Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 165

More than five hours passed, and the time soon arrived in the afternoon. The tennis party finally came to an end.

At the back of the time, Sonoko and Mr. Judy could only shout for cheer from the bottom like a salted fish. On the court, Kogoro Moori and Koran kept sweating and playing. The two played two in a row at the end. How many hours have passed.

Both body strengths are long and can last for a long time. Tennis balls fly around the court, and the two run around the court. This situation lasts for a long time.

Yuanzi shouted from below that these two people are monsters.

And Judy couldn't help showing a look of surprise when she saw them. She had never seen a person with such a strong body!


After the four people were separated, Kogoro Moori and Xiaolan took a taxi and returned home. Today, both of them felt very happy during the exercise and sweated heartily!

It was evening when I returned home, and the setting sun shot in from the window and splashed in the room.

As soon as Xiaolan returned home, she threw herself down on the sofa, occupying the entire sofa, and her body seemed to be shiny in the sunset, looking very beautiful.

Xiaolan was really tired from the fight with Kogoro Moori today. She lay on the sofa and panted motionless.

Mouri Kogoro shook his head, then poured two glasses of drinking water and placed it in front of Xiaolan.

Xiao Lan immediately lifted her body and took the cup of water and drank it. After drinking the whole glass of water, Xiao Lan's little face immediately showed satisfaction.

"Wow, it's delicious! Thank you Dad."

After Kogoro Mori drank his water, he could not help frowning when he saw that Xiao Lan's shoes hadn't taken off, "This won't work, Xiao Lan, it will stain the sofa."

Mouri Kogoro also walked up, grabbed Xiao Lan’s small legs, lifted these two white calves, and sat on the sofa by himself, then put Xiao Lan’s calves on his own large legs, and then Moori Kogoro He gently helped Xiaolan take off the two white sneakers, and also took off the socks.

Xiaolan obediently stayed at her mercy, took off her socks, revealing her pink and tender feet. Surprisingly, after most of the exercise, these feet didn't taste at all.

Kogoro Mori collapsed on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling in a daze. Suddenly, his brows jumped wildly, as if something was wrong. He couldn't help but recall what happened today. With his intelligence at forty-three, all that happened today. Frame after frame of the matter was reversed in Moori Kogoro's mind like a movie.

At this time, Xiaolan's nasal voice came from the front of the sofa: "Dad, my whole body is sore, you can massage me." Mouri Kogoro's thoughts were interrupted instantly.

Mouri Kogoro shook his head, without thinking any more, raised his arms and helped Xiaolan get a massage, because this time it was just overwork and there was no injury at all, so the treatment didn't help.

Excessive exercise will accumulate a large amount of lactic acid in the body. This lactic acid will make the body very sore. If it is metabolized and digested by the body, it will take at least two or three days to completely disappear.

However, if there is massage during this process, especially after the exercise, it can speed up this metabolic digestion process, and at most one day's rest can restore the vigorous appearance.

As a master of martial arts, Kogoro Mori knows the knowledge of the human body.

Kogoro Mori’s big hand covers Xiaolan’s calf. Xiaolan’s ankle is so thin that she can touch her calf bones with just one touch. It’s hard to imagine that a karate kick with such a thin calf can easily break seven or eight pieces. board.

She deserves to be her own daughter, she is exactly the same as her own in terms of inhumanity!

The big hand kept squeezing upward along the smooth skin until it reached the calf. Xiaolan's calf is very small and has excellent elasticity.This place is usually one of the most sore and swollen places after exercise. With a little effort, Mouri Kogoro's breath came out of Xiaolan's mouth.

After the calf massage, the big hand went up, and continued to massage along the white and straight big dog. Because Xiaolan was lying on his stomach, Maori Kogoro could only press the muscles on the back of the big dog.

However, the most sore muscles are usually the muscles on the front side. Kogoro Moori’s arms are not long enough, so he just got up and stepped on the sofa with one foot and the floor with one foot so that he could reach the entire thigh. Upper muscles.

These two big dogs were massaged three or four times back and forth by Moori Kogoro, and Moori Kogoro's hands came to Xiaolan's waist.In tennis, there are many movements of turning around and swinging the racket, so the muscles here are also very sore.

