Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 192

"Brother Sanada, your poker tricks are really amazing. This is the first time I have seen such a great magic show!" The girl's voice seemed very familiar and a little playful.

Sanada's hearty laughter came out: "Kaidou learns very quickly, you really deserve to be Mr. Kuroba's son!"

The three came out, and Kogoro Mori knew them. They were Sanada Izuzo, who played Kidd on the Suzuki Yacht, the real Kaito Kidd Kuroba, and Aoko Nakamori who looked exactly like Oran.

"Shinichi? Why are you here?" Xiaolan couldn't help but stared at the black feather fast fighting.

And Conan looked like hell, looking at Kuroba Kuaidou, who looks almost exactly the same as himself, and then at two Xiaolan who are almost exactly the same. How could there be such a coincidence, he was completely afraid of it. The appearance of believing.

Kuroba Katoto saw Moori Kogoro and his party in the lobby, his eyes narrowed, Yuan Jialu was narrow, and he actually met Moori Kogoro.

However, Kuaito Kuroba quickly adjusted his expression and gave Xiaolan a hearty smile: "This lady, you have admitted the wrong person, my name is not Shinichi, my name is Kuaito."

Then Kuroyu Kuaidou pretended to suddenly noticed, looked at Xiaolan's small face, and then at Qingzi's small face, and said in shock, "This lady and Qingzi look like they are. It's carved out of the same mold, don't you have any blood relationship?"

"Of course not. In fact, my classmate Qingzi and I met at the teacher's wedding last time, and we have been in contact with Qingzi all the time. It is a good friend who is coming..."

Xiaolan's face suddenly became gloomy while talking, and Kuai Dou's face turned extremely ugly as he turned to look over.

When Aoko Nakamori saw Moori Kogoro, she rushed up with excitement, holding Moori Kogoro's arm, keeping the arm close to her tiny chest, and said: "Uncle Mouri, how come you show up? Here, I see, there must be a case, right? Great, today you can see Uncle Maori your reasoning show."

Looking at this face that looked exactly like Xiaolan, Kogoro Mouri showed a smile on his face and said, "It turned out to be Qingzi. I came to investigate today because of the death of Mr. Yuan Kang, but how come Qingzi are you here? ?"

Aoko pulled Mouri Kogoro to the front of Kuroba Kuaito, Kuroba Kuaito's face became more ugly.

"Because Kuaidou’s father is also a magician, but unfortunately he passed away a long time ago. In order to inherit his father’s magic skills, Kuaidou came here to ask Mr. Sanada for advice, so I came with him and talked about Mr. Sanada’s playing cards. It's really amazing!"

Aoko Nakamori looked excited, and seemed to realize Xiaolan's appearance, and greeted Xiaolan enthusiastically: "Xiaolan, you are here too!"

Xiaolan greeted Aoko with a bit of resentment. When she looked at Moori Kogoro's arm against Aoko's chest, she was even more unhappy: "Aoko, I came with my dad."

Seeing the uncle’s smile on Kogoro Moori’s face, and seeing the closeness of the two of them, Kuroba Katoto was eager to breathe fire, but he did not dare to show half hostility. This great Maori detective is so wise. Near the demon, with him, that thing is not easy to steal.

Item 0023

Xiaolan hurriedly stepped forward, pretending to be very close, and pulled Aoko Nakamori away from Kogoro Mouri. With a smile on her face, she said, "Aoko, you really are. I have a shopping appointment with you. You haven't agreed many times, what's the matter?"

Aoko Nakamori felt the huge soft thing she rubbed against her arm: That's why!Who would want to go shopping with your big cow!Go and suffer the blinding of a shopping lady!Get hit for nothing!

The two women stood by and began to talk about the little girl.

Ichizo Sanada stepped forward and looked at Kogoro Mouri and said: "Investigate the cause of the teacher's death. Didn't the teacher commit suicide? The fact is that there is only one magician with the two geniuses of Neon now."

Hearing the words of Sanada Izuzo, who was ranting, the Kuroba Kuatos on the side couldn't help but sneer.

Kuroba’s magic level is completely comparable to his dad Kuroba Thief I. If it weren’t for this time to get back that extremely important thing, he would never use his true identity. .

"Is this a strange poker card in the basement? The teacher committed suicide. What use is this thing?"

Sanada took the two playing cards from Kogoro Moori's hand, and a playful smile appeared on Kogoro Moori's face, and he let him take it.

I saw Sanada tore the two cards directly, and then threw the remaining pieces of paper into the sky. The pieces of paper immediately changed into countless playing cards and fell down.

Everyone couldn't help but look sideways, it's amazing!

Kogoro Mouri said with a serious face: "Why are you tearing up the evidence?"

