Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 193

"Because tomorrow is my birthday, my mother promised me to buy new clothes for my birthday, and you can go with me."

Wen Nai's big eyes looked expectantly at Huihara. At this time, her mother Ninety-Nine Qihui squatted down and touched Wen Nai's head: "I'm sorry, Fumino, I can't go shopping with you because my mother has something today."

Hearing this, Wen Nai’s eyes immediately burst into tears: “Isn’t it an appointment? Mom lied, you adults are like this, you keep lying to me, so does my dad. It’s my birthday tomorrow, but he went abroad to perform. , He won't come on my birthday either."

When everyone looked at Xiao Wennai crying, they couldn't help sighing in their hearts. This child will no longer have his father!

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At this time, Miyoshi Mazi squatted down and spoke with a gentle expression: "Funno, mom is busy, and my sister will go shopping with you. My sister will definitely be able to buy you beautiful new clothes."

Xiao Wenno stopped tears when he heard this, turned to look at Miyoshi Mazi, and nodded.

The two of them left the hall holding hands in this way and walked outside.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but said, "Madam, haven't you told this child about her father?"

Ninety-Nine Qihui shook his head sadly, then turned around and said: "Maori detective, please come with me to the basement!"

At this time, Kuroba Kuaito laughed and said, "Although it is a bit abrupt, I also want to see how the Maori detective solves the case."

Mouri Kogoro also wanted to know what the purpose of this strange thief Kidd was in coming to the ninety-nine-yuan Kang family, naturally he would not refuse, so he said, "Then let's come together!"

Baidi Yushi said, "In that case, let me prepare dinner for you all."

After that, he turned and headed towards the kitchen.

Conan couldn't help asking: "Madam, is this apprentice prepared the dinner at home?"

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui nodded: "Yes, Yushi worked in the restaurant for a while before he worshipped my husband as a teacher. The cooking skills are very good!"

Conan wanted to ask something more, but when he saw Kogoro Mouri's eyes, he dared not speak any more.

Seeing this, Sanada turned and left pretendingly: "Ms. Yuan Kang committed suicide. I would advise a Maori detective. In order to avoid reputation damage, we should leave early!"

Hui Yuan immediately pierced the knife and said: "The magic has failed, what else to pretend!"

All of a sudden, Sanada Isan almost fell to the ground unsteadily. He turned around and found that Mouri Kogoro and his party had already left.

Maori Kogoro and his party followed Niu Niu Qi Hui to the basement. This basement looks quite old and elegant. It is the place where Ninety-Nine Yuan Kang studies new magic. Normally, no one is allowed to come in. He will be yelled at.

There was only one entrance to the basement. The lock of the door was very sophisticated and complicated. It was locked from the inside and no one could enter at all. However, the door was not locked at all when 99 Yuankang died a week ago.

A dozen photos of young magicians hung on the walls of the room.

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui said, "These are all the apprentices my husband took when he was young. They came out or left one by one, and my husband left pictures as a souvenir."

Mouri Kogoro scanned the dozens of photos, but didn't notice anything unusual, he couldn't help but feel a little strange. A smile immediately appeared at the corner of his mouth, which was interesting.

Kogoro Mouri turned and looked at the picture of Ninety-Nine Yuan Kang behind the table. In the photo, Ninety-Nine Yuan Kang was separated by a door. Two figures protruded out, both wearing rings in his hands, manipulated by the fine lines in the ring. With some piccolo.

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui opened the mouth and said: "My husband is best at transforming shapes and shadows, and manipulating dead objects with the steel wire hidden in the ring to make them exude life-like stunts."

At this time, Qingzi said: "I know, I still remember the magic performed by Mr. Ninety-Nine at the New Year's Day three years ago. Two Mr. Yuan Kang appeared after passing through the wooden door. The two people are facing each other like a mirror, in the dark. Blossoms of necromantic flowers bloomed all over the body. That was the famous scene of the year, which caused a lot of heated discussions."

"At that time, even Kuaito was shocked by seeing this scene for a long time, I will still remember it now!" Aoko Nakamori talked about it, while Kuaito was looking at the book on the shelf with an awkward smile on his face.

Xiaolan repeatedly said: "I have an impression too!"

