Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 194

Qingzi couldn't help frowning: "Quick fight, it's wrong for you to do this, and stealing from others is also stealing, so what is the difference from the guy I hate the most!"

Aoko Nakamori wanted to scold Kurobakaito again.

At this moment, Kogoro Mouri opened his mouth and said, "The material of the basement is different from the material of the building above the villa. What is the reason?"

Ninety-Nine-Seven Hui said: "This basement was built later. Because thinking and creating magic requires absolute silence, my husband used sound insulation materials after the basement was built, so it looks like it will match the materials on it. Different."

Oh I got it!

Maori Kogoro raised his eyebrows and held his chin, seemingly sentimental.

Immediately afterwards, he pretended to hold his stomach and walked out of the basement, and asked: "Ma'am, I'm going to be accompanied first. Where is your toilet?"

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui opened his mouth and pointed out: "Go up the passage and turn left."

Mouri Kogoro left the basement.

What's up!I thought Uncle Maori found some special clue, but I didn't expect it to be going to the toilet.

A touch of joy could not help appearing on the face of Kuroba Kaidoo on the side. Just out of fear of being seen through by Kogoro Moori's strong eyesight, he has been turning the book like a normal person.

Now that Kogoro Moori is gone, he can speed up his search, this time he must find his father's relic.


Conan sighed disappointedly, and his attention was quickly attracted by the playing cards on the table. He stepped forward, climbed up the chair, and then pulled out the pile of playing cards to reveal the old fashioned inside. phone.

Conan looked at the old-fashioned phone for a while and lost his senses.

Uncle Maori was right. If, as inferred, someone committed the murder, then the murderer would definitely be among the four who found the body.

And if Mr. Yuan Kang cannot open the door, call for help, or call, he will definitely leave a message.

Conan's gaze wandered over the desk phone. Suddenly he noticed a button on the phone, which looked the same as the overlap of two playing cards. It was the redial button.

He pressed it down hastily, and the phone started to dial again, but soon the voice was repeated: "The user you dialed does not exist. Please confirm the format and call again later."

And a series of numbers appeared on this desk phone, separated by the star key, and a flash of light flashed in Conan's eyes.

Xiaolan heard the sound and walked forward, akimbo and said: "Conan, as soon as Dad walks away, you are naughty again. The things here are not allowed to move, come down!"


"Come down to me."

Conan saw this look of Xiaolan, before he had time to write down these numbers, he could only come down obediently.


When Kogoro Mouri entered the toilet, the awkwardness in his heart finally disappeared, and he took out the black note from his arms.

I opened the black note, and the handwriting on it was very scribbled. It recorded magic tricks and the design of magic props. The magic tricks above were all genius ideas, and many of them had not been performed in front of people.

Many of the designs in it are that Kogoro Moori couldn't help but admire. Ninety-nine Yuan Kang is worthy of being one of the most talented magicians of neon, and it really has its own uniqueness.

Mouri Kogoro then turned it over and saw a line of more scribbled writing.

"Today at Kurobaju, I saw the birth of something shocking. It is hard to imagine that there is such a magical thing in the world. Seeing it, I thought of countless ideas. This can create countless magic. I Must get it!"

Kogoro Mouri continued to turn, and after many pages, the relevant words appeared again.

"It's an exciting start. Next, I'm looking for someone. This magic will definitely make me stand on the top of the world again. The key is that no one knows his existence."

Mouri Kogoro watched it further, and at the end he fully understood how the performance of Ninety-Nine Yuan Kang realized three years ago.

With a smile on his face, he closed the black note, then walked out of the toilet and returned to the basement.

As soon as Kogoro Mouri returned to the basement, Kuroba's fast fighting movements returned to normal.

Damn, the secret compartment under the table was opened, and the contents inside were gone!

Kuroba Kuaito had just found a secret grid under the table, but it was empty inside.

As soon as Kogoro Mouri entered the basement, he went straight to the phone and pressed the redial button. The familiar voice reappeared: "The user you are calling does not exist. Please confirm the format and call again later."

Kogoro Mori looked at this series of numbers, separated by asterisks, but behind the last asterisk was countless 99.

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui couldn't help but ask: "Mr. Maori, what did you find?"

"Well, when I just went to the bathroom, I accidentally thought of it. If the deceased was poisoned and couldn't call for help, he should find a way to leave a message, and I suddenly remembered that the two sticking cards were touching the heavy phone The keys were exactly the same, so I tried it and found out the death message left by the deceased."

"If you say so, these numbers are left by my husband." Ninety-nine-seven Hui surrounded them.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but scolded Conan: "Conan, you just pressed the phone indiscriminately and almost broke Dad's big deal!"

Conan couldn't help being aggrieved. It was the clue he discovered first, but he was caught in the limelight by Uncle Maori. He couldn't help looking at Maori Kogoro with a grimace.

Knowing that there was a clue, Aoko, Kuaidou and others also surrounded him. Kogoro Mouri wrote down all the numbers on a piece of paper, and Conan also tried to stand on tiptoe to see exactly what the numbers were.

Ninety-Nine Qihui couldn't see anything, so she couldn't help but said, "Isn't this a garbled code? I can't see anything. Could the death message be pressed by this child?"

Ninety-nine-seven Hui looked at Conan's eyes very badly.

Item 0026

Conan knew that he hadn't pressed anything, just pressed the redial button, and quickly waved his hand to explain.

At this time, Kogoro Mouri said, "This is not a garbled code. This death message hides extremely important information. Look at it, connect the numbers according to 78954 on this phone, and the second line separated by asterisks is according to 7896321. If you connect it, you can get two words."

Ninety-nine-qi-hui's face changed drastically, and she said in shock: "Mazi."

Yes, the two neon characters after these two series of numbers are the name of Mazi.

Aoko Nakamori couldn't help asking: "The Maori detective, does the 99 that follow it mean the ninety-nine wife? Mrs. Hui."

Ninety-nine and Qihui quickly said, "How could it be that I killed my husband!"

Mouri Kogoro said, "Madam, please don't panic. The series of 99s here are not directed to Madam, but to another person."

"I am afraid that all of this will start with the magic performance of the New Year's Festival three years ago. In that performance, there were two doors on the stage. Mr. Yuan Kang opened one door, entered one, and then walked out of the two doors. Two Mr. Yuan Kang, and then the performance where countless flowers bloomed all over the body."

"We don't care about the flower. It was manipulated by the wire on the ring. Two Mr. Yuan Kang appeared on the stage. Some people speculated that it was infrared imaging, and some people said it was an illusion of a mirror. In fact, they all guessed wrong. They are all real people, one is Mr. Yuan Kang and the other is Mr. Yuan Kang's substitute."

At this time, Ninety-Nine Qihui said excitedly: "How is it possible, I must recognize it as a substitute, of course I recognize my own husband, and I am sure that the two look exactly the same, both look like my husband. That's why I can't break his magic!"

Kogoro Mouri retorted: "Although ordinary doubles are similar, they are naturally recognized by people close to you. But madam, don't you think that your husband locked himself in the basement for more than half a year just to create magic, I think He should be with his stand-in and let him imitate his behavior. With another prop, he can easily change one person into another person's appearance, that is, a peculiar mask that Mr. Yuan Kang once got ."