Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 114

Standing timidly inside was a tender little girl, taking a bath.

Although Maori is lustful, he is not so lustful. Let's start with this six or seven-year-old girl!

A little girl's scream was heard from the bathroom. Xiaolan saw Hui Yuan who was naked, her hands hugging her chest, and she couldn't help exclaiming: "Hui Yuan, why are you here?"

Fei Yingli's face was slightly cold, and she turned to look at Xiaolan: "This is the little girl who lives at home, is Hui Yuanwei?"

At this moment, Huihara, who had shrunk back from Shiho Miyano, had a cold face, and said: "It should be a rude thing to open the door without saying a word while others are taking a bath."

Her big light blue eyes stared at Fei Yingli fiercely: Old lady, one day I will completely defeat you!

Feiying nodded apologetically, then closed the bathroom door, and walked out with Xiaolan.

Fei Yingri and Xiaolan walked out and came to Mouri Kogoro's.

"Dad, what's going on here, why is Xiao Ai here?" Xiaolan couldn't help but asked in confusion, and Fei Yingli on the side also looked concerned.

Kogoro Mouri touched his head, pretending to be a memory: "After I separated from you yesterday, I went to the 26th floor to help Police Officer Mumu solve the murder case, because I don't want to bring you trouble on Christmas. It’s a good impression, so I didn’t tell you to go back first. Then the case broke. I happened to meet an old friend and I drank with him in the bar below. I was drunk, and then I was in the hotel. Let’s rest. As for the child Huihara, I didn’t know why he appeared in the hotel alone last night, and then I was brought to the room to rest.”

Kogoro Mouri tried to weave lies and spoke very loudly. At this time, it was because he and Haibara were in a tacit understanding.

The bathroom door opened and Hui Yuan came out wearing a white coat. Her brown hair was wet. She put on the silver necklace that she had hidden in the bathroom again. Her face was cold and she spoke to Fei Yingli and Xiaolan. Said: "Yes, taking care of Uncle Maori last night really exhausted me."

Xiaolan couldn't help asking: "Then Huiyuan, why are you here?"

Huihara calmly said, "Last night, Dr. A Li brought me and Conan to have a big meal here. In the middle of the day, I saw Uncle Maori, so I came to him. At that time, Uncle Maori was already drunk. Personnel affairs, and then we went to rest in the hotel room."

When Huihara said this, Xiao Lan couldn't help but clapped her hands: "Oh, yes, I said I saw Doctor and Conan last night. These two guys also lied to me that they were at home, so they came here secretly. After eating a big meal, Conan was really unbehaved and lied again."

Fei Yingli on the side heard Moori Kogoro and Huihara's explanation, and her expression became calmer. Finally, Dan Feng glanced at Moori Kogoro, and then stepped on high heels to walk outside the door.

"Oh, Hideri, why are you leaving so fast?" Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but stay.

Xiaolan hurriedly chased it out: "Mom, mom."

After a short while, the two left the room. Seeing this scene, Mouri Kogoro and Haibara were relieved.

The test belonging to Kogoro Moori has ended, and the test belonging to Huihara has officially begun. Kogoro Moori picked up Huihara and said, "Sorry, thank you for your cooperation just now."

"you are welcome!"

Mouri Kogoro stared at Huihara's big eyes and couldn't help but said, "It's just Huihara, how did you get into this room?"

Hui Yuan's heart was beating nervously at the moment. She swallowed her saliva and said, "That was when I was on the first floor in the morning, and I met a big sister who looked a lot like me. She saw me. She talked to me very kindly, and finally she showed off to me that she was with a celebrity, a great Maori detective last night, and I knew that my uncle was on it, so she let her lead me into the room."

Maori Kogoro looked at the sweating Huihara on his forehead, and suddenly uttered two different versions of a lie. His small face was tense, and his pulse was beating very fast, so he didn't trouble her anymore.

Kogoro Moori pretended to believe this statement at once, and instead of delving into it, he said, "Where is that big sister who looks a lot like you? Where did she go, do you know?"

Hui Yuan was relieved and quickly replied: "She just said that she was going to do an important thing, and then left the hotel."

Mouri Kogoro pretended to look regretful, and said: "That's really a pity, I still want to learn more about marksmanship with her!"

When Hui Yuan heard this, Qing Jin couldn't help but jump up.

Item 0107

In the hotel room, both of them are on the bed, Mouri Kogoro is sitting and Huihara is standing in front of him.

Haibara was rather curious. What was his first impression of Kogoro Mouri after he recovered as Shiho Miyano, he couldn't help but smiled and asked, "Uncle Mouri, what do you think of that sister Miyano? "

Kogoro Mouri made a look of raising his head and thinking hard, and finally turned his head back, with a mean smile on his face, and said to Huihara, "Big butt! And there is so much water!"

