Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 126

In the warm home on the third floor, on the sofa, the cute little Lori is staring at Kogoro Mouri with big light blue eyes, while Xiao Lan puts on her apron and turns into a cook to prepare dinner.

A cute loli voice blasted out: "Uncle Maori, you haven't said that you left me alone on the boat, where did you go!"

Maori Kogoro couldn't help but rubbed his head with a wry smile, and said, "Sorry, my uncle didn't drop you. Didn't my uncle let you be with Sister Xiaolan?"

Huihara's cold little face clearly showed a touch of disdain: "Being with that woman is more scary than leaving me!"

Conan on the side couldn't help but laughed when he heard this, and said deadly: "Uncle Maori must be with the American female fan, of course he doesn't want to accompany you, Hui Yuan."

After Conan said this, he looked at Mouri Kogoro sympathetically. He was really a poor old man. He was attracted by this little viper, and he will suffer in the days to come.

Conan doesn’t have a lot of favor with this dark organization, APTX poison developer, Hui Yuan. Hui Yuan’s attitude towards Conan has always been bad, and he pursues mysticism and does not share information; when the Junior Detectives encountered a case , Huiyuan also did not show any justice, which is completely wrong with Conan, who is born with a sense of justice.

If the two had the same goal, which was to develop an antidote, Conan would have already told others about the identity of Hui Yuan.

In Conan's eyes, the original gray belly is extremely black, and he is by no means a guy who can easily deal with it, but the funny thing is that such a ruthless character likes a Maori uncle who can be his own father. It is really a waste of uncle who has his own villain!

Seeing this delightful scene, Conan naturally gloats!


Hearing Conan’s words of death, Mouri Kogoro and Haibara’s eyes flashed cold at the same time, and Mouri Kogoro couldn’t help but squinted at Conan’s still-brown nose and swollen face on the sofa. The big punch from the sky and the bursting chestnut appeared again, instantly in Conan. Three big red envelopes were planted on his head.

The old wounds were not healed, and new ones were added. In addition to the big red envelopes in the garden, Conan now has six red envelopes of various sizes on his head. He couldn't help crying, "Uncle Maori, what are you doing?"

"Who made you mischievous on the cruise ship, and pulled the garden and said that she was the thief Kidd, if it weren’t for you to be a child, Officer Chamu must have arrested you, Conan, when would you let Uncle save some snacks!" Mouri Kogoro said with a sincere expression.

Conan gritted his teeth. This was a public revenge, but he couldn't find any reason to refute it. Who made his reasoning completely wrong this time.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "Conan, as a punishment, before dinner, I want to see you finish writing the first 20 pages of the first 20 pages of the first book of Mathematical Olympiad. Now I will go downstairs and do the questions honestly. Don't come up to eat afterwards."

When Conan heard this, his small face immediately wrinkled like a bitter gourd. He recalled the scene where he and Dr. A Li were working on Mathematical Olympiad problems before. It was so hard that he had to go to the library when he was so old. Look for reference books and go to school to ask the teacher.

This Austrian mathematics from the mysterious China is simply terrifying.

Conan saw Moori Kogoro's firm look, and couldn't help regretting that he was so cheap.

Conan, dejected, returned to the second floor, looking at several new Mathematical Olympiad questions on the table, he couldn't help feeling agitated, and he sighed deeply: I'm afraid I will trouble Dr. Ari this time.

After the call was connected, Dr. Ari's voice came over: "Oh, Shinichi, is there any case I can help this time?"

"Doctor, it's not a case, it's a few Mathematical questions!"


Conan in the room with his mobile phone instantly petrified.


The obnoxious little devil's head finally disappeared, and Moori Kogoro approached Huihara, and Huihara moved his butt on the sofa, away from Moori Kogoro.

Maori Kogoro poked Huihara's small cheek with his index finger. The ice on Huihara's face was even worse, and he turned his head proudly, leaving a brown back of his head.

Mouri Kogoro reached out and hugged Huihara into his arms. Huihara immediately yelled and struggled, and her short legs and short hands kept swaying: "Don't touch me, you lecherous uncle."

The loud voice made Xiaolan in the kitchen stick out her head and asked: "Dad, what's the matter with you?"

In desperation, Kogoro Mori could only let go of Huihara and let him sit on the sofa beside him: "It's nothing, I'm having fun with Huihara!"

Xiaolan stretched her head back when she heard this.

Maori Kogoro looked at this obviously jealous little loli, and couldn't help crying or laughing.

