Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 238

Seeing this shaky picture, the hearts of the audience were once again caught. It's not that the terrorist is about to act again!

At this time, the window of Alfa Romeo GT rolled down. It was Kogoro Moori played by Kiko. At this moment, her face had returned to normal, and she said coolly, "Get in the car!"

The police and cameraman finally breathed a sigh of relief after seeing it, and returned to normal.

The female reporter said excitedly: "This is really the famous scene of this year. Two Moori Kogoro appear here at the same time. How did this happen? It's incredible. Is it possible that Moori Kogoro will be a clone? Or is it magic? I'm going to ask what happened!"

The female reporter and the cameraman ran up together.

The audience finally let go of their hearts when they saw this scene. No matter which Moori Kogoro is true, as long as both are okay and both are fine, then it means that Moori Kogoro must be fine too!

When Moori Kogoro heard Yukiko's words, he hurriedly took the two women into the car, and the police in the distance saw this scene and couldn't help shouting: "Maori detective, Maori detective, you can't go, we still need you Ask some questions! You haven't recorded a statement yet!"

Kogoro Mouri replied loudly, "Tomorrow I will go to the Metropolitan Police Department to explain all this, and now we have to go to the hospital first!" Of course, going to the hospital is a fake, and it is a perfunctory excuse for the police.

After that, he pushed Xiaolan and Fei Yingli onto the back seat, and went around in a circle to the passenger seat, but was grabbed by the female reporter.

The female reporter ran out of breath and said, "Mao, Maori detective, can you tell me how two of you appeared, and what do you want to say about this kidnapping incident?"

Maori Kogoro couldn't help frowning, looking at the camera on the side, he said with a grim look: "You want to play, I will accompany you, but no matter who you are, I will tell you, this time you are dead!"

After that, he threw away the female reporter's hand, opened the car door and sat in.

The red Alfa Romeo GT was launched in an instant, and went away. The policemen running up behind were constantly eating ashes!

I have to say that the police are really not as fast as the reporters!


Far away in a villa in Britain, in the gorgeous and luxurious living room, a thin man wearing a bathrobe watched the broadcast from neon. He looked at Kogoro Mouri crawling out of the manhole cover, his face immediately became excited Up.

"Wow! Wow! As expected of the person I am after, I know that you are not that easy to die!"

"Tsk tusk, great, I can't wait to see you, Xiao Wu Lang!"

"Wait, when I solve my baby, I will go to Neon to find you!"

When he saw what Kogoro Moori said to the camera before getting into the car, a wild smile appeared on his pale face, like a drug addict.

"Wow! Wow! Wow! I love you to death. If there is no such person as you in this world, it would be really boring!"


In Tokyo, in a very hidden basement, there are countless lines on the ground, like a cult altar.

The basement is so dark that no one can see the scene clearly.

In the shadows, one could faintly see a graceful and naked woman kneeling on the ground.

She was shaking uncontrollably, her head hung down, and she did not dare to look at the person who had completely escaped into the darkness on the high platform.

A whip full of thorns drew from the high platform, struck the naked woman, and instantly a bloodstain was drawn from the woman's body.

This naked woman did not dare to make any noise under the pain!

An old voice appeared: "Be bold, you! How dare to make such a claim and give such an order!"

"Master!" Regardless of her injuries, the woman knelt down, her forehead pressed tightly to the ground, and she did not dare to get up a little bit.

Patter, patter...

The sound of the whip hitting the skin and flesh reverberated in this dim basement. Not long after, the naked woman's back was connected to the buttocks, bloody, and there was no half of good flesh.

... ... ...

What seemed to be the sound of a cane, a shadow appeared in front of the naked woman, and the old voice sounded again: "This time, let's do it, and be obedient in the future!"

The sound of the crutches faded away, and the naked woman could no longer support her. She collapsed on the altar-like ground and lay on her side. She couldn't stop twitching, and her body slowly curled up into a ball.

And the blood on his back fell from his skin, dripping into this altar!

Item 0078

On the streets of Tokyo at night, a red car is constantly racing in the traffic, and neon lights of various colors are constantly passing by.

On the driveway leading to Shinjuku, there was a traffic jam at night. Most of them were fans who were concerned about the incident.

Mouri Kogoro sitting in the co-pilot has his hands in his pockets, his five fingers flexibly beating on his mobile phone, editing text messages, and sending them in groups.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me, don't use it to find me, I will find you in a while!"

This text message was naturally sent to his women.

After they received the text messages one by one, they all breathed a sigh of relief, and then turned around and stopped rushing to Shinjuku.

Kogoro Mouri breathed a sigh of relief when he finished this. Fortunately, the old driver had a stable car, otherwise he might overturn the car.

In the back seat, Fei Yingri and Xiaolan looked at the two Moori Kogoro who looked exactly the same in front of them. The movements of the mother and daughter were very synchronized, shaking them, shaking them, shaking them, shaking them over.

Fei Yingri is very sure that Mouri Kogoro in the co-pilot is her husband. The feeling of just hugging and that familiar tongue is absolutely impossible to admit that it is Kogoro Mouri.

Xiaolan also gradually felt that the person in the co-pilot's position was more like her father, but Xiaolan was still a little uncertain and couldn't help asking: "Who is the father of you two?"

Kogoro Mouri in the passenger seat said, "Of course it's me, Xiaolan!"

"Who is the other one?"

You Xizi, who was driving in the driver's seat, said, "Xiaolan, you can't recognize me, it's so sad, I even hugged you when I was a kid!"

While speaking, she took off the voice changer from her neck and lifted the disguise mask connected to her chest.

A pretty face like an elf appeared in front of the crowd, and her brown hair popped out. She turned her head and looked back at the two women with a smile on her face.

"Aunt You Xizi!!" Xiaolan said in surprise when she saw You Xizi.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Because today's kidnapper asked me to choose, I'm alone, and I'm incapable of doing things. I just happen to have Kiko in Tokyo, and she is very good at disfigurement, so I asked her to help rescue Xiaolan, so..."

Kogoro Mouri's explanation became smaller and smaller, his eyes fixed on the expression of Concubine Hideri behind him.

Fei Yingri saw that it was an old friend who had been separated for more than ten years suddenly appeared, and when he heard Kogoro Moori's words, he naturally reacted: How could it be so coincidental that help came, only it is possible that the two of them have been There is contact, and even been together all the time, so that we can rush to help in such a timely manner.

But... Fei Yingli looked at Xiaolan on one side.

Mouri Kogoro's heart gradually lifted, but he saw his concubine Hideri smiled and said, "You Kiko, thank you so much this time. Without your help, Xiaolan wouldn't know what would happen?"

"Really, Yukiko, thank you so much this time!"