Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 184

Within a few days, Hiromi even said: "But Mr. Mori, Uncle Yifang, no, it is Mr. Tanaka who has a perfect alibi. At nine o'clock, my mother was still in the hotel in Gunma County. As for the class reunion, Mr. Tanaka just went out to take a bath at nine o'clock. How could he meet his mother and kill her? It takes an hour to get back from the county seat!"

Mouri Kogoro smiled: "Miss Hiromi, are you sure that at nine o'clock, the second call is your mother from the county restaurant?"

"I'm sure, I still hear the voice of the conference venue on the phone!" Shunchi Hiromi said again.

Kogoro Mouri shook his head and said, "No, there are many things in this world that can be faked, let alone a mere voice, buy a voice recorder, download a software in the phone, pre-record the sound of the hotel venue, and then make a call. When it is broadcasted, it creates the illusion that she is still in the meeting place. Isn't this something that can be done easily?"

Kouchi Hiromi couldn't help but stunned when she heard this: "So my mother was not there at the time! Why did she do this?"

Yukiko on the side immediately hugged Moori Kogoro with excitement, then looked at the police officer of the mountain village triumphantly, and said: "Idiot police officer, have you heard that? If this is the case, my suspicion will be lowered, making you always suspect me !"

You Xizi has long forgotten that she reasoned about herself as a suspect!

Kogoro Mouri patted Yukiko's head and told her to leave, and then he continued to explain the question of Hiromi Suki: "Why do you do this? Yes, your mother behaved strangely today. She went to the classmates banquet at 8 o'clock. I called during dinner to remind you that you have newly bought wood for boiling water, and she hides the wood by the wall and covers it with a curtain."

"When it's nine o'clock, I will call to ask about your boiling water, but it's more like asking about your uncle's whereabouts!"

"And she is the only elder in the family. She arranges the order of bathing every day, knowing that the first one to wash is the Yifang."

"In the afternoon, I emphasized that your mother's death in a well has nothing to do with her, and there was a camellia hidden deep in her pocket."

"All kinds of inexplicable behavior, coupled with the previous threatening letter, only one can explain, and that is that Machiko Minai wants to commit a murder tonight, and he wants to kill what she thinks is the righteous house in the bathroom."

"I think she was really at the meeting place at 8 o'clock. The voice of a man was enough to prove it, but Machiko drove back a few minutes after the call. She was afraid that you would park the car farther if you find it. I called at nine o'clock to create the illusion that I was still in the meeting place, and made an alibi for myself. As for the carefully prepared camellia, I wanted to push the murder to your uncle." Kogoro Mori faced. Within a few minutes, Guangmei said.

"Then she sneaked into the bathroom from the backyard and wanted to assassinate Mr. Tanaka. Unexpectedly, Mr. Tanaka, who is proficient in Brazilian fighting skills, used an anti-joint technique to directly send the dagger into her heart."

"Because it was in the bathroom, it was very easy to clean up the blood stains, so the blood stains were quickly washed away. However, Machiko's clothes had already been wetted by the water in the bathroom, so I could only throw it into the corpse well. , To avoid being discovered. But the alibi that Machiko Kuuchi painstakingly produced has instead become Mr. Tanaka's alibi."

"Mr. Tanaka, you've reached this point, don't you admit it? Machiko Kunuchi was killed by you in self-defense because he wanted to kill you. This is not a crime at all." Kogoro Moori stared at the old fat man. Tanaka Kerson.

"You didn't say it before, and I understand that you remain silent. It was because I was afraid that Carlos would be in danger in this home after he was taken to the Metropolitan Police Department, so he planned to wait until the will is announced before telling the police."

"But now I have told the mountain village police officer to send someone to guard here to protect Carlos's safety."

"And I also helped you find out another Kyoko who might be murderous. What do you have to worry about now?"

Kogoro Mori opened his hands and showed his achievements to Kerson Tanaka.

Everyone realized that the two things that Kogoro Mouri did before he started reasoning were ulterior motives, and they couldn't help looking at Kogoro Mouri in amazement.

Tanaka Kesen couldn't help but sighed, with a look of surprise on his face, and looked at Kogoro Mouri with sincere admiration: "You are really amazing. You are indeed a detective. You are right. You are here. My old man’s child is relieved."

Kesen Tanaka looked at the crowd, smiled and said, "I admit that Machiko Minai was killed by me. She came to the bathroom with a dagger to assassinate me, but I lost control of the joints and accidentally killed me!"

"Because of Carlos, I have never said it, but since it was exposed by a Maori detective, and the Maori detective has done so much for me, then I can't justify it if I don't admit it."

Hearing this, Kogoro Mouri glanced at Yukiko triumphantly.

And Xizi looked incredulous, she couldn't help but said: "Mr. Tanaka, you don't have to admit it. This guy is all speculation. He hasn't found evidence to prove that you killed someone!"

Maori Kogoro couldn't help being a little speechless, how could he break the stage like this!

The old fat man Tanaka Kesen couldn’t help being a little confused. What’s the cause of trouble? He really doesn’t understand the world of young people, so he shook his head and continued to speak: "As for the dagger brought by Machiko Mizuchi It's under the water well, the mountain village police officer, I shouldn't be considered a crime, I was attacked by Machiko Kuki, and subconsciously killed her by self-defense!"

