Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 113

Seeing this small-looking Miyano Shiho, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but leaned forward and put a kiss on her red lips, and both proactively smoothed her little emotions.

Looking at Shiho Miyano in the posture of a little woman, Kogoro Mouri rubbed his head gently against Shiho Miyano's head, and said with affection, "Actually, I also like Miss Shiho very much."

Mouri Kogoro hugged Miyano Shiho, only then did she know how slender Miyano Shiho is. She is five centimeters taller than Xiao Lan, but she is much thinner than Xiao Lan, only the butt is better.

Kogoro Mouri said to Shiho Miyano, "I want to eat more in the future. I like plumper women, you know?"

At this moment, Shiho Miyano has no time to pay attention to Kogoro Mouri. She is experiencing the ninth super-evolution in her life.

Maori Kogoro couldn't help but raised his head and looked at the ceiling, huh, he wanted to be a rival in his life but was not available, so loneliness was embarrassing.


Outside the Beihu Hotel, a strange dwarf walked to the corner. Dr. A Li’s Beetle stopped there and the dwarf opened the door.

Dr. A Li immediately asked, "How about? Shinichi, what about Xiaoai?"

"Xiao Ai was taken away by the people of the dark organization." Conan looked sad, and Dr. A Li looked hard when she heard this.

"Then let's call the police, Shinichi." Dr. A Li made a gesture to call the police.

"It's useless, their whereabouts are extremely weird. People from the Metropolitan Police Department can't find them at all. Damn, how can I explain to Uncle Maori now?" Conan punched Dr. Aha's car.

The atmosphere in the car was gloomy. Now Conan’s only clue is that Gin and the Porsche parked here, but he doesn’t know if Gin will come back to pick up the car, so he can only wait for it.

In the car behind, Fei Yingli with a tired face lay on the steering wheel and fell asleep. Xiao Lanqiang held his eyes and was still waiting for Kogoro Mouri to come out.

Originally, according to Xiaolan's intention, it was enough to call and ask what Maori Kogoro was doing, but the strong concubine Hideri had to see it with his own eyes, and stopped Xiaolan, which led to the current situation.


Time flies so fast, the heavy snow stopped in the middle of the night, and all the dark clouds in the sky disappeared.

In the morning, the morning light shone on Miyano Shiho's pretty face. The young girl's greenness, the maturity of the elder sister, and the youthful breath can be seen on this face.

Miyano Shiho opened her big light blue eyes and looked at Moori Kogoro who was sleeping aside, a trace of satisfaction immediately appeared on her small face, and he greedily squeezed into Moori Kogoro's arms.

After almost six hours of fierce fighting last night, she didn't know how she survived, and she didn't fall asleep until two o'clock in the morning.

As soon as Shiho Miyano woke up, her head felt dizzy. Her cold was almost healed, that is to say, he might shrink again at any time.

Thinking of this, Shiho Miyano couldn't sleep anymore. She took away the big hand Moori Kogoro was holding on her chest, and then slowly got out of bed.

Shiho Miyano stepped on the carpet with his feet, his legs still trembling uncontrollably, and his right hand covered the lower abdomen, which was slightly painful.

She supported the wall and walked slowly in the direction of the bathroom. The Huiyuan in the bathroom quietly took the portable phone in the room and asked the front desk staff to help buy a set of children's clothes.

Soon, a staff member sent a set of children's clothes, and Shiho Miyano took the clothes and returned to the bathroom.

Moori Kogoro, who was lying on the big bed, opened his eyes, he didn't care, smiled, and then turned to sleep.

The light of dawn not only awakened Miyano Shiho, but also Fei Hideri who was in the car. Fei Hideri woke up in a daze, and quickly called Xiao Lan, who was dozing off next to him. Both of them were in the car. After a night.

"Xiaolan, did you see your dad come out?" Xiaolan shook her head repeatedly. She persisted for most of the night last night and fell asleep at the end. At this moment, Xiaolan's eyes were a little red, but she didn't see Maori Kogoro coming out. Figure.

