Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 218

Maori Kogoro looked at Xiaolan, feeling very excited inexplicably.

His big fiery hands and Horietsu Yumi's left hand were held together, and his fingers interlocked, and a smile appeared on Yumi's face.

Mouri Kogoro's big hand quickly got rid of Yumi's left hand, and was unwilling to do so. Instead, he grabbed Hori Etsu Yumi's hip, which was very elastic.

Mouri Kogoro’s big hands kept raging, and Hori Koshi Yumi’s pupils immediately shrank, and her ears instantly became a little red. She turned to look at Mouri Kogoro, but found that the smile on the corner of Mouri Kogoro’s mouth looked a little bit Coquettish.

Doing such a thing in front of his old classmates and Xiaolan brings even more psychological satisfaction to Kogoro Mouri.

After a while...

"Okay, good shot!" Nakado Kazuzhi yelled, and his hands began to clap. Just now Omura played a beautiful spinning ball and defeated Xiao Lan.

Nakamichi Kazushi stepped forward and replaced Koran, Moori Kogoro quickly retracted his right hand.

Horigoe Yumi appeared to twist her waist in a panic, stretched out her hand to adjust the clothes behind her.

Xiaolan walking down saw Yumi like this and couldn't help but speak: "Aunt Yumi, are you okay? Your ears are so red!"

Horekoshi Yumi naturally answered that it was okay. Xiaolan felt a bit weird, but she didn't notice the abnormality.


Everyone had forgotten the time while playing ping-pong. Until 6:05, Hori Koshi Yumi saw the time on the clock, and then said: "It's already past 6 o'clock, and the fireworks show starts at 6:30. Yes, if you don't go early, you won't have a place, Kogoro, let's get a place first!" After that, she took Kogoro's hand.

Kogoro Mori nodded, took the mat on the side, and ran out with Horietsu Yumi. When Xiaolan saw this, he also hurriedly followed, shouting: "Wait for me, Dad."

Yukio Ayajo said, "In that case, I'll call Kiko, she really likes fireworks!"

After that, Yukio Ayajo walked out, and the remaining Atsushi Omura and Kazunaka Nakamura packed up the table tennis rackets, and then they scattered.

Item 0054

Moori Kogoro, Horekoshi Yumi, and Oran ran to the fireworks venue on the bank of the river. There was already a crowd gathering there. With his extraordinary physical fitness, Moori Kogoro quickly opened one among the crowd. Road come.

He spread a mat on the open space, and then sat down with Horekoshi Yumi and Xiaolan.

Soon, brilliant fireworks bloomed on the river bank, and the faces of the two women were all intoxicated, so beautiful!

Xiaolan on one side saw the fireworks blooming in the sky, and couldn't help but approached Kogoro Moori and hugged his arms tightly.

Kogoro Mouri reached out and touched Xiaolan's head, turned his head to look at Horigo Yumi, the two of them looked at each other and couldn't help but smile, and then the three of them enjoyed the fireworks display together.

In the hotel, Yukio Ayajo came to the hotel room 202 and shouted: "Kiko, Kiko, the fireworks show has started, we will get up soon!"

At this moment, Nakamichi Kazuki walked out of room 203 on the side. He changed into a yukata again, and the water droplets on his body were not cleaned. He said, "Yukio, the fireworks show has already started, why did you come to shout? Kiko!"

Ayajo Yukio touched his head and said: "When I just walked out of the table tennis room, I felt all over sweat, so I ran to the open-air hot spring pool behind and took a shower. Now I am called Kiko, but she It seems to be asleep, and I didn't agree to how to call it!"

Nakamichi and Zhi smiled: "Sure enough, I am an old classmate. The tacit understanding is perfect. I also go back to the room to take a shower. It is really uncomfortable because I am sweaty! But you have to be careful. Has Kiko's breath of getting up become weak? Ah, I still remember when she was in school, she was woken up during the lunch break, and her appearance was terrifying to the extreme when she got angry."

When Ayajo Yukio heard this, he couldn't help but shook his body. He apparently remembered some terrible memory. He couldn't help but laughed: "If this is the case, let her rest well. Anyway, it's just a firework show, and Kiko wants to come too. Don't care, let's go, let's go to Kogoro and the others!"