Mouri Kogoro has been squatting on his side, pressing his hands along the back of Xiaolan's waist.

Xiaolan immediately made a hum of enjoyment!

Maori Kogoro smiled: "You girl, you really will enjoy it, do you want my father to pour some essential oil on you to be a horse and a chicken!"

Xiaolan laughed immediately: "That's okay, Dad, I want essential oils to kill chickens."

"No!" Maori Kogoro knocked Xiaolan on the head!

Maori Kogoro's big hand pressed on Xiaolan's back. The muscles of the shoulder blades and the muscles of the waist and abdomen are the most sore. These two places are used the most frequently, and some techniques are needed for massage.

Maori Kogoro arched both index fingers, pressed the second knuckle of the index finger against the sore muscles, and then gently rotated it. Xiaolan immediately heard a sound of cold gas.

The second knuckle of the index finger of both hands runs along Xiaolan's latissimus dorsi, from the shoulder blade to the pipa bone, and finally to Xiaolan's waist and abdomen, continuously massaging.

Only when the index finger came to the waist and abdomen, Xiao Lan, who was sitting under Moori Kogoro, laughed, twisted his body, and shouted: "Itchy!"

Mouri Kogoro quickly comforted: "Xiao Lan, hold on for a while, it will not itch soon!"

Hearing this, Xiao Lan raised her head, opened her mouth and bit the pillow on her sofa. She wanted to hold on to Moori Kogoro's words.

Mouri Kogoro, who didn't want Xiaolan to suffer for too long, increased the frequency of index finger massage, and wanted to make a quick decision.But he completely miscalculated Xiaolan's sensitivity to the waist and abdomen.

Xiao Lan, who was biting on the pillow, couldn't bear it anymore, smiled bitterly and opened her mouth: "No, it's too itchy, Dad, I can't take it anymore."

Chapter 0170

Xiaolan kept turning her body to stop Mouri Kogoro's big hand on her back. Unfortunately, limited by the angle, Xiaolan couldn't catch Mouri Kogoro's big hand. She could only smile and speak: "Dad, don't press it, it's too sour!"

She smiled tremblingly, her body seemed to be light, and she was so beautiful that she couldn't bear to look away.

Mouri Kogoro’s two index fingers were still pressed on the muscles of Xiaolan’s back, and he encouraged: "No, hold on, it will be over soon, otherwise, according to the amount of exercise today, you are afraid that you will be sore. day."

Xiao Lan shook her head repeatedly, the mist in her eyes suddenly appeared, and a soft voice came from her mouth: "Dad, I can't stand it, it's too sour here, don't press it!"

After that, his body trembled again, and Kogoro Mouri couldn't help feeling a little lost.

Xiao Lan immediately seized the opportunity to use her waist and abdomen, arched Mouri Kogoro all at once, and then quickly turned over.

Maori Kogoro changed from sitting on Xiaolan's soft buttocks to sitting on Xiaolan's abdomen. Looking at Xiaolan underneath, Maori Kogoro couldn't help but wonder.

I didn't expect this Nizi to be so powerful!

The power was able to break away from herself, and it was indeed a correct decision to want to teach the guidance technique, and Xiaolan's physique began to change to non-human.

Perhaps it was this time that turned around and consumed too much energy. Xiaolan's small face turned red all of a sudden. She closed her eyes and said, "Dad, don't press my back waist, please press my front waist. It’s sour here."

Her two little hands touched the position of the mermaid line. Kogoro Mouri shook his head, raised the second knuckle of two index fingers again, and then pressed it against Xiaolan's front waist.

This time playing tennis was really overdone, and Xiao Lan's reaction was extremely intense when he pressed it up, and it seemed that the muscles were indeed extremely sore.

"Hold on, Xiao Lan, it will be over soon!"

Xiao Lan's body twisted like a water snake, her red face covered her mouth, and she didn't want to laugh out loud, but her body was trembling constantly.


Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but exclaimed a few times in his heart, he really grew up!

The second knuckle was constantly exerting force, and the small face was able to stand it. Although the small face was flushed and flushed, it did not react as fiercely as the lower back.