Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 195

"And that mask is probably the purpose of this classmate Kuroba today!"

Kogoro Mori took a black note from his arms and threw it on the table. The note happened to turn to ninety-nine yuan. After the death of the black feather thief, Kang stole a special mask of the black feather thief.

Kuroba was panicked, but he soon calmed down again. This is not a shame: "Yes, Maori detective, I came today for my father's belongings."

"My father once made a peculiar mask by chance. As you know, many magic tricks of a magician require a substitute. My father pursues perfection. He painstakingly started making a mask with various materials a long time ago. Perform a perfect clone performance."

"He tested countless kinds of materials. One time, a chemical explosion happened in the laboratory. Some powder was added to the hot mask mold. By coincidence, a highly plastic mask was born."

"Because the main body of that material is a memory material, it can quickly remember the outline when it is put on a person's face, so with that mask, it can easily become other people, and it can be heated to eight. It can be restored to its original appearance at ten degrees, so as long as you want, you can easily become many people with this mask."

"And this scene happened to be seen by Mr. Yuanyao who was a guest in the laboratory at that time."

"After that, my father tried hard to make the same mask again, but he always failed."

"And eight years ago, my father had an accident during a magic show and unfortunately died. When I was sorting out his belongings, I couldn't find the special mask he said. It wasn't until I read my father's diary. I started to have some doubts about Mr. Yuan Kang, and I came to visit today mainly because I wanted to make things clear.!"

"This time Maori detective, you really helped me a lot, let me know what the past was like!"

Kuroba Kuaito explained his purpose, and everyone understood after reading the black notes. This magic world is really intriguing, and you are fighting for me everywhere.

Kogoro Mouri went on to speak: "So after Mr. Motoyasu got this mask, he began to look for someone who was similar to his body, and then he went to the basement with him, saying that he was creating new magic, but he was actually teaching his own stand-in. The performance of using steel wires to manipulate objects in the air."

Ninety-nine and Qihui hurriedly said, "That's not right. If I hide in this basement, no matter how I can hide for more than half a year, I should find some abnormalities, but there are no abnormalities, and I have been eating. It's all for one person!"

"I have to say, Madam, you really don't know your husband at all." Kogoro Mouri shook his head, walked to the wall on the right, and rotated a pair of horns inlaid on the wall to the right, and instantly appeared in the basement. One side door.

Everyone's expressions immediately became terrified, and they couldn't believe that there was still a door in the basement.

Mouri Kogoro immediately walked in, and the others hurriedly followed.

The gate is connected by a long tunnel, clean and bright.

While leading the way, Mouri Kogoro said, "Where can anyone keep themselves in the basement for half a year? Even if you study magic, you can't be so crazy. You must know that people who have been locked up for a long time can easily have hallucinations and become crazy. Long time no speaking is more likely to degenerate the mouth."

"So when Mr. Yuan Kang digs and builds the basement, he digs out a tunnel that can connect to the outside world. It is convenient to come in as a substitute, so as to cover people's eyes, or he may not want to be monitored by your wife, so he can go out freely. It was naturally a stand-in sitting in the basement."

Aoko Nakamori looked at Kogoro Mouri with admiration, and asked: "Uncle Mouri, how did you find that notebook and this authenticity? We seem to have entered the basement at the same time. How did you find Uncle Mouri? So many things?"

Kogoro Mouri turned his head and smiled, and pointed his head: "Detective's intuition."

Mouri Kogoro's face became serious, and he said: "Combining with the death information left by the deceased before, in fact, besides pointing to the murderer Ms. Miyoshi Miko, he also pointed to another person who could save him but didn't help. Ninety-nine yuan Kang."

"Madam, what I have to tell you is that the deceased is not your husband, but your husband's stand-in, just because of the magic mask, even the forensic doctors have not found the real face of this stand-in."

Ninety-Nine Qihui opened her mouth when she heard this, looking like she couldn't believe it.

Item 0027

"I called the Metropolitan Police Department just now. The police said that the corpse in the basement was hit by a stone in the face by accident, resulting in bloody blood. It has already been sent to the encampment for repair. I am afraid this is Mr. Yuan Kang's handwriting. !"

Maori Kogoro laughed: "Tsk tsk, in order to hide the secret of this magic, Mr. Yuan Kang really emptied his mind and even bought the villa next to it."

Mouri Kogoro perceives the length of this tunnel, and this distance is clearly under the villa beside him.

Ninety-nine-Seven Hui immediately reacted and said, "I remember that the owner of the villa next to me did go deep and simple, as if I had never met him."

Soon, a door appeared in front of everyone. There were also two horns inlaid on the wall next to this door. Kogoro Moori turned the horn to the left and the door opened again.