Haibara's smile froze when she heard Moori Kogoro's words. The smile on her face gradually disappeared, and finally her little face became very gloomy. She had no idea that she would leave such a comment on her debut.

"There is a lot of water." These four words kept reverberating in her mind, and Huihara couldn't help it anymore, kicking Moori Kogoro with her short legs.

It doesn't hurt at all!

"Ah, what did you kick me, Xiaoai? I mean Miss Miyano who I saw yesterday sweats a lot, don't you know, she can still keep a sweat on a snowy day, you are quite similar to her night sweats and Xiaoai of."

Mouri Kogoro's heart was dark, and his face smiled happily. He took Huihara into his arms and continued to speak: "Hey, you are still young, and I tell you that you don't understand."

Hui Yuan looked like he was still angry.

Mouri Kogoro then said: "Seriously, she is really a pretty mysterious woman, she is very beautiful, don't you know Xiao Ai? The first time I saw her was on the rooftop, she was caught by two little Maos The thief chased and killed her. Uncle rescued her easily. This should be the hero saving the beauty. Uncle was super handsome last night."

When Huihara heard this, he couldn't help but rolled his eyes at Moori Kogoro several times. There was no one who praised himself so much, although Moori Kogoro was indeed super handsome last night.

"Then, after the uncle saved her, she wanted to repay her uncle, but she had nothing on her body. In the end, she decided to show her uncle, but she shied away for a long time, and finally she accepted her determination. of."


Hui Yuan's eyes were full of anger: Where did he show his promise last night? It was obviously the big pervert in front of him who forced him to avoid it for a long time. You were paralyzed. Can't you avoid it for six hours?

Haibara's face was very gloomy, and his nails slammed into Mouri Kogoro's big muscles.

It doesn't hurt at all!

Maori Kogoro looked at Huihara with his head down, and his stomach twitched with a smile. He lifted Huihara's small hand: "Sai, don't be naughty, it's wrong, otherwise Uncle won't tell you. "

Mouri Kogoro continued: "But, this guy is too bad, he left without saying a word, and didn't even leave me a contact information. How I will look for her in the future is really irresponsible. ."

When Huihara heard this, her brows wrinkled. Fei Hideri suddenly struck, and she suddenly became smaller at that time. It was true that no information was left for Kogoro Mouri, but she looked at Kogoro Mouri with a distressed look. I couldn't help but start to feel complacent: I started thinking about myself so soon, and sure enough, the charm of myself restored to the appearance of an adult was unstoppable, and even Kogoro Mori would have to bow under his skirt.

"Hey, I've done it a few times before I knew it. What a shame!"

These words turned out to be a crit for Hui, and she couldn't stand it anymore, using both hands and feet, she began to slap Mouri Kogoro continuously.

"Hey, Xiaoai, what's the matter with you, don't be naughty." Huihara's riot was quickly suppressed by Mouri Kogoro. Mouri Kogoro pretended to be puzzled and said: "Huh, Xiaoai, are you angry? I can’t do this! Oh, I forgot again, Xiao Ai is a child, how can my uncle tell you this? No wonder I will be angry. I'm sorry, Xiao Ai."

Kogoro Moori rubbed his nose against Huihara's little nose. The puffy Huihara soon turned from cloudy to clear again, and the two began to play again.

After teasing Haibara, who had been completely transformed into a soft and cute loli, Mouri Kogoro quickly got up to wash. After a while, Mouri Kogoro came out after washing. He was already dressed neatly. He was right. Turning to Hui Yuan, he said: "Let's go, Xiao Ai, let's go eat."

Sitting on the bed, Huihara was about to get up. When she moved, her brows frowned. The pain from her body was very unbearable. She couldn't help opening her big watery eyes and looking at Mouri Kogoro pitifully: " Uncle Maori, hug."

At this moment, Huibara's cuteness is completely exploded, and Mouri Kogoro looks at the painful Huibara with pity.

He walked to the bed and gently hugged Hui Yuan, and kissed Hui Yuan's little cheek. The two walked out of the room and went to the high-end restaurant on the 30th floor.


After a while, Maori Kogoro, who was full and drunk, returned to the first floor with Huihara and walked out of the Beihu Hotel.

Conan sitting in the Beetle car had sharp eyes. Seeing this scene, he couldn't help but look shocked. Last night, he had already judged that Haibara was either taken away by the dark organization, or killed. He didn't expect to be in Moori Kogoro now. I saw her in his arms.

Conan didn't care about Dr. Aka who was snoring in the car. He opened the door and ran in the direction of Kogoro Moori.