Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 177

"If it does, it will only be in the warehouse, please follow me." Everyone followed Shunai Guangmei into the warehouse and started rummaging.

There are many sundries in the warehouse, and it is quite difficult to find them.

A group of people searched together for a long time, but still nothing happened.

Jingzi within a few days could not help complaining: "What the hell! None of the photos of that uncle have been saved."

"Probably because of immigrating to Brazil, so I took everything with me." Shunchi Hiromi explained.

At this time, Xizi found a photo in a photo album: "Guangmei, look, there are you and me on it, hey, there seems to be Uncle Yifang."

A group of people gathered around, but the Shunei Yifang in the photo was too young, and most of its cheeks were hidden by the hat, and they couldn't see clearly.

The bitter-faced Shunei Xiuhe couldn't help sighing: "Too young to be a reference."

At this time, Guangmei said, "I miss it. It was a baseball game in the county sports meeting thirty years ago. Uncle injured his foot with spikes during that game and had several stitches!"

"Yeah, I also had the impression that time, it was a pity that I didn't win the championship because of an injury." You Xizi also fell into memory.

Mouri Kogoro raised his eyes, looked at the two silly women who hadn't reacted, and prompted: "If this is the case, there must be a wound on his foot, you can go and confirm."

"Yes!" Shunai Xiuhe's bitter melon face immediately stretched out."Let's go, let's check, if there is no wound, it must be a fake."

A group of people walked out of the warehouse.

Everyone walked out, but Yu Kiko realized that Moori Kogoro was not in the team, and quickly turned back to the warehouse, and met Moori Kogoro who came out.

Yukiko immediately looked at Mouri Kogoro with curiosity: "Detective, have you found anything?"

Kogoro Mouri smiled and nodded inexplicably.

Yukiko got excited all of a sudden, and quickly took Moori Kogoro's arm, swayed from side to side, and began to act coquettishly: "Tell me quickly, tell me quickly."

Her pair of crisp breasts with at least D cups are constantly rubbing against Kogoro Mouri. Although they are separated from the leather clothes, they are also a great enjoyment. This is an international star begging Kogoro Moori to act like a baby.

Mouri Kogoro grinned grinningly, and then stretched out his index finger to make a 1 word.

Yukiko's face turned red immediately, and she quickly loosened Mouri Kogoro's arm, and shyly twisted her head: "I don't want it, it hurts to death."

Maori Kogoro was not disappointed either. He walked straight past Yu Kiko, struggling to slap her round buttocks with a big hand, and made a crisp sound: "Then I can't tell you, after all, there is no free lunch in the world."

"Sniff, don't tell me, don't you think I can't reason it out by myself?" After saying that, Kiko quickly caught up with Kogoro Mouri, took his arm and continued walking forward.


A group of people gathered outside the room of the Yi Fang Fang, cheering silently for the number of people.

Shunai Guangmei was holding a plate with two cups of tea in her hand. She opened the door and walked in respectfully: "Uncle, would you like a cup of tea?"

"Of course." Shunai Yifang who read the newspaper nodded.

Immediately after a few minutes, Hiromi fell to the ground, tea splashed on the fat old man's feet, she quickly pretended to be panicked to wipe the water on her left foot, and lifted her trousers by the way.

"How can there be no scars, you are not an uncle!"

Shunei Guangmei exclaimed, and people from outside Shunei's family swarmed up.

The yellow-haired Shunei Yixing was extremely irritable, so he grabbed the fat old man's skirt and shouted angrily: "You guy, really is a fake, you said, how did you get the news?"

He still wanted to threaten the fat old man, but soon his arm was pulled over by the old man, and the pain was too painful to speak.

Maori Kogoro raised his brows. This skill is not bad, much better than many young people.

"Is this the scar you are talking about?" I saw Shunei Yifang lifted his right trouser leg, and there was indeed a scar on his right leg: "In a baseball game thirty years ago, my foot accidentally reached first base. Going up, the spikes that were run over made this wound."

The fat old man immediately shouted angrily: "You are all doubting me. As expected, my brother is right. The people here don't have a good thing, so my decision to bring Carlos back is correct."

"Carulos?" Everyone in the Shunei family couldn't help but look puzzled.

"He is the bodyguard I hired from Brazil to protect me personally. You guys also sent me threatening letters. How could I feel at ease without taking Carlos back." Shunai Yifang took out one from his arms. Letters.

The above is pieced together with words from various newspapers: "There is no inheritance for you. If you want to survive, don't come back."

Data 0005

Seeing the threatening letter from the old fat man Shunaiyifang, everyone looked unbelievable.

"How is it possible?" Someone actually sent a threatening letter to Uncle Shunai.

"Uncle, when did this happen?" Hiromi could not help asking.

"About a month ago, I didn't have the slightest interest in my brother's inheritance, but some of you sent this letter, then I have to go back to China to see which idiot is doing such a stupid thing." Shunei Yifang sneered. .

"How long do you have to stay in my room? If there is nothing to do, you can get out of here." The furious uncle began to chase off guests.

The Shunei family retreated out of the room in despair.

Yukiko saw a smile on Kogoro Mori’s face again, her little face immediately appeared craving, and she whispered: "Kogoro, what else have you found? Just tell me. Just one hint, one hint. Okay, please, please."

You Xizi put her hands together, the star's acting skills exploded, and her big pitiful eyes under her brows kept looking at Kogoro Mori.

And Kogoro Mouri took a look at Yukiko's graceful posture, and he stretched out his index and middle fingers.

"Yeah! It's too much, why did the price increase?" Yukiko immediately turned a face, and pinched Mouri Kogoro's arm viciously.

It really doesn't hurt at all!

Kogoro Mouri smiled: "It's out of date, and the price will increase again if you come again."

Yu Xizi couldn't help pouting her small mouth, shaking her head, and the two large round curly hair on her left and right hit her face, her pretty face full of tangles.

Twice, it hurts once, and twice, he has become so big and so powerful again!

But I really want to know what this guy found!

For a woman like You Xizi, you can't let her know who has a secret. She will always think about it if she is too curious, just like a cat always thinks about dried fish.

After thinking about it for a long time, Yukiko pressed Moori Kogoro’s middle finger and bargained firmly with his face: "No, just once, but I don’t need you to tell me everything, you just need to give me a hint of all the clues you know. That's it!"

Mouri Kogoro's eyes lit up when he heard this, and he smiled and high-fiveed Yukiko: "Deal."

Then he pulled You Xizi and whispered: "I have three clues. The hints are left-handed, fighting skills, and mixed race!"

After that, Kogoro Mori kissed Kiko's pretty face, and then walked forward happily.

An inexplicable Chinese song was also sung in his mouth.

The singing seems to be like this: "The chrysanthemum is broken, the floor is hurt, your smile has turned yellow..."