"Because this mechanism requires two hands to work together, the double-handed man can't open it, so he can only cry for help."

The door of the agency opened, and there was another basement. Rows of screens appeared in front of everyone. The monitoring screens of all the rooms in the villa were among them, and everyone was shocked.

Kogoro Mouri looked faintly: "Unfortunately, Mr. Yuanyao is very hard-hearted. In order to keep the secret of his magic, he did not rescue him, but let his surrogate poison and die."

Ninety-nine and Qihui's face turned pale: "It's terrible. There are so many pinhole cameras in the house. Maori detective, I didn't expect that what you said was true."

Ninety-nine-Seven Megumi finally believed Moori Kogoro's reasoning until she saw this scene.

"Isn't it here?" Mouri Kogoro frowned when he looked at the empty basement. When he was walking around the wall to look for the door of this facility, he clearly heard the sound of someone breathing across the wall because he didn't want him. He ran away after detecting it, so he deliberately went to the toilet to read the black notes he found.

After reasoning in front of everyone, he immediately opened the door of the mechanism, just to catch the cunning magician, but even so fast, the guy still disappeared.

Mouri Kogoro walked to the monitoring screen, one of which had sound in addition to the screen, and it was the basement where Ninety-Nine Yuan Kang studied magic.

Kogoro Mouri began to manipulate the computer underneath, and soon everything was on the screen, and the video from a week ago was replayed.

The crowd quickly gathered around.

In the video, Mr. Substitute was waiting bored in the room, and after a short while, Miyoshi Mazi came in.

Looking at the time next to him, Ninety-Nine Qihui couldn't help but said, "This is the time before the performance that day."

The voice of Miyoshi Mazi in the screen came out: "Teacher Yuankang, I have learned a new magic trick. Can you help me see how it is?"

"Oh, no problem!" The substitute stood up and nodded.

At this time, Miyoshi Mazi said: "Teacher, you take one of this first." Then he fed the poison directly to the substitute, and the substitute swallowed the poison without any doubt.

Then Miyoshi Maki slipped the ring of the two thumbs onto the thumb of the avatar, set one up, the mechanism was triggered, and instantly locked all the fingers of the avatar.

Seeing this, Miyoshi Asako saw a smug smile on her face, and walked to the table. She pulled out the phone line with her hand wearing black silk gloves, then took out the playing cards from her arms and covered the phone line. .

The avatar had noticed the abnormality and asked quickly: "Mazi, what are you doing?"

Miyoshi Mazi ignored him, but walked out of the basement on high heels. Finally, she came to the door and pulled the door. Then she said: "Mr. Yuankang, this is the escape magic I carefully prepared for you, just like you did for me. The underwater escape prepared by my brother Moxia is just so magical, teacher, please enjoy it!"

After saying that Miyoshi Mazi closed the door.

The stand-in immediately flew forward and shouted in a sad voice: "Mazi, Mazi, I am not your teacher, I am a fake, it is his stand-in. You have found the wrong person."

The guy yelled loudly at the door so that Miyoshi Mazi could hear. Unfortunately, the soundproofing effect of this room and the door was so good that no sound was heard. Miyoshi Mazi who went away didn't hear anything. .

The avatar put his hands behind his back, and then just as Moori Kogoro guessed, his fingers were locked by the ring sleeve, and his fingers were opened. There was no way to twist the round doorknob of the gate, and there was no way to get out.

The avatar started yelling in the room: "Mr. Yuan Kang, Mr. Yuan Kang, I am poisoned, come and rescue me, I know you can hear him, Mr. Yuan Kang..."

The avatar was screaming anxiously, but he didn’t get the slightest response. When the call for help was fruitless, he rushed to the table and saw the unplugged phone on the table. He couldn’t help feeling desperate. He tried to write, but inside the room No available pen was found.

He can only use one finger to leave a death message on the phone. After he wrote Mazi's name, he pressed countless ninety-nine. Later, in order to prevent the phone from being discovered, he even hid the phone with playing cards. stand up.

The substitute still felt unsafe, and finally picked up two playing cards and found glue to stick them together as a reminder.

After doing all of this, the poison in the body finally broke out. His body was shaking constantly, and finally fell to the ground weakly, and gradually stopped moving.

Maoli Kogoro and his party just watched the surrogate with the ninety-nine yuan Kang face fell to the ground and died. Both Xiaolan and Qingzi couldn't bear to look at them again. Both women had a kind heart, and Huiyuan looked as usual. These pictures are nothing to her.

In the end, a shocking scene appeared. In that basement, the door of the mechanism revolved, and a short fat man, who was also Ninety-Nine Yuankang, walked out again. He stood in front of the corpse with a quiet face.