Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 151

So the last time Kidd was uncovered, Kogoro Mouri, who regained the gem, had secretly brushed up on Aoko Nakamori's favorability.

Since the last time, Aoko Nakamori has joined Moori Kogoro’s fan support group. After getting to know Moori Kogoro, she immediately became a fan of this smart and handsome uncle. She has always wanted to pull her friend Kuroba Katoya. Join the fan support group of Kogoro Mori.

Every time Kuroba Kato sees Aoko Nakamori telling about Moori Kogoro's reasoning show with excitement, he really wants to die.

Kogoro Mouri smiled and said, "You should be the daughter of Officer Nakamori. Last time I saw you at the pier. You are called Aoko! Your father and I have known each other. We used to be in the Metropolitan Police Department. I worked together at that time, so you can call me Uncle Maori."

Aoko Nakamori's eyes widened when she heard this, and her expression was dumbfounded: "Mr. Mori, you know me, but my father never mentioned you."

Mouri Kogoro laughed, with a hearty laugh: "Then you have to ask your father about this!"

Looking at Aoko Nakamori, who was holding his arm, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but speak: "I said Aoko, you really look like my daughter, Xiaolan, exactly the same. Xiaolan also attended this wedding banquet. I will introduce it to you."

"Nani?" Aoko Nakamori once again showed a silly little expression, very cute, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but shaved Aoko's nose with his hands, and Aoko Nakamori's face immediately turned red.

At this moment, a loud voice came from behind: "Qingzi, who are you holding?"

Ginzo Nakamori saw Aoko Nakamori holding another man's arm in the distance, and couldn't help rushing over anxiously.

Qingzi immediately turned around, her hands wagging constantly: "Dad, look who I caught, Maori detective."

After Nakamori Ginzo saw that it was Kogoro Mouri, his face immediately turned ugly.

Aoko Nakamori spoke again: "Dad, or if we ask the Maori detective for help, we will be able to catch the thief Kidd soon, so you won't have to work so hard, dad."

Hearing his daughter's compliment to his opponent, Nakamori Ginzo couldn't help but vomit blood, his cheeks twitched, and he pretended to be calm: "Aoko, you don't need to worry about Kidd's affairs. You first let go of Mr. Mori's arm. It's so rude. !"

"Oh!" Aoko Nakamori was about to let go of her hand, but saw Kogoro Mouri's big hand directly grabbing her little hand.

Maori Kogoro smiled and grinned with two rows of white teeth: "It's okay, I don't think it is rude, Qingzi, if you want to hug, continue to hug, it just happens that I have a female partner now."

Hearing this, Nakamori Ginzo's eyes were fixed on the big hands of Kogoro Mori and his daughter's small hands, his eyes were eager to breathe, just about to break out.

Suddenly, there was a scream from the direction of the bride's room, Xiao Lan's voice.

The expressions of Kogoro Mori and Ginzo Nakamori changed drastically, and they rushed towards the bride's room, while Aoko was stunned, and then hurriedly chased them.

Police officers had surrounded the bride's room for a long time. When he saw that it was Kogoro Moori and Ginzo Nakamori, he quickly let them go, so Aoko also followed Ginzo Nakamori.

Item 0152

When Kogoro Mouri entered the room, she saw Sayuri Matsumoto lying on the ground, breathing only a weak breath, blood was spitting out the corner of her mouth, and the pot of lemon tea had already been poured on the ground.

Xiaolan was calling for an ambulance. As soon as Kogoro Mouri came over, he saw Officer Mumu and his wife Meguro standing among them. Officer Mumu was in charge of the overall situation, and when he saw Kogoro Mouri nodded slightly .

Aoko Nakamori, who was following, saw Xiaolan who was calling, with a face full of disbelief: It's a lie, there are people in this world who look exactly like me.

Then Aoko Nakamori saw the big boobs bulging on Xiaolan's chest, and then looked at her own Ma Pingchuan, her pupils contracted.

How could there be such a big breast, it must be fake!

But at this time, Xiaolan, who was distraught, didn't even notice Aoko Nakamori. She was on an emergency call with the hospital.

Soon, Matsumoto Police and today's protagonist, the bridegroom Takasugi Toshihiko rushed in.

The two men rushed to Sayuri, Police Officer Matsumoto put Sayuri's head on his arm, and shouted: "Sayuri, hold on, hold on!"