Nakamichi and Ayajo Yukio walked down from the second floor, and saw Jun Omura buying soda at the front desk on the first floor: "Jun, why didn't you go there?"

Atsushi Omura took the Coke from the boss, opened the cap and took a sip, and said, "I just took a bath in the big public bath, and Kiko, why didn't I see her!"

Yukio Ayajo said, "Don't pay attention to her. That guy must be sleeping like a dead pig in the room. Let's go and watch the fireworks show!"

After that, the three men walked towards the river bank with their shoulders on their backs, just as they did when they were college students more than ten years ago.


On the bank of the river, Xiaoran was holding Moori Kogoro's arms, and Horigo Yumi's legs were on the side of Moori Kogoro's legs. The three of them watched the fireworks that bloomed in the sky.

At eight o'clock exactly, a huge red love firework bloomed in the sky, and everyone on the river bank could not help but burst into an uproar, and the eyes of the two women lit up instantly.

Horekoshi Yumi said: "Kogoro, this time should be a couple watching together, or else, how about I pretend to be your girlfriend?"

When Xiao Lan heard it, he quickly pulled Mori Kogoro over, and said, "Aunt Yumi, don't be kidding me!"

A look of regret flashed in Horigoe Yumi's eyes, shook his head and smiled, then turned to look at the fireworks in the sky.

The fireworks continued to bloom, but when the three-hour fireworks show ended at 9:30, the three of them still did not wait for others to come by the river bank.

After the fireworks show ended, the sky was completely dark, and the onlookers stood up, and the three of Kogoro Mori quickly got up and walked towards the hotel.

Horigoe Yumi couldn't help frowning and said, "What are you doing, those guys didn't come, because we have such a good position."

Xiao Lan said, "Maybe there are too many people on the river bank, and the uncles and aunts didn't find us, so they didn't come."

The three of them returned to the hotel along the road under the street light, and asked the waiter in the hotel. Hearing that they were waiting for themselves in the restaurant, they quickly entered the restaurant.

There is a traditional Japanese-style table in the restaurant. There is a small table in front of everyone with food on it and a cushion behind it.

Ayajo Yukio, Nakamura Kazushi, and Omura Jun are already sitting at the table.

Horigotsu Yumi couldn't help but complained: "Where did you go, Kogoro and I managed to occupy the best viewing position, but none of you came."

Zhongdao Hezhi smiled and said, "We can't be blamed. There are too many people on the bank of the river. I was washed away when Xingxiong and Achun passed together."

Atsushi Omura agreed: "Yes, in the end I can only watch the whole show by myself."

Ayajo Yukio smiled: "I'm afraid only those couples who are holding hands together can not be scattered!"

At this time, Xiaolan noticed the empty seat next to Yukio Ayajo, and couldn't help asking, "Where is Aunt Niko? Why didn't she see her!"

Nakamichi Kazuki hugged Ayajo Yukio's neck with a joking look: "This guy is afraid of Kiko's getting up, so he didn't ask her to watch the fireworks at all. Now Kiko is not up, I am afraid it will be a real life. Be angry with him!"

Yukio Ayajo smiled bitterly: "Don't look at Kiko's whispers in the usual days, as long as she quarrels her to sleep, she can come up to fight with you at any time!"

Zhongdao Hezhi said with a smile on his face: "Would you like your old classmates to help you? Let's call her together. If the law does not blame the public, she will definitely not be angry!"

"Good idea!"

"Then let's go, everyone!" Nakadao Hezhi was enthusiastic.

But Kogoro Mori had a bad feeling in his heart. Such scenes seem to have appeared in the original work.

A group of people came to room 202, Ayajo Yukio opened the door and shouted: "Kiko, get up, everyone is here to call you to eat."

But the next scene stunned everyone. Ayajo Kiko, wearing a bathrobe, was shot in the head and collapsed in the corner, staring at the sky blankly, blood flowing from the wall. On the ground, it has already condensed.

A flash of cold light flashed in Maori Kogoro's eyes, and something really happened.

Ayajo Yukio immediately yelled: "Kiko!" He wanted to rush in, but was pulled by Moori Kogoro and Nakamichi Kazushi, Moori Kogoro and Nakamichi Kazushi quickly walked in.