Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 190

You Xizi couldn't help but said, "Not here, but our previous residence."

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but be surprised and said, "Didn't that villa sold before you went abroad? I still remember that I moved into a new tenant the next month."

"That was a lie to you. It was a friend who happened to come to Tokyo to work. I asked her to act in front of you. I didn’t expect to fool you, the great detective, too. She lived for half a year and found a new house. I moved out, and then I lived there every year when I returned to China, you didn't find it!" You Xizi couldn't help but smile.

Kogoro Mouri shook his head with a wry smile, before he woke up, he really hadn't noticed it.

The villa located in Simachi, Mihua City is naturally the love nest between Kiko and Kogoro Mori, and it is the villa that Kiko bought after acting to make money.

After Kiko and Yu Kudo married on a fake marriage, except for acting in front of Conan, they didn't live in Kudo's house much, but lived in the love nest between her and Kogoro Mori.

It happened to be in the middle block between the Kudo's and the Mori's, and it was very convenient for the two to come and go.

When Harley-Davidson drove into this familiar villa, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but smile. The pillar outside the door still had the word Fujimine written on it, and he hadn't been here for so many years, so he didn't find it.

You Xizi started rushing people out of the car: "Xiaogoro, you should go back, otherwise Xiaolan and the others will be worried!"

Maori Kogoro smiled: "Speaking of which I am also the owner of this place, you don't intend to let me sit in."

You Xizi held her slender waist and said, "If you go in and sit down, I'm afraid I will be lying on the bed for two or three days. How come you guys are getting more and more terrifying. You weren't so cruel before!"

Hearing this, Kogoro Mouri couldn’t help but smiled proudly: “Know that I’m great, okay, then you have a good rest, I will see you tomorrow, Yukiko, remember what you promised me, if this time If you run away, then you are dead."

You Xizi couldn't help holding her chest, showing her beautiful posture: "Well, I will keep the promise you promised."

Kogoro Mori got up from the Harley motorcycle, turned and walked outside.

There was a smile on Yukiko's face watching Moori Kogoro leaving. She picked up the changed clothes and hummed a little tune and walked to the villa.


In the Maori office, Xiaolan, who came back from school, searched the second and third floors but didn't see Maori Kogoro, and couldn't help feeling a little down.

Dad had been away for so long all of a sudden, could he be hiding from me, but he didn't scold me, and he didn't say anything in the room that night. What the hell is this?

Xiao Lan's small head rested on the back seat of the sofa, and her eyes were staring at the door of the office without a thought.

At this moment, Kogoro Mouri, who had climbed up from downstairs, walked in.

After seeing Xiaolan, a touch of joy immediately appeared on her face, and she subconsciously called out: "Dad!" But then she did not do anything else, but her face was a little weird.

In normal times, Xiaolan would happily ran up and put his arm around Kogoro Mori, and then asked the commissioner, but today Xiaolan looked a little abnormal.

Mouri Kogoro noticed Xiaolan’s expression and thought she was uncomfortable. He walked forward and touched Xiaolan’s head. He felt that she was in good health and could not help but said: "What's wrong, I just left for two days Ah, Xiaolan, why are you doing this!"

Xiao Lan stared at Moori Kogoro with big eyes, and realized that his attitude was the same as before, and she felt that she was thinking too much, and a sweet smile immediately appeared on her face.

"Dad, how's it going? Is this commissioned task going well?"

Kogoro Moori took off his suit and hung it on the sofa. He walked over and sat on the sofa. He saw Xiao Lan, who was wearing a gray-blue high school girl uniform, sitting on the sofa showing a white face. His calf is covered with white socks.

"Everything went well. This time there was a homicide, but it was found that it was a self-defense homicide."

"Oh, it turned out to be like this!" Xiao Lan followed Moori Kogoro's figure, turning her gaze, and nodding her head.

"I said, Dad, you went to investigate the case. Hui Yuan kept saying that you must be fooling around with a woman, and asked me to call my mother and say, but my mother was abroad, so I stopped fighting, Hui Yuan It's true, a six-year-old kid thinks too much!"

After hearing this, Kogoro Moori couldn't help but see a drop of cold sweat on his forehead, which was really counted by Huihara. Little Lori was too jealous, and she even knew how to use a knife to kill people.

"Who are you talking about?" A cold voice sounded from outside the door, and Huihara and Conan came back from school with their school bags.