But Maori Xiaowu couldn’t help but feel complacent about his wise decision of not revealing the identity of Shiho Miyano before. Otherwise, he will continue to live with Xiaoai and hook up with other girls. I’m afraid Xiaoai’s jealous jar will make trouble every day. It's turned upside down.

Kogoro Mouri turned his head and looked at Huihara, frowned, but preemptively said: "What happened to you today, Xiaoai, why did you become so strange? Are you angry? Why is the child so temperamental?"

When Hui Yuan heard this, his heart moved: Yes, he is playing a child, and his performance just now is indeed a little abnormal. This will not be found by Uncle Maori.

Mouri Kogoro looked at Huihara with a changing expression, and then said: "During the period when my uncle disappeared, I was doing business and looking for the disappeared Kaito Kid, so it's normal for Xiao Ai to not see my uncle on the boat. After chasing all the way to the bottom of the computer room, he caught the thief Kidd, and finally regained the dark stars."

Mouri Kogoro directly threw the black pot on the Kaito Kidd, and when Huihara heard this, the ice on his face melted. He turned his head and blinked and looked at Moori Kogoro, looking suspicious.

Mouri Kogoro then said: "How can uncle be willing to drop Xiao Ai, Xiao Ai is so cute, it is too late for my uncle to like it, but sometimes, uncle has to do some dangerous things alone, so I can't bring Xiao Ai. I'm sorry, after all, Uncle doesn't want Xiao Aie to be hurt in any way. In this case, Uncle will feel very distressed."

Some'dangerous' things really have to be done alone!

When Hui Yuan heard this, her small face immediately turned from cloudy to clear. Although she was still expressionless at the moment, the corners of her eyes were slightly raised, and her heart was extremely helpful.

At this time, Moori Kogoro pulled Huihara into his arms, and Huihara did not resist at all.

Moori Kogoro took Huihara into his arms and kissed Huihara's small face. Huihara immediately stretched out his palm and wiped the saliva on his face.

"Sai, you must be good, don't get angry next time, if you are not good, uncle will be punished for you!" Mouri Kogoro spoke gently to Huihara.

When Huihara heard the word punishment, he suddenly thought of something, his face flushed, and he immediately fell into the arms of Kogoro Mouri, making a cat-like voice.

Item 0123

After the 28th cruise incident, New Year's Day is a few days away. New Year's Day is the biggest festival of neon, and the school has already closed.

However, Conan has been running outside recently, and it seems that his young detective team is doing well. As for Huihara, he goes to Dr. Aka's laboratory every day.

Ever since she was in the Beihu Hotel on Christmas Eve, Huihara copied the APTX drug information from Pixar’s computer. She has renewed her enthusiasm for scientific research and wanted to find an antidote. The main reason is that Kogoro Moori kept recruiting. The bee provokes the butterfly, making Huiyuan eager to regain the appearance of an adult, so these days, Huiyuan also came out early and returned late.

Xiao Lan is at home, but she seems to be on the phone with someone for a while, and she doesn't know what she is planning.

There are no major cases in the office these days, and Kogoro Mouri is so happy that he can finally spend the New Year smoothly.

One day, at the dinner table, Xiaolan held the dinner table with her hands, and everyone was amazed.

"Huh, do you want to go to Saitama Prefecture this New Year?"

Xiaolan said with a serious look: "Yes, of course there is a New Year trip on New Year's Day. Saitama Prefecture is very warm, and I heard that the world's first festival will be held, and it is not far from Tokyo. It is best for us to travel there. Nothing." Xiaolan's face showed a smile.

Then Xiao Lan took out a few tickets from her pocket: "Also, I got the accommodation voucher for the luxury hot spring hotel there in the lottery, so let's go there and spend New Year's Day together!"

Hui Yuan held his chin and looked at Xiaolan's serious face: Such a familiar routine, it seems to be very similar to the one in Hawaii!

Haibara couldn't help but become alert. Could the wife of Kogoro Mouri also appear?

Seeing Xiaolan's expression, Mouri Kogoro nodded quickly after thinking about what happened in the past few days, and decided to go to Saitama Prefecture for a New Year trip.


On New Year's Day, Moori Kogoro and his group drove towards Saitama Prefecture. In the driver's seat, Moori Kogoro yawned and his eyes were sleepy.

Xiao Lan in the back seat couldn't help but cared: "Dad, are you really okay? Really, what have you been doing these days and nights, making you so tired." Hui Yuan also looked concerned.