The mountain village police officer nodded his head: "If it is exactly what you said, then it is not a crime!"

The old fat man Tanaka Kerson couldn't help but let out a long sigh of relief.

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Everyone at the scene looked at each other, but didn't expect it to be this kind of result in the end. Those who wanted to commit murder were killed. Machiko Shinai really suffered from the consequences.

At this moment, a police officer from outside ran in, and the report said: "Officer Kimura, we found Machiko's car in the woods outside. We also found her mobile phone in the car. There was a strange recording in the phone. , Like a recording of a meeting place!"

Another police officer ran in: "I checked with the hotel in the county. Within a few days, Machiko went to the reception today, but left before 8:30."

"Officer Kimura, Officer Kimura, the murder weapon was found. As the Maori detective said, we found the weapon that killed Machiko Sukiko under the well!" The officer who ran in from the outside looked excited, flushed, and had it in his hand. A dagger was wrapped in a plastic bag.

Everyone in the room saw the police officers repeatedly reporting letters, and each one looked at Moori Kogoro with admiration. This kind of brain is so resourceful and close to monsters that he has counted everything.

You Xizi's small face was bitter, and it really made this guy let the murderer confess without evidence, and betting with this guy is always about losing, not winning!

Maori Kimura’s eyes are full of stars, and he stares at Kogoro Moori idiotically. The line of sight is a bit sickly: "What a wonderful reasoning, Detective Moori, you can sort out all the processes without even the evidence. It's really amazing, it really deserves to be my idol."

Looking at everyone’s admiration, Kogoro Mouri said, “Miss Hiromi’s entrustment has been completed. I have also told you the process of Machiko’s death. But what I want to say is that this happened in the family for the inheritance. It’s really undesirable. Miss Jingzi’s loan shark told her husband that it’s not a big deal to bear it together afterwards. There is no need to commit crimes because of greed."

"So many things have happened all day today, and even the police have arrived. I hope that by tomorrow before the will is announced, everyone will give me peace of mind and stop doing any other tricks, understand?"

The stern-faced Moori Kogoro said this very deterrent, and everyone lowered their heads in shame.

Nai Xiuhe hurriedly said, "Maori detective, don’t worry, I’ll be optimistic about them and won’t let them do stupid things again. As for Carlos, we won’t drive him away, everything will follow me. The will left by my father is done."

Huang Fa Nan's Shunai Yixing also echoed: "Yes, a relative has already died, and there can be no more dead in the family. I will definitely be optimistic about Jingzi and not let her do stupid things!"

Kogoro Mouri nodded and turned to Yamamura Cao and said, "Although they all say this, I still feel a little worried. Police Officer Yamamura, I will trouble you tonight. Let them rest under your supervision. Wait until tomorrow. The lawyer came to announce the will, and it shouldn't matter after the announcement."

"Because when the will is announced, if someone is not there, it cannot be inherited, and Miss Jingzi has loan sharks, so please ask the mountain village police officer to bring Miss Jingzi back to the Metropolitan Police Department for inquiries, okay?"

Keiko Kuuchi heard this and looked at Mouri Kogoro's eyes with gratitude.

Yamamura patted his chest and said excitedly: "Since it was the request of a Maori detective, of course there is no problem. You guys will be honest with me and rest together in the room tonight. But Maori detective, do you want to stay here too? "Shancun Cao immediately looked expectant.

Kogoro Mouri checked the time. It was eleven o'clock in the evening, so naturally he wouldn't go to other places to rest, so he said: "Yes, Miss Hiromi, prepare another room for me and Yukiko!"

"Hi!" Hiromi Kuuchi naturally obeyed Mouri Kogoro's words, and directly agreed.

There was a honey smile on Shancun Fu’s face: It’s great, it’s so lucky to be able to rest under the same roof with an idol!

Seeing the expression of his fans, Kogoro Mouri gave birth to a chill for no reason.

However, because it was a murder, the fat old man Tanaka Ksen still had to take him to the Metropolitan Police Department for a thorough questioning. The will was not his business, and Kogoro Mouri was present, so he safely followed the ordinary police officers in uniforms. Let's go to the Metropolitan Police Department in Gunma Prefecture.

There was also the corpse of Machiko Minouchi who left with him.

The Shunai family finally recovered their peace. Keiko and the others laid a tatami mat in the lobby and then laid the futon on top. At the request of Mouri Kogoro, their Shunai family rested with five or six police officers.

In the guest room on the other side, Kouuchi Hiromi and Yukiko made beds on the ground, and the two beds were for Mouri Kogoro and Yukiko to rest.

There were only two people in the room, and Guangmei couldn't help but open her mouth: "I finally know why someone as good as You Xizi would look for Mr. Mori for company!"

"Huh?" You Xizi's face couldn't help being a little confused...

Within a few years, Guangmei pulled Yu Xizi and said in a low voice: "It's a pity that such a smart, sexy man doesn't want to eat anymore. When he reasoned, I felt like a god, full of light!"

Kuchai Hiromi looked surprised: "If I am as beautiful as You Xizi, I must also seduce this big detective. It will be enough to have a one-night stand!"

When Yu Xizi heard this, she immediately pushed Shunai Guangmei onto the mattress: "You go, see if I tell your husband!"