Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 169

"What about Yuanta?" Bu Mei looked nervous.

"It might be caught by the guy who was following us, let's go, let's find another room!" Seeing the number of people around him gradually diminished, Hui Yuan's heart began to cloud a layer of haze.

Sanxiao was constantly looking for a new entrance in this old castle of Nuo Da, and soon they came to the studio on the first floor of the villa.

Ayumi and Huihara are holding flashlights and they are constantly searching in the studio.

This studio is the place where the nobleman of Mamiya draws pictures. It contains mostly figures of paintings, many photos of his mother's death, and a large stack of newspapers.

Mitsuhiko at the door seemed to hear a sound, he couldn't help but turned and walked out of the door, and immediately found Conan's glasses on the floor.

He looked at the dark corridor and walked over.

Huihara and Ayumi searched for a long time in the painting room on the first floor, and they didn't find any suspicious passage entrances. After turning around, they realized that Mitsuhiko was gone.

Amy's face was full of panic: "Haihara, where did Mitsuhiko go?"

Step Mei pointed to the end of the corridor, across the garden, and the gate of the tower: "Will he run into that building!"

Huihara's heart gradually sank. Mitsuhiko was not the kind of person who would do it alone when something happened. He suddenly disappeared, and the situation became extremely bad.

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Huihara looked at the six-year-old Step Mei beside her, and she looked like a child, and she couldn't help but feel a sense of powerlessness.

At this time, the figure of Kogoro Mouri appeared in Haibara's mind, if he was there, it would be great.

But Huihara couldn't show the slightest weakness in front of Bumi, she took Bumi across the corridor to the gate of the tower, and saw that the gate had been opened.

It seems that I really have to go in.

Huihara turned around and looked at Ayumi who was aside, and said, "You can hide in the bushes by the side, and count to 300. If I haven't come out yet, then run away quickly and keep running along the road. , If you are lucky, you may meet passersby and be rescued."

Hui Yuan walked into the tower slowly, and smiled: "Also, if you meet Uncle Maori, tell me something, there is someone who likes him very much!"

"But..." Bu Mei opened her mouth, but Hui Yuan's figure was already submerged in the darkness.


At this moment in the woods, Moori Kogoro drove a Mitsubishi car on the muddy dirt road. The road was extremely difficult because of the rain, otherwise it would have been with Moori Kogoro's driving skills.

However, he was not far away from the blue castle. He saw the place where Conan was imprisoned during the surveillance. Dr. Aka, Genta, and Mitsuhiko appeared in the cage one by one, and felt bad, especially the last Mitsuhiko. When he appeared, Mouri Kogoro immediately became extremely anxious. At this moment, only two little girls, Haibara and Ayumi, had not been caught.

Later, Kogoro Mouri heard Haibara say from the surveillance screen: "There is a person who likes him, and he likes him!"

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but hammer his fist on the car door, and a brand new fist mark immediately appeared on the car door.

Damn, Xiao Ai, why are you so stupid, don't go in for adventure!I'll be there in a while.

Mouri Kogoro has stepped on the accelerator pedal to the end, and this Mitsubishi is already at the highest speed, roaring and galloping in the dark woods.


In the blue castle, Bumei hid in the grass and began to count. What happened in the castle today was terrible. At first I thought it was a puzzle solving, but then the friends disappeared one by one, even the doctor. , In the end, only one person is left.

Xiao Aimee clenched her fists, trying not to let her tears come.

She looked at the gate of the tower from time to time, very worried about the safety of Huiyuan.

After counting the three hundred, Bumei moved her short legs to the gate of the blue castle. She was about to push the door and walk in, but was picked up by someone. Bumei was about to scream until she saw it. People couldn't help being stunned, his cheeks were not stretched, and the teardrops hanging in his eyes suddenly fell: "Uncle Maori!"

At the last moment, Kogoro Mori rushed over. He parked the car outside the castle, turned over and entered the castle, and then rushed towards the tower.

Bumei looked at Moori Kogoro, who was surrendered from the sky, with a look of surprise on her small face: "Uncle Mouri, why did you suddenly appear here?"

Mouri Kogoro replied: "Because of a bad premonition suddenly appeared in my heart, my eyebrows kept beating, worried about Huihara and others, so I rushed to take a look, where is Huihara?"

Ayumi hurriedly said, "Huihara entered the tower. By the way, Conan, Doctor, Yuanta and Mitsuhiko are all missing. Huihara and I were looking for them but we couldn't find them. Uncle Maori, hurry up and me. Let’s go to the tower and look for Ashland!"

Kogoro Mouri pretended to have just learned about it: "That's it, it looks like you have really encountered an incident. Let's go with Uncle!"

Moori Kogoro, who was talking, didn't slow down at all. He held Ayumi in one hand, pushed open the gate of the tower with the other, and ran upstairs along the tower's stairs without hesitation.

Huiyuan has already met the old woman in the surveillance!


At the top of the tower, Huihara evaded a stick drawn by the hideous Mamiya Chiho, and said: "I knew it was you, pretending to be crazy and acting stupid. He has been watching us. Why, I'm afraid that I will take your true face. Expose it?"

Chito Mamiya smiled grimly: "I didn't expect that the little girl is so smart now, and she discovered my disguise, but you don't want to know how your companions are doing?"

"What did you do to them?" Hui Yuan kept putting down the cover, trying to prevent the old guy from chasing him.

"Want to know? You can go down to accompany them soon!" Another iron rod hit the black charcoal table beside Huiyuan.

Hui Yuan quickly avoided, and ran to the big hole in the middle of the tower.

After the fire four years ago, the guardrail here was already burned down. Huiyuan accidentally stepped on a circular wooden board, lost its center of gravity, and immediately fell from the top of the tower.

The tower is more than 30 meters long, and children who fall from this height will undoubtedly die.

The feeling of weightlessness invaded Hui Yuan's body. She watched the old woman's hideous face keep getting smaller, but her heart felt calm.

Are you going to die?

Sure enough, people like me don't deserve happiness at all!

Unexpectedly, he didn't die in the hands of the organization, but died in the hands of this old guy. It was really bad!

Uncle Maori, yes!Uncle Maori, I just met you, I haven't told you my identity yet, why leave like this!

When Huihara thought of Moori Kogoro, her calm face suddenly changed, and she burst into a strong desire to survive. She stretched out her hand to grab it, trying to grab something.

But soon, Hui Yuan found that he had fallen into a familiar embrace.

"Finally caught up!" Mouri Kogoro looked lingering. He swooped out from the stairs on the fourth floor, holding the falling ash from the sky, and landed on the stairs on the third floor, which was relieved. .

Mouri Kogoro looked at the stunned Haibara in his arms, couldn't help but kiss her, and Bumei ran off the fourth floor with his short legs.

Haibara was kissed by Maori Kogoro, as if suddenly awakened: "Uncle Maori, why are you here?"

"Because I'm worried about you!"

"Uncle Maori said that he has been restless today and his eyebrows are beating wildly. He was worried that you came over to find us!" Bu Mei explained to the side.

Hearing this, Huihara laughed, his tight nerves relaxed for a long time, his hands tightly wrapped his arms around Kogoro Moori's neck and buried his head in his shoulders.