Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 208

After Mouri Kogoro sat down, Koizumi Hongzi also walked in. The culprit had a refreshed look, and he still sighed: "The air here is really good."

It's just that Koizumi Hongzi stared coldly when he saw Maori Kogoro.

Obviously, after going back and thinking about it calmly last night, she found that she was taken advantage of by Kogoro Moori again. Although the advantage was delivered to the door by herself, it was Kogoro Moori's fault in the woman's logic.

Kuan Nian also walked in, and a group of people sat on the mat and waited to preside over Master Tianyong. According to the neon etiquette, the presiding Master Tianyong did not show up and could not eat.

After waiting for a while, Xiao Lan couldn't help asking: "Where is the host?"

The fat monk Tunnian couldn't help but touched his forehead: "I called Master just now, but no one in his room answered. I just called Mr. Maori and them. Why haven't they come yet? Doesn't Master always wake up early? ?"

Kuan Nian couldn't help but said, "It's weird, I just entered Master's room, and others are not in the room."

The sallow face Mu Nian could not sit still: "Let's look for it. Master is too old. We don't know where to fall. Senior Brother Kuannian, let's go to Master!"

Kuan Nian said: "You pilgrims can have breakfast on their own. You don't have to wait for us. According to Master's instructions, Xiu Nian, let the four pilgrims go down the mountain after the meal!"

Xiu Nian nodded, and Mu Nian and Kuan Nian walked out of the dining hall.

Hongzi Koizumi couldn't help frowning and said, "What's the matter? Do you want to drive people away after eating? I haven't found the Wutiangu yet!"

When Mouri Kogoro heard this, he couldn't help but glanced at Koizumi Hongzi. He had the courage of yesterday, and he dared to say such a thing. It's really a foggy tengu that this guy will be scared to get down.

The fat monk Tunnian hurriedly "shh" and said, "Donor, don't talk about the Wutian dog. If it is really recruited, it will be the same as it was two years ago. It will be deadly."

Hui Yuan said with a speechless expression: This guy is really poisoned, it seems that he was completely brainwashed, and he completely believes that there is such a thing.

Koizumi Hongzi's burgundy eyes stared at Tun Nian, and asked, "What the hell was the matter two years ago, let me hear it!"

The fat monk Tunnian saw Koizumi Hongzi's pretty face and looked at him seriously, and he couldn't help showing the appearance of Brother Pig. He was trying to tell the murder case that happened before, but he was stopped by Ma Zi Lianxiu.

"Brother, didn't you say that you can't say it?"

Tunnian gave up, and Koizumi Hongzi couldn't help but pouted, and then began to eat with his chopsticks.

Maori Kogoro didn't care what they said, and ate delicious meals on his own. This fat monk's craftsmanship was really good.

When I was almost eating, suddenly there was a wide-nian shout from outside.

The faces of everyone in the dining hall immediately changed, and a group of people quickly got up and rushed in the direction of the shout.

It was the room used to punish monks. Kuan Nian was looking at the top, while Mu Nian collapsed on the ground, looking terrified, and muttered: "Fog Dog, Foggy Dog!"

Everyone hurriedly entered the room and immediately saw a corpse hanging from the eight or nine-meter-high beam. It was Master Tianyong, the presiding officer of Shanni Temple, and a large hole was broken in the lower left corner of the wall on the side.

Upon seeing this, Koizumi Hongzi could not help taking out a crystal ball from her bag, and then began to watch the crystal ball carefully. Not long after, she was disappointed to put the crystal ball back into the bag: "What the hell! There is nothing at all. !"

Mouri Kogoro immediately said: "Xiaolan, call the police quickly. As for you, no one is allowed to enter this room?"

After that, Kogoro Moori began to survey the scene, and Koizumi Koizumi on the side looked at Kogoro Moori with interest.

Kogoro Mouri ignored Koizumi's sight. Although he knew the plot well, he learned a lot after being scammed many times. All the clues had to be searched for by himself, sorted out and reasoned again before he was willing to submit to the system with confidence.

Kogoro Mouri touched the wall. There were no gaps in the painted wall. Then he knelt down, touched the corner of the wall, and nodded in satisfaction.

He then leaned out along the big hole in the lower left corner of the wall, and saw only a few large stones scattered outside, and the other stones disappeared.

Then Kogoro Moori climbed the stairs, and then came to the place where he and Xiaolan took pictures yesterday, where the waterfall passed the fence. This is where the skylight in the punishment hut is located. You can see Master Tennaga when you look sideways. Hanged on a beam, his eyes and tongue were raised, and his death was very old.

