Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 245

Chapter 0085: Did Something Wrong?

Conan walked out of the room, turned around, and saw that everyone at the dining table had no reaction at all.

He talked with each other with a smile and didn't care about himself at all, he just felt like he was abandoned.

Conan slammed the door shut, and then walked in anger with his schoolbag on his back.

After breakfast, Hui Yuan in school uniform also moved his short legs towards Didan Primary School.

The rest of the people did not leave because they had to go to the Metropolitan Police Department to record a statement after a while, and Xiaolan and the teacher did not go to school after explaining.

Everyone came to the office on the second floor.

Xiaolan turned on the TV, and as expected, the news on TV now is all about Kogoro Moori, and she has turned to countless channels, all of which are the topics of this incident.

"Why are there two Moori Kogoro? Is it a trick, a magic trick, or a doppelganger?"

"Disappointment! The terrorists ravaged Tokyo, and the Metropolitan Police Department did nothing! The Maori detective alone rescued the mother and daughter!"

"A total of 20 terrorist bodies were excavated in the Shinjuku bombing. The famous detective Kogoro Mori may have to bear indirect responsibility!"

"Dream Island Building has long been sealed, and the person in charge of the Dongyun Foundation apologizes to the Maori detective!"

"The Japanese TV station was hacked, and there was the biggest broadcast accident in history!"


Countless news headlines scrolled on TV, the popularity continued to rise, and countless speculations appeared on the Internet.

Members of the support club of Kogoro Mori are even more concerned about this matter.

However, because of this incident, Kogoro Mouri searched a lot of fans again. After all, Kogoro Mouri was so handsome that he cracked the screen in the scene where Eri was rescued.

The lone army went deep, and even played around with all the kidnapped terrorists. After that, it broke out with the most powerful force. One person knocked down all 20 terrorists, and finally escaped in a sea of ​​explosions. come back.

A character like a hero!!

The proportion of men among the fans gained this time is also extremely high. Kogoro Mouri showed the world what a man is responsible for and how to protect his wife and children regardless of life and death.

Heroes like this are naturally revered by countless male audiences.

And the biggest benefit from this incident is actually the daily TV station, which suddenly soared from the third to the first in ratings.


Kogoro Mouri is constantly searching for news in front of the computer. Of course he is not watching his own news yesterday.

Sure enough, I saw it in the political sector!

"In the early hours of last night, Saburo Akama, the newly retired Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, died in his own home. The weapon was a pair of scissors!"

He also saw the news in the Mihua City News section!

"A fire broke out in the Jingqiao Villa District of Mihua City. Two people were killed at the scene of the fire. The specific details are still under investigation!"

The news of the Secretary of General Affairs was originally enough to make headlines, but because it was a politician, it was treated in a low-key manner. Therefore, only a few political newspapers had his report, most of which were mentioned in one go!


Fei Yingli and Xiaolan were sitting on the sofa carefully watching the TV broadcast.

Because neither of them looked up when they were kidnapped, the appearance of the two of them was not revealed in the cut out picture.

But just listening to what the two said at that time on TV.

Both mother and daughter feel very ashamed!

[Mom’s most regretful thing is that I didn’t see Xiao Lan, you put on your wedding gown, you didn’t see you giving birth, Xiao Lan, remember, if you meet someone you like in the future, you must try your best to fight for it and don’t leave it to yourself. regret!

Hearing this on TV, the mother and daughter hugged tightly together, their eyes were red, and they both looked deeply moved.

[Stop talking, mom, stop talking, mom, I want you to live, let me die, forget it, anyway, I did something wrong, just let me die, you and dad will get back together, and you will have a baby in the future That's it.

After hearing Xiaolan say this, Fei Yingli couldn't help but said in confusion: "I didn't notice when I heard it before, Xiao Lan, what did you do wrong?"

Xiaolan's face turned red all of a sudden, her big eyes were full of panic, she left Fei Yingli's arms at a loss, opened her mouth, she didn't know what to say!

Fei Yingli's expression suddenly became serious: "Lan, tell mom, what did you do wrong?"

"Did you make a boyfriend or have a relationship with your boyfriend?" Fei Yingli asked in a low voice.

Xiao Lan's expression was immediately horrified. She couldn't help but leaned back, trying to escape. The corner of her eyes couldn't help but glanced at the side of Kogoro Mouri, and then quickly said: " is it possible! "

This expression knew that there was a ghost, Fei Yingli couldn't help but frown and wanted to scold her because she didn't understand her daughter.

At this moment, Xizi came over and said, "What are you worried about? Xiaolan is so old and can handle this. Besides, when you were young, didn’t you have a relationship with Kogoro in high school? I dare to say my daughter!"

You Xizi thought Xiao Lan would be her daughter-in-law, so she naturally wanted to offer an assist.

Fei Yingli blushed immediately upon hearing this: "You Xizi, believe it or not, I will tear your mouth."

You Xizi made a mischievous face: "Come on, I am not afraid of you at all!"

Fei Yingli immediately stood up and said: "You fellow, you dare to be so arrogant when you steal other people's things!"

"Which one of us and who, yours is mine, besides, your things are really super comfortable to use!"

Yuuki licked her upper lips with her tongue, and smiled badly.

Fei Yingli is going crazy: "Ah, you fellow, dare to say anything, I must teach you a lesson today!"

At this time, Kogoro Mouri stood up, pressed Fei Yingri's shoulders, looked at Fei Yingri with a smile on her face, and said: "Eri, why should Xiaolan tell you if you love me!"

Concubine Yingli’s confession was just broadcast on TV: [Remember, help mother tell your father: I love him!

Fei Yingli immediately blushed and lowered her head slowly.


Only then did Kogoro Mori wipe the sweat from his forehead, and it was terrifying to hear their conversation just next to him.

As long as these three people said a wrong sentence, the volcano might erupt, and Mouri Kogoro's back was already wet with sweat.

Fortunately, the veteran Qiu Mingshan driver's car skills were very good, and he grasped the key points all at once and calmed down a crisis.

Mouri Kogoro hugged Concubine Hideri tightly, and instantly the plump breasts pressed against his chest again, and the two heads leaned together, rubbing lightly.

On one side, Yu Xizi saw a smile on his face in this scene, looking like a long-cherished wish.