Xiaolan hung up the phone and said, "The ambulance will arrive in five minutes. The teacher will be fine."

Upon hearing this, Police Officer Matsumoto hugged Sayuri and rushed out.

When the guests on the left and right saw this scene, they all pointed and talked quietly.

Five minutes later, Police Officer Matsumoto sent Sayuri wearing a blood-stained wedding dress to the ambulance, and then returned to the bride’s room. He recovered calm and his face remained calm, but his pupils were still shrinking, which was the one on his left eye. The scars have become a little distorted.

As soon as he entered this room, he spoke to Officer Mumu and said: "Thirteen, I want you to catch the prisoner who hurt Sayuri!"

"Hi!" Officer Mumu saluted with a serious face.

Soon Matsumoto police came to Kogoro Mouri and said: "Detective Moori, can you please help find the prisoner? I will thank you once you find it!"

Kogoro Mouri nodded: "Do your best!"

This time, because the victim was the daughter of Police Matsumoto, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department immediately mobilized a large number of police officers to surround the scene, and the green eyes on the side were quite disdainful when seeing this scene.

Soon, the police officer who lowered his head to appraise the lemon tea drink lifted his head and said: "Police officer, according to my judgment, this lemon tea should be sodium hydroxide, which is extremely corrosive and will change when dissolved in water. Become highly toxic."

"Moreover, there are capsules in this water. The prisoner probably put sodium hydroxide in this capsule and put it in this lemon tea." The police officer of the identification department held a white capsule with tweezers.

Officer Mumu walked over, lowered his body to observe, and then said, "It turns out that this is the case. Sodium hydroxide will deteriorate as soon as it comes into contact with the air, so it is stored in a capsule, so it is difficult to determine the time to melt. Immediately give this capsule to the person in the laboratory to determine the time."

"But there are too many people in and out of the bride's room today. There are just a few make-up ladies, so I want to bring them all back!" Officer Megumi looked distressed.

At this time, Kogoro Mouri said, "You can call the hospital and ask if it is caused by sodium hydroxide poisoning. If it is really because of the sodium hydroxide poisoning in this lemon tea, the lemon tea was bought by Miss Yimei. Then the suspect is locked in the person who came into the bride's room after Miss Yimei."

Officer Mumu immediately slapped his palm and said, "It makes sense!"

At this time, Yuanzi said: "We can also look at the recorder for what just happened. Maybe there is something recorded in the recorder? Because I think that today is the most important day for Ms. Matsumoto, I must record it, so I started after I came in. made a bid."

"Yeah, the battery is almost dead, we put the video recorder on the chair, maybe there will be some poisoning actions." Xiaolan continued.

Hearing this, Kogoro Moori cast his gaze on the face of the groom Toshihiko Takasugi, and his cheek twitched as expected.

Officer Mumu immediately overjoyed and said, "Well, don't do it soon, Chiba, get a player." The Chiba officer on the side hurried to do it.

Soon an LCD screen and a player were moved into the bride's room. Officer Chiba immediately plugged the video recorder into the player, and the screen immediately appeared on the screen.

It was the scene of Yuanzi sitting on the sofa at home picking booger. Yuanzi was shocked when he saw this scene, and rushed up to cover the sight of everyone, and shouted at Officer Chiba: "I want you to play the recording later. Things, why are you broadcasting the previous ones!"

After that, Yuanzi looked at Mouri Kogoro with embarrassment, his face flushed.

Kogoro Mouri smiled, but didn't respond much.

Xiaolan on the side saw the appearance of her best friend, she couldn't help covering her face without looking again.

After Chiba police officer's operation, the screen finally jumped from the garden to today's scene.

The video played slowly. The video came to Yimei and walked in and said: "I want to announce that the groom is my ex-boyfriend at this wedding!"

After hearing these words, everyone couldn't help but looked at Toshihiko Takasugi in surprise. Unexpectedly, this guy had a close relationship with Sayuri's best friend, Matsumoto Jingshi's expression was gloomy.

But the next beautiful sentence: "Mori Kogoro, Sayuri, this is your former dream lover."

Everyone who heard this couldn't help but looked at Moori Kogoro with weird expressions. I didn't expect Sayuri to like such an old Moori detective, but when they saw the handsome Moori Kogoro, they all felt relieved. This is indeed quite normal.

The others were relieved, but Takasugi Toshihiko's face was hard to look, and Matsumoto Jingshi's face grew gloomy.