"Mom, did Dad leave long ago? It's useless if we wait here!" Xiaolan just wants to go back and get some sleep now, she's too sleepy now.

There was a cold smile on Fei Yingri's face. At this moment, her mood was the same as the mood of catching rape Yukiko and Mouri Kogoro nine years ago. The sixth sense of a woman is so unreasonable.

Maori ah Maori, don't let me down again.

"Let’s go, Xiao Lan, let’s go up to him, I want to see, what other tricks he can do?" Fei Yingli opened the car door and stepped on high heels into the Peihu Hotel. Xiao Lan hurriedly followed on.

Fei Yingli looked at the sign of the Beihu Hotel, and took the elevator with Xiaolan to the reception desk on the eighth floor, and said to the receptionist: "I want to know if there is anyone here called Maori Kogoro here last night. Has anyone checked in here?"

The receptionist shook her head: "I'm sorry, we can't betray the privacy of our customers."

Fei Yingli couldn't help but snorted coldly: "Privacy, I advise you to obediently do as I say, I am Kogoro Moori's wife, and this is his daughter. Now if you cooperate with me, then this matter will be with you. The hotel has nothing to do. Otherwise, your hotel with incomplete procedures will definitely go bankrupt. Trust me, I definitely have the ability to do it."

Fei Yingli handed out a gold-plated business card, which read: Yingli Law Firm-Fei Yingli.

The manager on the side recognized the famous queen of the law and government, and quickly asked the lady at the front desk to cooperate. The lady at the front desk quickly found out that the room where Kogoro Moori and Shiho Miyano were staying was in room 868.

Fei Yingli and Xiaolan went to Room 868.

Item 0106

Mouri Kogoro was in a shallow sleep when there was a knock on the door and the voice of Concubine Hideri: "Moori Kogoro, you open the door for me."

Hearing Fei Yingri's voice, Kogoro Mouri woke up instantly, with a look of horror: "Pills!"

And Shiho Miyano in the bathroom changed a lot, his face panicked.

Mouri Kogoro turned over from the bed with a carp and kicked the quilt away. He exploded with speed and lifted the blood-stained bed sheet with one hand, wrapping the women's clothing and shoes in the cabinet.

Then he took the package, rushed to the balcony and kicked the package out.

Mouri Kogoro immediately returned to the room, took out the spare sheets stored in the closet, and immediately put it on the bed.

The sound of the key turning came from the door.

Kogoro Mori immediately grabbed the quilt on the carpet, then lay down, closing his eyes, and the entire set of actions took only two seconds.

Finally, he saw the clothes scattered on the side and grabbed them into the bed.

At this moment, Kogoro Mouri reacted. Shiho Miyano was still in the bathroom, with a wry smile on his face: "It's still a pill."

The door of 868 opened, and the rhythmic sound of high-heeled shoes came out. Fei Yingli put her arms around her chest, Dan Feng's eyes were full of cold light, and she walked in like a queen, followed by Xiaolan.

At this moment, Kogoro Mouri made the look of just waking up, with sleepy eyes, and stretched his waist: "Hiri, Xiaolan, why are you here?"

Xiaolan's eyes were full of complaints: "Dad, I just want to ask you, why do you sleep here?"

Fei Yingli didn't say a word and started to inspect the whole room. She opened the closets one by one, empty or empty. Fei Yingli walked out of the balcony and still saw nothing.

Thanks to Shiho Miyano's sweat yesterday, there was a peculiar natural body scent, which covered up the smell of Fei in this room, but Hideri just felt that the room was a little fragrant.

"Lan, look under the bed."

Xiaolan lay down obediently, and saw nothing.

Mouri Kogoro pretended to be surprised: "Hiri, what are you doing?"

At this moment, there was a woman's grunt from the bathroom, and the three people in the room changed their faces.

Fei Yingli and Xiaolan walked towards the bathroom. The bathroom door of this kind of hotel was unlocked. Fei Yingli pushed open the bathroom door with a cold expression, and was stunned when she saw this scene.