile, and there seemed to be an inexplicable light in his eyes."There are so many things that happened today, Xia Jiang, your heart should be messed up, let me think, is it sad because of the death of grandpa? It seems wrong, is it because my uncle became a murderer and wanted to hurt himself and was shocked? It doesn't seem to be right, so is it because you suddenly found out that your fiancé married yourself with ulterior motives?"

Every time Maori said a word, he approached Xia Jiang a step, and finally came to Xia Jiang's side, his shoulder rubbed against Xia Jiang's shoulder lightly, Xia Jiang did not back away.

Xia Jiang turned his head and smiled. The delicate makeup on his face was impeccable. The lady's temperament was very moving: "Mao Lijun, you seem to have guessed wrong. The marriage between me and Xiaowu was entirely driven by my grandfather. Today, I understand why Grandpa is eager to let me get married. It turned out that Ichiro made an unreasonable request."

A smile appeared on Maori's face, and he stretched out his hand to embrace Xia Jiang beside him. He looked at Xia Jiang’s charming face under the moonlight, and said: "My reasoning has never been missed, you Xia Jiang, yes Thinking of me!"

As soon as Maori said this, Xia Jiang fell silent, flushing on her face.

Yes, there is no good way. A woman will wash and dress herself in the middle of the night, wear a gorgeous dress, put on makeup, and then stand on the deck and look at the sea.

It just so happens that Xia Jiang and Maori's two solitary times started on this deck by the fence.

When Maori saw this, he didn't know what to do at the moment. Looking at the delicate face in front of him, he kissed Xia Jiang's pink lips and attacked with his tongue.

Maori's right hand quickly climbed up to occupy the high ground, controlling the combination of delicate and elasticity, while his left hand was holding Xia Jiang's waist. The soft girl is indeed a soft girl!

Xia Jiang's body was boneless, and soon he was close to Maori's arms. Maori's palms kept walking, and the shadows of the two were intertwined under the moonlight.


In the shadow of the deck in the distance, Mazi-faced Keimoto Ichiro saw this scene, his eyes glowing with hatred. He clasped his five-fingered fingers on the wall tightly, watching the woman he deeply admired, and the other woman. The man embraced and kissed, and did not resist.

Kimoto Ichiro's heart felt as painful as thousands of poisonous snakes gnawed.

But Ichiro Kamoto didn't dare to go out to disturb him at all. He was inferior and timid and only dared to be a voyeur, watching this cruel scene tightly with his eyes.


There was mist in Xia Jiang's eyes. She ran away from Maori's kiss, and her slender hand blocked the big Maori hand who was doing a strange thing on her chest. The greenish eyes were constantly trembling, and she spoke with a touch of tenderness: "Maori, Can’t do this, it’s too fast."

Maori's eyes were as deep as a whirlpool, and he spoke gently, "Xia Jiang, I said it today, like Xia Jiang, you are so kind, such a beautiful girl will definitely meet true love, and what I say will usually come true."

Listening to Maori's firm words, a strong masculine aura rushed towards him, Xia Jiang immediately lost resistance and kissed Maori again.


Maori's five senses are very strong. He had discovered that someone was spying before. It didn't matter before, but now that the moment is important, it is natural that no one is allowed to spy. The primary psychedelic card is used, and a small formation is immediately created.

Standing in the shadow, Ichiro Keimoto watched the kiss between Maori and Xia Jiang in the psychedelic formation ended. He stood together and talked, admiring the night, and his face turned soft.


Xia Jiang blocked Maori's big hand reaching into his skirt: "Maori, you can't do such a thing. This kind of thing can only be done after marriage. Moreover, this is a deck, you can't be here."

Maori kissed Xia Jiang’s lips and said, "Xia Jiang, do you remember the movie Titanic that we both like to watch? The reality is actually more incredible than the movie. I never expected that I would live on a desert island and be on a cruise ship. When I met a woman like you, and you were a newly engaged person, do you think this is a destiny? Now I want to draw a picture for you like in the movie, don't you know if you want to? "

When Xia Jiang heard this, his heart was beating extremely fast, his cheeks were red, his ears were hot, even his white neck blushed, and his delicate face was slightly a little bit.

The pink dress was lifted up, and a moving female body looked extremely beautiful in the moonlight. Soon, the familiar and charming rhythm sounded on the deck.(One thousand words are omitted here...)


Mazimian Qimotoichiro squatted in the shadows, his body trembling constantly, and the sea breeze was constantly roaring. He held his shoulders with his hands and looked at the two people on the deck who were still talking. He couldn't help but wonder for a while: What is there to talk about, I talked for three hours in the middle of the night.