Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 119

Suzuki Soonko was holding Mouri Kogoro tightly, small stars popped out of his big dark green eyes, and said to Mouri Kogoro: "Uncle Mouri, why are you so handsome today!"

It is also burdensome and over-enthusiasm. Just now, Kogoro Mouri was restrained by both his left and right hands, otherwise he would definitely block the garden.

Xiao Lan couldn't help shouting: "Yuanzi!"

Suzuki Yuanko turned around cautiously, looked at the puffed Xiao Lan, smiled awkwardly, and then let go of her hand reluctantly: "Xiao Lan, I haven't seen Uncle Maori for too long, I really want to It's just him, don't mind, don't mind."

At this time, Yuanzi saw the dress that Xiaolan was wearing, and couldn't help but exclaimed: "Wow, Xiaolan, your dress is so beautiful, where did you buy it?"

Xiaolan's anger immediately subsided when she heard the inquiry, and she smiled and said, "This is a gift from my mother. It's a Christmas gift, isn't it beautiful?"

"Really, it's especially suitable for you." Yuanzi kept nodding, and suddenly found the frightening upper circumference of Xiaolan's chest, and then looked at the slight bulge on the chest of her dress, her mood suddenly fell. It's a lie, obviously not that big in school uniforms!

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Moori Kogoro and his party walked on the cruise ship under the leadership of Yuanzi. When they passed a high platform on the red carpet, they saw a mature beautiful woman in a purple dress standing on it and speaking.

That beautiful woman is Yuanzi’s mother, Tomoko Suzuki. She is gorgeously dressed, has an exquisite haircut, and has an elegant temperament. In addition, she has been in charge of the Suzuki consortium for many years. The aura of the business queen has overwhelmed the audience. With exquisite makeup and a beauty mole next to his right eye, it adds a bit of unique charm.

This is an extremely outstanding woman. Kogoro Mori turned his head and looked at the garden. He could vaguely see that the outline of the garden and his mother's face were somewhat similar. Both of them had melon seeds, but the garden was still too green, as if The immature small astringent fruit is far less attractive than its mother, and can squeeze out water like a peach.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but said, "Yuanzi, your mother is so beautiful!"

Yuanzi waved her hand disdainfully: "Nonsense, she doesn't know how sloppy she is at home. This looks like this before others." She sold her mother inadvertently.

As soon as Tomoko Suzuki walked off the platform, two police officers greeted him. One was wearing a black suit with a full face and an extremely burly figure; the other was wearing a light white suit with a short beard on his lips, and the two stopped him. Tomoko Suzuki, hoping to prevent her from getting on the boat.

Yuanzi saw this scene and couldn't help but touch his forehead: "These two police officers have been persuading my mother to board the Illibes another day, but today is the 60th anniversary celebration, and it is impossible to change it."

Kogoro Mori knew these two policemen. They had worked with them in the Metropolitan Police Department before. These two guys should be regarded as Kidd's rivals. The full-faced name is Kami Gintaro; the other has a short beard. It was Zhongsen Yinsan, a guy who caught Kidd for 18 years and got nothing.

Speaking of which Nakamori Ginzo is the father of Nakamori Aoko, it is really strange that Nakamori Ginzo grows up like this, and the child born to him looks almost exactly the same as Xiaolan.

The group of people boarded the cruise ship along with the garden, and Conan's eyes had been looking at everyone present, trying to find the trace of Kidd.

Everyone followed the garden to the outside of the cruise ship’s party hall. The people from the Suzuki consortium at the front desk were constantly distributing small boxes. Inside the small boxes were stars in the dark night.

Yuanzi smiled excitedly: "Uncle Maori, it's amazing. This is the idea my mother came up with to create five hundred stars in the dark night. Every guest wears them. In that case, Kidd has no way of starting. "

When Sonoko said that, Kogoro Mori could only smile back politely and put on the dark night star that was obviously a fake pearl.

Everyone led the stars in the dark night, and then walked into the party hall inside. There were already three or four hundred people in the hall, wearing suits or dresses. Obviously, the attendees were all people with status.

Suzuki Yuanzi took Xiaolan and his party inside and turned around again. As the daughter of Suzuki's family, she had to go to receive other guests. In this kind of big scene, Yuanzi's performance was very reliable, and she did not lose the Suzuki consortium. face.

As soon as Conan entered the venue, he disappeared again. Kogoro Moori held Huibara, and Lan held his other hand.

Suddenly, a blunt Japanese voice rang beside: "Maori detective, didn't you expect you to be here?"

When Mouri Kogoro turned around, he saw a big blond beauty walking towards him.

This is Kris, who is Belmode, whom I met under the Peihu Hotel on Christmas Day. I did not expect that she would also come to this party.