Sanada Ichizo pretentiously smiled deeply: "I didn't tear it up, you can see... Hey, why isn't it in your jacket pocket?" His expression suddenly became surprised.

Ninety-Nine Qihui's face became ugly: "Sanada, you quickly take out the playing cards, this is a very important evidence."

Sanada immediately took out the poker fragments he had just torn off from his pockets, and began to recognize them carefully, and soon his face became difficult to look at. He saw that there were really ace of spades and ace of spades in the fragments. , And there are traces of glue.

Made a mistake!!!

Seeing this scene, Miyoshi Asako and Hyakuchi Yushi's eyes lit up. As the trump card of the magic group, Sanada Ichizo, making mistakes in magic performance, is extremely rare.

Aoko Nakamori and Xiaolan on the side couldn't help but turn their heads sideways, and the appearance of the two of them in sync looked almost adorable.

Sanada Izumi couldn't help looking at Ninety-Nine-Seven with a look of guilt: "Teacher, I seem to have really tore those two playing cards. It's weird. How could this happen?"

At this moment, Kogoro Moori shook his head and laughed: "It seems that the most talented magician in neon is nothing but this. It seems that I can only take out the two playing cards from the long river of time!"

Mouri Kogoro stretched out his hand, palms up, everyone's eyes were fixed on Mouri Kogoro's palms. Suddenly, two playing cards appeared out of thin air intact, while the original fragments of cards in Sanada Isan's hand All of a sudden disappeared.

This scene is really like reversing time and grabbing playing cards from the past.

Everyone couldn't help but exclaimed, Xiaolan and Qingzi both opened their mouths: "It's amazing!"

And all the people who can magic at the scene, Sanada Ichizo, Miyoshi Asako, Hyakuchi Yushi, Ninety-Nine-Seven, Kuroba Katoto's pupils kept shrinking, and they couldn't believe it.

As magicians, they naturally know many magic skills, but the magic in their hands must be matched with various changing techniques and their respective ways to attract people's attention.

But the magic that Maori Kogoro changed didn't have these things at all. He just spread out his hands in a simple and rude manner, gathered everyone's attention, and made two playing cards out of thin air, but the technique was completely invisible.

The more such a technique, the higher the gold content in the eyes of the magician, Kuroba Kuaito suddenly developed a strong feeling of dread for Kogoro Mouri, his face couldn't help but it seemed to be a bit difficult today. !

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but secretly laughed. He used the points image system space to temporarily store the two playing cards, and then took them out again. It caused such an impactful scene for everyone. It seems that there is a system, and he is not a detective and a magician. It is more than enough.

Sanada Ichizo couldn't help but smiled bitterly: "The Maori detective is really hidden. I didn't expect that as a famous detective, magic can be so good, even I can't see it!"

"Dad, I don't know why you can do magic?" Xiaolan frowned and said.

Kogoro Mouri explained: "It's not a big deal to change at will, it will be done without much practice!"

Hearing this, the magician who was present couldn't help but spurt blood. Is it better to change casually than to practice hard for more than ten years?This is too hurtful.

Conan couldn't help but put his fisheyes up. This horny uncle must have learned magic for teasing girls.

At this moment, a cute loli voice sounded from the side: "Aren't you classmate Huiyuan? Huh, and classmate Conan, are you all here?"

This is the daughter of Ninety-Nine Bunkang. The six-year-old Ninety-nine Bunno is extremely cute, wearing a yellow shirt, a princess dress with white stockings, small black leather shoes, bangs in front of her head, and brown hair. , With big eyes, is a little loli who does not lose to Bumi, but still not as good as Huiyuan.

Ninety-nine Wen is a first-grade class A student in Didan Primary School, and Conan Huihara is in class B next door, so I know it naturally.

"Student Hui Yuan, why are you here, come to play?" Wen Nai asked Hui Yuan curiously.

Hui Yuan raised his head and said, "We came with Uncle Maori."

"Uncle Mouri?" Ninety-nine Fumino raised his head and saw the handsome uncle Mouri Kogoro, who gave him a gentle smile.

"Oh! I recognize him. Bu Mei told me that Uncle Maori is like a great hero, and he always appears in time like Masked Superman. She said that she likes Uncle Maori from the Huihara family the most. , I didn't expect to look so good!" Ninety-nine Fumino looked excited.

When Hui Yuan heard this, a black line immediately appeared on his forehead, and it seemed necessary to go back to school and educate her next step Mei.

Qingzi couldn't help but said, "Wow, Uncle Maori's popularity is too high, even children like him so much!"

Ninety-nine Fumi turned his head and looked at Hui Yuan, clasping his fists on his chest: "Student Hui Yuan, shall we go shopping together?"