Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 186

A few days ago, Hiromi couldn't help but laughed, and raised her eyebrows at Yukiko: "I understand, Tokyo still has a case to deal with."

Kuriko immediately pulled Yusaku over, and whispered: "You have Xizi, you are with the Maori detective, and you must pay attention to protective measures, otherwise Shinichi will have an extra younger brother and sister, so I'm so sorry for Yusaku. ."

"Thick..." Yukiko smirked awkwardly, covering her mouth, "Hiromi, what are you talking about, Kogoro and I are not what you think, forget it, don’t say it, let’s go. Otherwise, I won’t be able to catch the plane to Los Angeles today."

After Yukiko bid farewell to her hairpin, she got on Mouri Kogoro's motorcycle, only to find that Mouri Kogoro was still talking on the phone.

Yukiko couldn't help but smiled awkwardly at Kumi Hiromi, then got out of the car again, and whispered to Kogoro Mori, "Really, let me drive if you don't drive!"

Mouri Kogoro moved back a bit, Yukiko immediately sat on it, and Harley roared and rushed out as soon as he stepped on the accelerator.

Within a few minutes, Hiromi saw that Yu Xizi left and showed a gossip smile: "Take the plane from Los Angeles, I think you are on the plane of the detective, tusk tusk!"

Kuchouchi Hiromi, shaking his head, turned and returned to the house.


"Dad, who's the voice of the woman next to you? Where are you going?" Xiao Lan, who was in the Tokyo Maori home, heard the voice of Kiko and immediately frowned her eyebrows, her face full of anxiety and stood up.

On the side of the sofa, Hui Yuan put down the newspaper in his hand, and said with a cold face: "Turn on the hands-free, let me analyze it together."

Xiaolan turned on the hands-free graciously.

Mouri Kogoro casually said: "Oh, she is the client this time. We are now cycling to the crime scene to find clues. Xiaolan, the family will be handed over to you, and I will be back in a day or two! "

"Kogoro, what do you plan to have for lunch?"

Suddenly, Xizi's cute and pretentious baby voice came over the phone, and the faces of Xiaolan and Hui Yuan immediately showed anger.

Maori Kogoro's voice immediately became a little panicked. He quickly said: "Miss Shunai, please don't call me so close, I just accept your entrustment, Xiaolan, take care of my family and wait for me to come back!" After that, Kogoro Mouri hung up immediately.

Xiaolan heard Moori Kogoro say this, she quickly believed, and her face became clear again.

While Hui Principle's face was gloomy, and according to her judgment, Kogoro Mouri had definitely gone out fooling around with a vixen.

Huihara directly put a chestnut hammer on Conan who was trying to calculate the problem: "Detective boy, quickly analyze it for me, what is Uncle Maori doing!"

A small red envelope immediately appeared on Conan's head. He held his head and sucked in a cold breath. This black-bellied Lolita was really black when she started, and her scalp was numb with the hammer.

He turned his head to look at the blackened Huiyuan, and decided not to provoke her.

"Where did I know, and there is no other clue. Uncle said that there was a commissioned task, so there is a commissioned task!" Although Conan said so, he secretly smiled in his heart: Black belly little Lori, you shouldn't like one. This is the result of the person you like. Lecherous Uncle Maori must be playing with women.

Conan rubbed the little red envelope on his forehead: But the female voice sounded a bit familiar just now, like an acquaintance!

Xiaolan on the side smiled softly: "Conan, you should continue to do the problem. Dad's coming back later will give you a lot of time. Why not do five more pages."

Conan heard Xiao Lan say such words and wanted to cry without tears, Xiao Lan, if you do this, I don't like you anymore!

Originally, he still wanted to go to the football game today, but he was suppressed by Xiaolan to make a problem here.

Conan held the pen and looked resentful: Damn Uncle Maori, you still want to destroy me like this when you leave!


Maori Kogoro looked at Yukiko who was smiling triumphantly in front of him, and couldn't help but feel annoyed. He quickly scratched Yukiko's waist with his hands, and the itch immediately swept over.

Yukiko twisted her waist and laughed repeatedly: "Itchy, Kogoro, you are so mean, you dare to attack me like this, I can't spare you!"

Under the harassment of Kogoro Moori, Yukiko couldn't even drive the car securely. The Harley motorcycle was swinging on the road. Her body was twisted so that Kogoro Moori couldn't stand it.

