Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 127

Kogoro Mouri squinted his eyes and said dry voice: "I'm fine, don't worry, you will be able to reach your destination soon."

Moori Kogoro recalled the experience of the past few nights, and couldn't help but feel a little scared. Because it was approaching New Year's Day, his women wanted to spend this day with him, and Moori refused to accompany Xiaolan to reject these women one by one, but As a price, paying public food is essential.

Yuko Ikezawa, Natsue Kimoto, Masayoshi Aso, Boa, Takakako Toda, Akemi Miyano...

Each of these girls, Mouri Kogoro, has to accompany each other, so in the evening, she turns into a human flesh juicer. After hard work, she can't stand her 42-point physique.

About three Kogoro Mori who hadn't slept at night naturally felt a little tired at the moment.

It was already evening when the car arrived in Saitama Prefecture. As soon as Kogoro Mori drove into this area, everyone felt very warm. There are many small volcanoes near Saitama Prefecture, which provide abundant geothermal heat and hot springs.

Everyone in the car saw that the people who came and went in this place were either wearing yukatas or kimonos, which looked a bit of ancient charm.

Kogoro Mori parked the car in the parking lot of the luxury hot spring hotel, and entered the hotel with Xiaolan and others with his luggage. After checking in, the group was ready to have dinner.

When they passed the hotel lobby, they heard a voice rang: "Xiao Lan, you are here."

I saw a handsome figure appearing in front of everyone, with a tall ponytail, a pretty face, and big amber eyes staring at Kogoro Mouri, smiling like a flower. Although he was wearing a gray and black bathrobe, he did not hide it. Youthful breath, this is Toyama and Ye.

When Mori Kogoro saw Toyama and Ye’s mouth, he couldn’t help but smile. A few days ago, after Christmas, he made a special trip to Osaka and gave this little fairy a lesson. He did not expect that she would suddenly appear on New Year’s Day. It gave Moori Kogoro a big surprise.

Xiaolan saw Yuanshan and Ye quickly greet him, and the two women hugged each other and began to talk. Since the last time they met, the two have been in constant telephone contact, just like a good girlfriend.

But all this is just Xiao Lan's wishful thinking, after all, Yuan Shan and Ye also came to the throne of her stepmother.

She deliberately and Xiao Lan is a roundabout tactic. She wants to learn more about Maori Kogoro from Xiao Lan, and even wants to use Xiao Lan as a breakthrough.

Only then did Huihara react. It turned out that it was Faryama Kazuye who was talking to Xiaolan on the phone these days. She couldn't help but relax. Huihara, who thought it was Fei Yingli, looked like she was waiting, ready to destroy at any time. The recombination of Kogoro Mori and Hideri Kiyori, so it seems that it is unnecessary...

At this moment, Conan looked around. He always felt a prying gaze. Suddenly, Conan saw a black charcoal head in the shadow of the corner, and he couldn't help but shout out: "Hattori Heiji?"

Everyone couldn't help but cast their eyes to the corner of the wall, and Hattori Heiji touched his head and walked out with a smile.

"What a coincidence, Maori detective, I didn't expect to meet you here in Saitama Prefecture too!"

Toyama Kazuya's face immediately turned cold. She raised her eyes to Hattori Heiji, and said indifferently, "Hattori-san, are you following me?"

Hattori Heiji's forehead immediately sweated: "Ale, Kazuyo, how could I follow you? This is a coincidence. Saitama Prefecture just happened to have the world’s first festival here. I just came to have a look. I didn’t expect such a coincidence. To you, I think the two of us are really inspiring!"

"Sorry, Hattori, we are not that familiar. Could you please call me Yuanshan, Xiaolan, let's go, and have dinner." Yuanshan and Ye turned around, looking at Maori apologetically. Kogoro.

Originally, this New Year trip to Saitama Prefecture was the result of her constant lobbying for Xiaoran. The original intention was to make up for her failure to spend Christmas with Kogoro Mori, but at this moment, there is suddenly an eye-catching guy-Hattori Heiji , And Ye is also afraid that Kogoro Moori will misunderstand.

Kogoro Mouri smiled gently at him, and said, "Heiji, you can eat with us too!" He didn't put the black charcoal head in his eyes at all.

When Hattori Heiji heard this, he hurriedly followed, and the group walked to the restaurant on the side.

On the way, Hattori Heiji fell behind, ignorantly looking at Yan Yan's Yuanshan and Ye with a smile, Conan on the side looked weird and asked quietly, "Heiji, are you here to follow Heye specifically this time?"

Heiji Hattori heard Conan's voice and couldn't help but patted his head, and said, "Little devil, I want to call my brother, you don't worry about adults!"

Conan's face immediately appeared dead fish eyes.

