Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 132

"Return the towel to me, you guy, my body is a child's body!" Conan couldn't help being mad. He knew that there was nothing good about coming to the hot springs this time. The eye of the needle is not much bigger.

However, being ridiculed for such a thing still made Conan mad with anger.

Hattori Heiji thought of a new trick again: "Okay, okay, I'll pay you back! But, Kudo, I think you can come and rub my back for me. I'll rub my back for you later, how about?"

Conan couldn't help but refused: "How big is your back, how big is my back, don't rub it."

"Don't rub it, then I can only tell Xiaolan about your little devil tomorrow." There was a smile on Hattori Heiji's face.

"Who told you to just give me an anesthesia needle, everything was wiped out after you scrubbed me."

When Conan heard these words, he gritted his teeth bitterly and agreed humiliatingly.

On the field beside the hot spring pool, Hattori Heiji lay down and motioned for Conan to get started.

Because bathing in this public hot spring pool requires attention to hygiene and cannot take a bath in it, both of them came up.

In desperation, Conan could only hold the bath towel in his hand, and stood on Hattori Heiji and began to scrub.


Hattori Heiji couldn't help groaning underneath. Conan was rubbing Hattori Heiji's back with the intensity of treating his enemies, but Hattori Heiji felt that the strength was just right, very useful and comfortable.


Moori Kogoro embraced Xiaolan's soft body, and the two quickly climbed to the top of Zhongyue Mountain. The top of the mountain was surrounded by fences, and there was a crater in the middle. The crater was completely dark at the moment.

There was a bonfire in the open area on the top of the mountain. Many people were waiting, looking at the sky above Saitama Prefecture.

Zhongyue Mountain is the best place to watch the New Year's Day fireworks show, because the fireworks are specially made, and they will bloom at about 500 meters. Looking over from Zhongyue Mountain, you can see it completely flat or down, and you can see it extremely clearly.

Because the night wind was too strong, Kogoro Moori untied his robe and draped it on, holding the shoulders of the robe with both hands and putting it on Xiaolan's shoulders. The bathrobe immediately wrapped Xiaolan and gave him Block the night wind.

Moori Kogoro's hands are holding Xiaolan's shoulders, and Xiaolan is lying in Moori Kogoro's arms, her face full of joy.

The two of them cast their gazes over Saitama Prefecture just like the others.

Soon I heard the sound of fireworks launching from below.


An extremely bright firework bloomed in front of everyone, and there was a burst of exclamation from the top of the mountain, everyone could not help but get excited.

In her arms, Xiaolan jumped up with excitement, pointed at the fireworks and shouted at Maori Kogoro: "Dad, look at it."

Of course Kogoro Mouri saw it too. The excited Xiaolan always liked to hit people with the ball when she jumped up. The two soft balls hit Moori Kogoro's arm continuously with the jump.

Seeing the fireworks blooming in front of him, Maori Kogoro's face also showed a smile, and he couldn't help holding Xiaolan in his arms tightly.


At the same time, by the hot spring pool, Conan was exhausted, and the bath towel in his hand was full of dirt. This dark skin of Hattori Heiji was not only sunburned, but also Hara himself was not clean and accumulated too much. Dirt.

Conan felt disgusting when he saw this scene. He kept asking: "Okay! It's been 20 minutes."

Hattori Heiji couldn't help but smiled triumphantly: "Kudo, be patient, so let me do this for the last time, I'll help you rub it."

Conan sneered with his exclusive dead fish eyes: "Forget it!"

Conan bent down again. Suddenly, Conan, who had been bent all the time, had a shortage of blood supply. His head was dizzy and his feet slipped. The feet pulled the towel draped on Hattori Heiji’s buttocks and his body When he fell down, his face was immediately buried in Hattori Heiji's crotch.

Heiji, who was stimulated by this, couldn't help but raised his head, his eyes filled with disbelief: "Kudo, what are you doing?"

Item 0130

Conan only felt a disgusting to the extreme stench coming, he struggled hard, put his hands on Hattori Heiji's two ass, and got up.

However, his hand had just been covered with shower gel, and it was so smooth that he slipped off Hattori Heiji's butt, and Conan fell down again and fell into Hattori Heiji's crotch, this time getting deeper and deeper.

Conan's nose seemed to touch somewhere indescribable, Hattori Heiji couldn't stand it anymore.

A jet of air jetted out instantly, centered on Conan's face, and entered Conan's nostrils. Conan's face instantly turned purple.

At this moment, Conan's desire to die is all there, and the stench makes him completely unbearable, and he can't help but vomit.

Perceiving the foreign body on the buttocks, Hattori Heiji hurriedly struggled to crawl forward, leaving Conan in place to vomit acid water continuously.

Everyone in the hot spring pool couldn't help but look sideways, looking at the things vomiting out of the ground, and they couldn't help but feel disgusted.

"Conan, what are you doing?"

Reluctantly recovering, Conan raised his head, and his nose was still stained with some indescribable brown object. He rushed to the washing faucet, turned on the faucet, and quickly washed his face.

Hattori Heiji hurriedly tied the towel around his waist, bowed and apologized to the others, and then took a bucket of water and flushed all the acid water Conan vomited down the drain. Then he turned and came to Conan.

"You guy, what did you just do?"

At this moment, Conan was full of resentment, his eyes glared at Hattori Heiji: "I just asked what you were doing, did you fart on my face just now?"

"Funny, your face is not on my ass, why should I fart on your face, and you don't touch me, I could bear this fart." Hattori Heiji argued.

"I just slipped a step and fell in. It wouldn't happen if you asked me to rub my back." This Conan stood up, frantic, and rushed over to beat Hattori Heiji. The look of rattling.

It's a pity that Conan is a child without equipment. Hattori Heiji overpowered the short-handed Conan and pressed him under his body.

At this time, the hot eyes of the uncles who were watching were all cast on the two of them, and Hattori Heiji and Conan felt embarrassed.

The hot spring couldn't last any longer, and the two got up quickly and left in a desperate manner.

------Eyewash dividing line------

The fireworks on Zhongyue Mountain continue to bloom in front of everyone. The flowers are colorful and gorgeous, and they flash out but quickly disappear. It is because the fireworks bloom only for a moment that people feel that they are precious and beautiful. Things.

The time when Xiao Lan looked at the phone, it was almost twelve o'clock, and New Year's Day passed after twelve o'clock. She couldn't help but look behind her with her small head sideways.

Mouri Kogoro's head leaned against Xiaolan's, and he sensed the change, and then turned around: "Xiaolan, what are you looking at?"

"It's nothing!" Xiao Lan's small mouth pursed slightly, showing a lost look.She turned her head back and looked at the blooming fireworks.

Although the night wind was bitter, it was extremely warm in my father's arms, no matter how strong the wind was.

Xiaolan leaned closely against Mouri Kogoro's chest.

At this moment, someone behind him cried out: "Look at it, the volcano has erupted."

Mouri Kogoro and Xiaolan quickly turned around and saw faint red rays appearing in the dark crater. The rays of light continued to rise, and finally blocked by the protruding black rock on the side, immediately bursting into golden sparks.