Hui Yuan's face was full of frost and stared at Xiao Lan.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but smiled awkwardly. It was too embarrassing to say that someone had been caught behind her back. She quickly changed the subject: "Hui Yuan and Conan, you are back, great, are you hungry? Sister Xiaolan should cook for you!"

"Also, Conan, have you done the Mathematical Olympiad problem? Show it to Dad if you do it!"

"It's great, everyone in the family is here..."

However, it is clear that Xiaolan's strategy of changing the topic has not been effective.

Huihara walked over with his short legs and threw the backpack next to Kogoro Mori. Then he jumped on his legs and sat on the sofa, folded his legs together, holding his chest with a cold expression, with low eyebrows. Chuan, he said: "Uncle Maori, you haven't said what are you doing?"

This aura is really good, and Hui Yuan is really not easy to follow.

Conan watched the play from the sidelines, his eyes full of interest.

But Kogoro Mori is not a vegetarian. He completely ignored the imposing Huibara, and directly picked up the little Lori who was sitting aside, stretched out his hand to rub the gray brown hair, and said with a smile: "Wow, there is I haven't seen Xiao Ai for two days. My uncle missed you so much. This time my uncle took a commission and went to Gunma County to investigate a case. He also met a Kimura police officer who is still a fan of his uncle! "

"But how can Xiao Ai say that Uncle is going to fool around with women? Uncle is going to earn living expenses to raise Xiao Ai. It really hurts Uncle's heart to say that!" Kogoro Mouri smiled and squeezed Huihara's face away. Come, rub it into a smiling face.

Huihara immediately shook his head and broke free of Kogoro Mori's big hands: It is really damning, this child's body has no room for resistance at all!

At this moment, Haibara didn't want to let Mouri Kogoro so easily, but wanted to tell all the clues he found.

At this moment, a woman's voice came from the door: "How long do you want me to wait at the door? Didn't you hear me knocking on the door so many times?" A well-dressed middle-aged woman left Come in.

Seeing the entrustment came, Mouri Kogoro also became serious. He put down Huihara, letting Huihara, Xiaolan and Conan stand behind him, and then Moori Kogoro invited the middle-aged woman to sit down.

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Xiao Lan whispered to the side: "This lady was here yesterday, but you are not here, so she came back today."

Kogoro Mouri nodded and looked at the 41-year-old Moyo woman with exquisite makeup and elegant clothes. She was wearing a yellow suit jacket and a dark red shirt lined with it. The charm still exists. She wants to come when she is young. It should be a beauty, but it is a pity that Fanghua has passed away, and now she is a little bit towards the aunt.

"Madam, I wonder if you have any commission?"

The middle-aged lady spoke: "A Maori detective, my name is Ninety-Nine-Seven Hui. Today is for my husband's death a week ago. My husband is a well-known magician in China, Ninety-nine Yuan Kang, last week He was found dead in the basement of the house."

Kogoro Mori immediately realized which case it was. It turned out that it was because Yu Kiko returned to China early, so this commission appeared after several cases.

Xiaolan immediately thought of something and said, "Oh, I remember that it was broadcast on TV before. The neon genius magician Ninety-nine Yuan Kang died at home. I still remember seeing his performance when I was a kid. With that said, this is a murder case?"

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui shook his head, looking sad: "No, the police said he committed suicide, but I can't believe it."

Mouri Kogoro said, "Madam, please be sorry, please tell me in detail."

Ninety-nine and Qihui fell into deep thought: "A week ago, my husband stayed at home alone, and I went out to perform with three apprentices. After coming back, my apprentices and I searched the entire villa and couldn't find my husband. So we went to his dedicated basement, only to find that my husband had died on the cold ground. The police said he died of poisoning, and they said it was aconitine!"

Kogoro Mouri looked through his memory, and quickly retrieved: Aconitine, a toxin that paralyzes nerves, can be extracted from the very common saccharum root, which is fatal at two milligrams. Powerful poison!

Because the method of obtaining it is very easy, even Chinese medicine stores can be sold, so there is no way to find any clues from the source of the poison.

Conan on the side heard Ninety-Nine-Seven talk about aconitine, so he couldn't help showing off and began to introduce the poison to everyone.

Kogoro Mori directly hammered Conan's head with a bursting chestnut: "What do the adults say, the kids!"

Conan next to the sofa had tears in his eyes. He held the big red envelope on his head and squatted down.