"So it's you, Chrissy, you are on this cruise ship."

Mouri Kogoro inspected this Chrissy, and saw that she was wearing a silver-white dress with split ends at the base of her thighs, revealing two beautiful legs. She was wearing a bright diamond necklace in the rough waves on her chest, and she had a fake face. The big waves curled up and looked very beautiful.

From time to time, someone in the hall cast their eyes on her. This is an absolute stunner!

Chrissy greeted her, her aqua-green eyes looked at Xiaolan, her eyes seemed to be quite surprised.

Huihara only felt a little bit cold, and couldn't help grasping Mouri Kogoro's palm tightly.

Mouri Kogoro immediately noticed Haibara’s anxiety. Thinking of Belmode’s hatred of Haibara in the anime, he didn’t want Xiao Ai to be too close to this Chrissy, so as not to be found out, he told him to Land said: "Xiao Lan, you and Xiao Ai have a rest next to you. Miss Chris and I have something to discuss."

Xiao Lan couldn't help but frowned and said, "Dad!"

"Good, obedient."

Xiaolan finally obediently took Hui Yuan's hand and walked aside.

Chriss looked at Xiaolan who was going away, and couldn't help but speak to Moori Kogoro: "Mr. Mouri, your daughter is so beautiful!"

"Miss Chrissy is also beautiful, but I don't know why Miss Chrissy didn't call me after last time." Kogoro Mouri got close to Chrissy, and his arms directly put his arms around Chrissy's thin waist. , The skin is firm, it is true.

Chrissy’s acting skills were immediately brought into play, her small face turned slightly red, and she spoke awkwardly: "Mr. Maori, don’t do that. I was angry with Maori last time, so naturally I didn’t dare to call to disturb you. ."

Maori Kogoro smiled evilly, and said, "But I think Miss Kris is so courageous, she even dared to appear in front of me!"

Belmode couldn't help but feel tight when he heard this. Did he see through it like this?Impossible, the disguise is not a problem at all, but soon Belmode's pupils shrank, and she felt a big hot hand on her hip.

Maori Kogoro had a frivolous look, his big hands frightened and caught the round buttocks along the delicate waist, and he rubbed it, which is also true.

"For a friendly fan like Miss Kriss, I am very happy to accompany you!" Kogoro Mouri got close to Belmode and slowly said to his ears, "Miss Kriss, maybe we can find a chance.' Get together alone'."

Belmode was relieved, it turned out that it was not seen through, but soon his brows frowned: This guy is so bad, and everyone is watching him like this.

Belmode couldn't help but sneered in his heart. It was incredible that the gin wine fell on him twice in a row for such a confusing character.

Chris quickly broke free from Kogoro Moori’s big hands, her face was reddish, and she took two steps back: “Mr. Moori, of course you can get together alone if you have the opportunity. I really want to hear Mr. Moori in person. The process of solving the case! But not now, please allow me to accompany me first."

After that, Kris cast a wink at Mouri Kogoro, then turned and stepped on high heels and went in the other direction.

Maori Kogoro looked at Belmode's distant figure and couldn't help but fell into thought. Is this guy's purpose here just to test himself?What else does the dark organization need on this ship?

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"Maori detective, what are you thinking?" An elegant female voice sounded from behind.

Mouri Kogoro turned around, and it was Tomoko Suzuki who had just boarded the ship.

She looked at Moori Kogoro who turned around, and a look of surprise flashed in her eyes.

Wearing a handsome suit, the frowning and contemplative Moori Kogoro's charm is really amazing, and his black eyes are like whirlpools, which makes people immersed in it.

Tomoko Suzuki wanted to personally smooth the slight wrinkles between Kogoro Mouri’s eyebrows. She recalled her middle-aged husband who had a good hair loss and had severe hair loss. Then look at Kogoro Mouri’s demeanor. There is really nothing comparable between the two. Sex, the same middle-aged person, the gap can be described as a huge difference.

While Tomoko Suzuki was looking at Kogoro Mouri, Kogoro's eyes echoed with Tomoko Suzuki.

This Madame Suzuki's figure is very well maintained, wearing a purple tulle shawl, still can't hide her fair skin, she has an exquisite figure under a long dress, and her calf is extremely slim, but it is what makes Kogoro Mori dare to be amazing. But it was the strong confidence and pride on her slightly raised face.

The aura of the business queen can most arouse men's cravings!

Combined with Yuanzi's comments, this is a very elegant woman.

Tomoko Suzuki stretched out his hand: "Sure enough to be the great Maori detective that Yuanzi talks about at home every day. This girl in Yuanzi said he must invite you to protect the dark stars. Only after seeing Mr. Maori, I finally know why, haha~ "