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui couldn’t help but laughed when he heard the two people’s praise: "The performance back then was my husband’s contemplation in the basement, and he was in retreat for more than six months before thinking about that performance. My husband never revealed the secret to others, yes. I never said that after his death, I am afraid that the show will be absolutely noisy!"

Ninety-nine-seven Hui looked sadly sad!

When Mouri Kogoro heard this, his heart moved.

Kogoro Mouri saw the phone buried by playing cards on the table and couldn't help but said, "Is this phone what it looked like at the time?"

"Yes, but my husband doesn’t do any poker tricks at all. He never touches poker cards. I just don’t understand why there are poker cards on his table, and why he doesn’t call me if there is a call. It's dead like this."

At this time, Conan had already ran to the death place of Ninety-nine Yuankang, frowning and looking at the white line on the ground. Conan immediately exclaimed: "It's strange, this posture is so strange!"

"You see, on TV, if people are poisoned, they shouldn't be able to choke their throats, but this deceased is so strange that he was not tied up, and he didn't take sleeping pills. Why would he keep his hands beside him obediently?"

Hearing Conan’s words, everyone gathered around. Kogoro Moori ignored Conan. He went to the most dilapidated desk in the room by himself, regardless of the pile of poker cards on the table. His index finger gently tapped on the table, slowly It knocked.

Soon Mouri Kogoro heard an unusual sound, there was a secret grid, and Mouri Kogoro quickly locked where the secret grid was based on that sound.

Mouri Kogoro raised his head, seeing that everyone was not paying attention to him, they were all talking around Conan.

He dropped his hand under the table, found the switch, opened the secret compartment, and took out a book hidden in it.

This is a black-skinned notebook. This book is extremely hidden. If Kogoro Moori's five senses are not so strong, there is no way to tell where this secret grid is from the weak sound.

Since he has been feeling something wrong since entering the villa, Kogoro Mouri did not directly take out the book and read it, instead he tucked it under his chest suit with great speed.

Then he walked forward and watched Conan on the chair working hard. He put his hands behind his back and tied them together, then turned the round doorknob hard, and said: "If two hands In this case, there is no way to open the door, and there is no way to get out of this room."

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui said, "But when we came in, we didn't see anything tied behind my husband, and the police also said that there were no traces of binding on the deceased."

Kogoro Mouri squeezed in and said, "But Mr. Ninety-Nine has the habit of wearing rings, especially when performing manipulative magic, he needs a ring. Could it be the kind of organ ring set specially designed by your magic circle!"

Conan could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard this. He worked so hard to perform so much so that someone could think of a ring set.

The kind of organ ring sleeve that will be triggered immediately if you put it in your thumb, and lock all the other fingers in. You only need to tie all ten fingers together, so no matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of it. The effect is the same.

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "Wearing that kind of ring cover means that the door is unlocked and there is no way to open it outside for help, but there is still a way to call for help. If there is no call, it may be that the phone line is blocked. The person is broken."

"According to the wife, I came in with three apprentices when I came in. Then it is possible to retrieve the ring sleeve, and even the only person who plugged in the phone line was the four of you who found the body." Kogoro Mouri swore swearly on his face. appearance.

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Ninety-nine-Seven-Hui's face was greatly shaken: "How could it be possible that my husband is very good to these three children, how could they do such a thing, it is impossible!"

"This is just a guess, Madam, don't get excited, let me think about it!" Mouri Kogoro comforted Ninety-Nine Seven.

Maori Kogoro's expression began to get serious. This villa gave him a bad feeling, as if someone had been peeping behind him.

He walked around the basement along the wall, tapped his finger on the wall lightly, thinking as if the others did not dare to disturb him.

On the other hand, Kuroba Kuaito was standing in front of the bookshelf, constantly flipping through Mr. Yuankang's collection of books, looking at ten lines at a glance, reading extremely quickly, and quickly read all the books on the 99 Yuankang bookshelf.

Kuroba Kuaito's face gradually became hard to look at. There should be no record. It should have fallen into this guy's hands.

Aoko Nakamori couldn't help but speak, "Quick fight, are you looking for something?"

Kuroba Kuaito hurriedly said in silence: "Hush, Qingzi, don't disturb others, I just want to see if this great magician has any special tricks."