However, when Hattori Heiji saw Maori and his party walking ahead, Conan was the only one beside him. He still couldn't help feeling depressed, and complained: "This woman is really elusive. A childhood sweetheart for more than ten years, all of a sudden. It’s changed, and it’s totally unclear.

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"This guy Kazuha has ignored me since he came to Tokyo last time and returned to Osaka. He said he wanted to draw a line with me. I don't know what happened. It's really inexplicable." Hattori Heijiichi His face looked distressed.

Conan on the side felt the same when she heard this. She was obviously Xiao Lan who grew up with her childhood sweetheart. After she became small, her attitude towards herself has also changed strangely. Xiao Lan also said that she has someone she likes. , But not himself, but no matter how hard Conan searched, he couldn't find who the man was.

Moreover, Xiaolan falsely accused herself of having a girlfriend, and called her to explain but only got blessings. This is really ridiculous!

Conan could not help but nodded and said: "Heiji, you are right, women are elusive."

When Hattori Heiji saw Conan who was a big ghost, there were a few more black lines on his head: "What do you know about the little ghost? I started dating in the first grade, but no matter what happened to Heye, he changed. I will definitely catch the culprit." Hattori Heiji's eyes flashed a firm gaze.


A group of people entered a seafood restaurant and ate the blessed puffer fish that must be eaten on New Year's Day. After eating and drinking, everyone left the restaurant.

It’s almost half past seven, night has fallen, and Saitama Prefecture has become very lively. The night market has opened. The shops on the left and right of the street sell all kinds of exquisite items, the orange lanterns are hung, and the top of the mountain is in the distance. Flames began to ignite above the sky, preparations for the first festival in the world were about to begin, and the atmosphere of the New Year was permeated everywhere.

Xiaolan, Kazue, and Huiyuan's eyes lit up at the same time when they saw this scene.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mouri yawned, and he opened his mouth to everyone: "Let's go shopping, I'm a little tired, so I will go back to the hotel to soak in the hot spring."

Xiao Lan couldn't help frowning and said, "Dad, why are you so disappointed!" Hui Yuan and He Ye also looked dissatisfied.

Mouri Kogoro really felt that the energy consumed in these three days and nights was too much, and he was really unsupported, so he ignored the advice of the three girls and went back to the hotel alone.

Yuanshan and Ye's eyes brightened when they saw this, as if they had thought of something, they hurriedly said, "Xiaolan, and Huiyuan, then let's walk around by ourselves."

Hattori Heiji, who was behind him, wanted to follow. Toyama and Ye quickly turned around and said, "Hattori, we are going to buy things for girls. Please don't follow us."

Xiaolan agreed casually: "In this case, Conan will be handed over to you, Heiji, please help take good care of Conan."

Conan, who hadn't reacted yet, was sold to Hattori Heiji by Xiaolan, vomiting blood in his heart.

Looking at the three women who were going away, both of them looked angry, and finally looked at each other hostilely, and said in unison: "Bare you to blame."


Moori Kogoro, who returned to the luxury hot spring hotel alone, asked for an indoor private hot spring pool, and then took a bathrobe and went to the hot spring.

Because Saitama Prefecture’s No. 1 Festival has just begun, the outside is the busiest time, and the people in the hotel are all out to watch the excitement, so the private hot spring pool Kogoro Mori is easily approaching.

The private hot spring pool is in a wooden hut. There is a path paved with cobblestones in the house, leading to the hot spring pool made of marble. The spring water enters from the outside and the water is misty inside.

Kogoro Mouri doesn't like the various neon festivals, so he chose to come back to the hot springs to wash away the boredom.

He washed his body first, and then stepped into the warm spring water, making nasal noises involuntarily.

Kogoro Mouri only exposed his head to the surface of the water, and then began to meditate on the guidance technique. Energy slowly gathered from all directions and poured into his body, and his vitality gradually returned to Kogoro Mouri.


The world's first festival began. At 8:01, the sky character on the Sanyue Mountain began to burn, and the huge sky character burned on the mountain. People under Saitama Prefecture looked up and the big characters were clearly visible.

Xiaolan and his party stopped in front of a kimono shop, where all kinds of beautiful girl kimonos were placed.

While the three of them were constantly choosing kimonos, Toyama and Ye suddenly frowned, and said to Xiaolan and Huiyuan: "I seem to have something left in the hotel room. You two choose first. I'll go back."

Xiaolan and Hui Yuan nodded, and continued to choose kimonos without any doubt.

On the other side of the street, Hattori Heiji was holding Conan, and Conan was holding a rabbit balloon in his hand. He looked helpless, but in front of Hattori Heiji, he still couldn't reveal his identity, so he could only act as a little brother obediently. With this lively New Year's Day scene, I was also full of interest, dragging Conan to wander around.