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Maori Kogoro looked at the endless stream of waterfalls. The sunlight was scattered by the water droplets in colorful colors. The scenery in the distance was even more beautiful, with cherry blossoms falling from time to time. The death of this old monk really tarnished the beautiful scenery here.

Mouri Kogoro leaned out from the skylight and saw that there were no traces of the falling ash on the beam.

At first glance, others might actually think it was caused by the foggy dog. The beams were eight or nine meters high, and the room was unable to climb up. There was no trace of dust on the beams, and then a person died and hung in the middle of the beams. This is simply impossible.

Mouri Kogoro retracted his body, and then looked at the wooden board in the corridor. There was a break in the floor that was constantly washed by the waterfall. Kogoro Mouri took the broken wooden board and saw it behind the board. There are cherry blossoms in the gap.

It seemed that this case was the same as the previous life. It was done by the little monk who avenged his brother. Kogoro Moori put the board back.

At this moment, Koizumi Hongzi also walked up. She was carrying a bag and akimbo. Two slender legs were revealed under the red shorts, shining brightly in the sun, shining extremely, and the white coat was bulging and swelling. It feels heavy for her at first glance!

Koizumi Hongzi completely forgot her embarrassment last night. Watching Moori Kogoro raised her head proudly, her white neck like a swan, she proudly said: "Pervert detective, did you find out what happened? ?"

Hearing this title, Kogoro Mouri looked speechless. Although this is true, I don't want face when you say it like this.

Kogoro Mouri said in an angry voice, "Nothing was found?"

"Thick, thick, thick!" Koizumi Hongzi smiled triumphantly: "I knew that your detective is a silver gun candle head. It's not useful. It was so famous before, even a small case. It can't be broken."

The adjectives of this guy are too bad. What is a silver gun candle head? Moori Kogoro doesn't want to complain about her anymore. If there is a chance, she should try what is a golden gun.

Hongzi Koizumi continued to speak: "I know who the real murderer is? Do you want to know!"

Maori Kogoro was still quite curious. How did Hongzi Koizumi know who the murderer was? Last time, he saved Ninety-Nine Fumino and Miyoshi Asako inexplicably, so he asked, "Who is the murderer?"

Koizumi Hongzi laughed immediately: "Please beg me, if you kneel down and beg me, I will tell you."

There were countless crows flying by Moori Kogoro's forehead, and he couldn't help feeling regret for the act of talking to her. He shook his head and walked over the corridor by the waterfall, missed Koizumi Hongzi's body, and walked down.

Standing above Koizumi Hongzi smiled triumphantly.

When Kogoro Moori walked to the bottom, he saw four monks sitting on the cushions reciting Buddhist scriptures, and he couldn't help asking, "What happened to them?"

Hui Yuan's cold voice came out: "That monk Mu Nian has been talking about the Wutian dog killing people, so he asked everyone to recite Buddhist scriptures to ward off evil spirits. Really, there are really more than one bad head in this temple!"

Mouri Kogoro smiled and touched Huihara's head. If Huihara and the Koizumi Hongzi above were put together, two people with completely different worldviews would fight.

Xiaolan had already called the police, and Officer Mumu was on his way, so Mouri Kogoro sat aside and waited.

Almost an hour later, Officer Mumu appeared in the temple with his hands. As soon as he came, he said: "Brother Maori, it's great to see you again. What's the situation this time?"

Kogoro Mouri led him into the punishment room, pointed to the top, "The old host was hanged on it."

Officer Mumu couldn't help frowning: "This method of death seems to be the same as it was two years ago. I remember that the last case was also handled by me, and in the end it was a suicide!"

The fat monk Tunnian said, "How could it be suicide? This is obviously done by the foggy dog. Only the foggy dog ​​can easily catch people to a height and hang them, and then suck their souls!"

A black line immediately appeared on Officer Mumu's forehead.

He ignored the fat monk again, and ordered his hands to collect information from various places.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mouri stepped back, avoiding the crowd, and walked to the back door that he saw when he visited the temple yesterday. The back door went straight to the valley below, and the waterfall flowed into that valley and then turned into a small stream.

The road from the back mountain to the valley is paved with sections of stone slabs. It is rather wild and interesting all the way. Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but smile when he heard the footsteps coming from behind. It seemed that the fish had bitten.