Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 139

Mori Kogoro looked at Sato Miwako's anxious look, and couldn't help but sigh: This guy really has a sense of justice.

He touched Sato Miwako's head and said, "Don't worry, I believe Officer Takagi and the children, they will definitely solve the case!"

"I think the two of us are more worried about ourselves. I'm afraid we will have to spend the night here tonight."

Mouri Kogoro looked at the darkened night outside. Fortunately, Huihara helped turn on the light before leaving, otherwise the toilet would be dark, which would be uncomfortable.

"That's right, now all of this can only be handed over to Officer Takagi." Mikako Sato calmed down, and the urination surged again.

At this moment, Kogoro Mouri smiled badly and said, "Miwako, I will play a tune for you!"

The master-level singing skills were displayed, and a melodious and moving melody was blown from the mouth of Kogoro Mori. If anyone heard it, he would definitely stop for a long time and appreciate this moving music.

But this minor has only one note, and that is--


Sato Mikako couldn't help but flushed and was embarrassed. He stretched out his hand to cover Moori Kogoro's mouth, but Moori Kogoro flexibly avoided him.

"Yeah, Maori Jun, stop for me and silence me!"

Kogoro Mori smiled triumphantly, shaking his head from time to time, Sato Mikako had no choice but to curl up her legs, holding her legs wrapped in flesh-colored stockings, her body trembling constantly.

"Mori Kogoro, you are really too much!" Mikako Sato was so angry that Moori Kogoro's full name was called out.

"Hahaha..." A hearty laugh came from the toilet on the eighth floor.


After Conan made the call, he asked Dr. Aka to help deceive Ayumi, and Genta and Mitsuhiko's parents said that the three children were sleeping at Dr. Aka's house.

Conan murmured: "Fireworks show."

Takagi couldn't help asking: "What fireworks display?"

"It's not clear, the doctor said that there will be a fireworks display in the day, what colorful rainbow, forget it, let's go to the deceased's house!" At the moment, Conan gave orders and Takagi obeyed honestly.

At the home of Miss West Village of the deceased, Officer Takagi brought a group of children in. The members of the Juvenile Detective Group put on gloves one by one, looking for clues in this room.

Officer Takagi sighed when he saw this scene. This room has been searched by colleagues from the Metropolitan Police Department. What clues can this group of children find.

Sure enough, taking a group of children to solve the case is so simple, and now I am no different from a nanny.

At this moment, Officer Takagi suddenly heard the exclamation of Ayumi and Mitsuhiko from the balcony, and he hurried out.

"This is the golden tiger cactus that the lady boss said that she gave to Miss Village West that day. The thorns are all broken, so pitiful!" Bumei whispered. The child is too kind and even sympathizes with the cactus.

Takagi couldn't help being surprised: "How do you know it was given by the boss that day!"

"I just asked, because this is a small detail that seems to be insignificant to the lady boss, so she didn't tell the police." Hui Yuan walked over.

"Student Huihara, did you find anything?" Officer Takagi couldn't help asking.

"Well, there are four suspicious places. First, the colors of the quilts, bed sheets, pillows and curtains are all gray, while the other colors in the room are beige. Moreover, the beige bed sheets and curtains are all delivered to the cabinet. Inside, I heard the proprietress of an izakaya once said that Miss Murakami likes beige the most."

Conan came over from the side with a calendar in his hand. He didn't want to be compared by Hui Yuan, and said, "The second point is found in the closet. It was originally hung on the wall next to the bed. I don't know why it was taken. The fallen calendar has a full plan for next month."

A sneer appeared on Hui Yuan’s face, and then he said: “The third point is that the furniture in the room has slightly moved, and the person who moved did not find the matchbox under the closet. There is something inside the box. I haven’t found anything as important as Ms. Village West’s marriage application. I’m afraid it’s not Ms. Village West who moved the furniture!"

Huihara reasoned calmly. She unfolded the marriage application in the box, and Genta and Mitsuhiko immediately showed admiration on the faces of Yuanta and Mitsuhiko on the side: Such Huihara is really cool!

Huihara went on to say: "The last thing is the cactus on the balcony. According to the proprietress, Miss Murakami likes cacti very much, and it was rainy on the morning of the incident. How could she put all the cacti on the balcony instead of taking them in? All this seems to have been carefully designed by a mysterious figure, rather than by Miss Murakami."

Takagi Shibuya opened his mouth and looked extremely surprised, so amazing!Even the children of the Maori detective's reasoning ability are so powerful, he couldn't help but admire Maori Kogoro infinitely.

Hui Yuan said calmly, "Tsk, Mr. Toda's room is also in this apartment, do you want to take a look!"

Takagi Shinobu reacted immediately, with a look of excitement on his face: Wait, Officer Sato, I will definitely solve the case and save you!

Officer Takagi couldn't help heading to Mr. Higashida's room in a hurry.


In the toilet on the eighth floor of the Cupido Art Museum, Kogoro Mouri had already stopped singing.

Miwako Sato's face turned red and dripping out of water. The appearance of Hyunran's weeping really made me feel pity. She couldn't help but curse in her heart: I knew I wouldn't drink so much water at noon.

Kogoro Mori smiled and stopped teasing Mikako Sato. Instead, he spoke softly, and a magnetic voice reached Mikako Sato's ears: "Mikako, you can't help but go to the toilet here. There is just a toilet here. It's not good for your body."

Mikako Sato gritted her teeth and said, "I'm not going to the toilet next to your big-colored embryo. Don't think I don't know what you are thinking."

Kogoro Mouri waved his hand and said, "Okay, okay, okay, Miwako, I promise I close my eyes and cover my ears, so how about listening?"

"Cut, you thought I would believe you!" Mikako Sato hesitated for a moment, but still refused.

Kogoro Mouri said, "Betting on the reputation and credibility of my famous detective. I will never watch or listen. How about? You can rest assured!"

"Really?" Mikako Sato raised her big purple eyes with a hesitant look.

Mouri Kogoro quickly closed his eyes and blocked his ears with his right hand, but there was nothing he could do with his left hand, so he could only let it go.

Item 0139

Seeing Maori Kogoro really closed her eyes, Mikako still hesitated for a while, but the feeling from her lower abdomen made her unable to hold on anymore. She could only stand tremblingly, and when she stood up, her mouth was still falling. Take a few breaths.

Sato Miwako lifted the toilet lid, and took Moori Kogoro's left hand with his right hand, and stood in front of the toilet with difficulty, facing Moori Kogoro with his back.

Suddenly, Mikako Sato turned her head suddenly, but saw Kogoro Mouri's closed eyes and his right hand covering his ears!

Didn't you really open your eyes???

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but smile secretly, but his face remained calm.

You must know that with the practice of the guidance technique, the physical fitness of Kogoro Mouri has become completely non-human.

Speed: 38

This item includes reaction speed, and Kogoro Mouri's reaction speed is more than three times that of ordinary people.

Just like a cat teasing a snake, a cat that reacts seven times faster than a snake will never be bitten by a snake, and Mikako Sato turned around for enough time to close his eyelids several times.

As for the reputation and credibility of that detective, can you eat it?Had been thrown to the other side of the ocean by Maori Kogoro.

Sensing that there was no line of sight projected on him, Mouri Kogoro opened his eyes again and saw a very thrilling scene.

Sato Miwako lifted the purple suit skirt up, and then she pulled the flesh-colored stockings and panties in her plain hand, and two straight beautiful legs appeared in front of Kogoro Mouri.

This scene flashed past, and Mikako Sato sat down. She turned and looked at Kogoro Mouri again. She couldn't help but feel relieved when she saw his face with closed eyes again.