Finally, Kiko stopped the car and turned around to fight back, but Moori Kogoro quickly grabbed his two little hands, and Moori Kogoro pressed it onto the car, looking at the elf-like picture close at hand. With a small face, he said: "You are so naughty. Conan is still at home, so you are not afraid of being recognized by him."

"Oh, that's right!" Yukiko reacted at this moment, and was about to ask Moori Kogoro what to do, but saw Moori Kogoro's face pressed over, and Hu stubble stuck directly on her little face.

She immediately left Conan behind, put her arms around Kogoro Moori's neck, and kissed him in this empty field.

Mouri Kogoro kissed Yukiko’s mouth to the ear, and then whispered, Yukiko's face turned red immediately after hearing it, and he shook his head and said no, Moori Kogoro hugged him with his slender waist, Yukiko immediately violently After struggling, Mouri Kogoro could only give up.

He put Yukiko on the back seat and got into the car. As soon as the Harley drove, Yukiko rushed out like a beast. The recoil made Yukiko hug Moori Kogoro tightly, and the two drove along the road towards Gunma Prefecture. went.


One night and two days is a kind of short trip, which means playing two days and one night. In the end, Yukiko agreed to Moori Kogoro for a two-day trip.

However, usually one night for two days is usually accompanied by a beautiful girl, and it is also fully booked. The fully booked system means that all living, eating, and playing things have been booked early.

It's a pity that neither of these two conditions can be met, but Yukiko, who is naturally beautiful, is more attractive than a beautiful girl. Of course, Kogoro Mouri will not be dissatisfied.

Item 0016

The Harley Motors quickly drove into Gunma Prefecture. The domineering car made pedestrians keep looking at them. Unfortunately, both of them were wearing helmets, and others could not see what they looked like!

Both Kogoro Mori and Yukiko are considered super celebrities in Neon, and they may be recognized casually, so naturally they dare not reveal their true colors.

Kogoro Mouri quickly got through the phone number of his secretary in the Kamoto consortium.

As a consultant of the consortium, there are naturally many conveniences. Natsue Kimoto was afraid that Moori Kogoro would be tired, so he specially equipped him with a male secretary. Then Moori Kogoro ordered the male secretary to book today's hot spring hotel for him.

The most important thing for one night and two days is the hot spring hotel.

The Kamoto consortium made an appointment, and naturally it was very smooth to make an appointment to the accommodation tonight.

Yukiko blinked and smiled, standing aside looking at the people coming and going in Gunma Prefecture and the various tall buildings, her face full of nostalgia.

After getting a reply from the secretary, Kogoro Mouri turned his head and looked at Yukiko: "Youkiko, did you think of your childhood?"

"Yes, I miss it. The floor was very low at that time. I was studying in Gunma prefecture in elementary school. I was able to gather a large group of children out at random. At that time, I was the eldest sister of the school, but the whole family moved after high school. I went to Tokyo and never came back again. Look, Kogoro, that izakaya has been open for 30 years, but I didn’t expect it is still there!"

Kogoro Mori turned his head and looked over. The four sisters' izakaya, with four beautiful and youthful photos outside, is not a serious izakaya.

Yukiko immediately put a sly smile on her face: "Kogoro, do you want to go in for a drink, there is a cute little sister inside!"

Kogoro Moori knocked on Yukiko's helmet, and said: "After driving for 30 years, the four sisters have become the fourth aunts, and the cute little sister, I have you enough."

"Let's go, let's go to the hotel first!" Mouri Kogoro took Yukiko to Ikaho Town. The scenery here is excellent. The most famous one is the hot spring town. The whole town is built along more than 300 stone steps. All are hot spring hotels.

Ikaho Hot Spring is the most famous hot spring in Gunma Prefecture. The hot spring water there is surprisingly red because it is full of sulfate and carbonic acid. Soaking in this hot spring is better for your body.

Mouri Kogoro brought Yukiko to this Ikabo town, and Yukiko immediately teased him: "Mori-kun, you have a bad motive, what do you want to do when you bring me to this place!"

Kogoro Mouri smiled: "I heard that you are practicing yoga in the United States, and I am also practicing marksmanship in neon day and night. Today, I am here to discuss the depths, not only life and death, but also decisive!"

Yukiko immediately blushed and slapped Mori Kogoro on the back.

The Harley motorcycle soon stopped at the hot spring hotel in Yuju Onjuku. This is the most luxurious hot spring hotel in Ikaho Town. Kogoro Mouri ordered the most expensive courtyard-style hot spring suite. There is only one in this hotel. .