Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 250

Item 0090

Soon, the car drove to the courtyard outside the Fujimine Residence. As soon as Yukiko in the villa heard the sound, she hurried out.

She was still wearing the orange shirt and light-colored jeans that Kogoro Moori bought in the morning, but she changed into a pair of white canvas shoes.

As soon as Yukiko came out, she saw a tattered Lexus. Kogoro Moori walked out holding the deeply sleeping Concubine Eri. Seeing this scene, she frowned and asked, "What's wrong with Eri?"

Mouri Kogoro gave a wicked smile on his face.

Yukiko reacted immediately, her face blushed, and she punched Kogoro Moori's shoulder with a fist: "You are going to die, you have made her faint. It's too fatal!"

Kogoro Mouri smiled triumphantly: "Basic operation, basic operation!"

But when he turned his head and looked at Yingli in his arms, his eyes immediately softened.

He entered this villa with his concubine Yingli, and carried it to the bedroom on the second floor, which was another bedroom that Xizi had arranged.

Kogoro Mori gently put Fei Yingri on the bed, and then carefully took off the blue suit jacket and high heels, and put the quilt on Fei Yingri's body, looking softly at the beauty in front of him. .

Soon he found the golden glasses on Fei Yingli's face and the hair tied up on her head.

He picked him up again, took off his glasses and put down his hair. The brown hair curled down instantly, and a quiet beauty appeared in front of him.

Then Mouri Kogoro thought of something again, and reached out to the soft thing of the pair of 36E.

Seeing this, Xizi hurriedly scolded, "Kogoro, what are you doing! Hideri has gone to sleep, and you still think about those things. It's too much. If it continues like this, it will break. You don't want to do it. If so, I will replace her."

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but said with a weird face: "What are you thinking about? It's just because Yingli used to take off her underwear every time she went to bed, otherwise she would be panicked, so I helped her take it off!"

While talking, a red bra was pulled out by Moori Kogoro, he turned his head to look at Yukiko, and raised the bra.

You Xizi realized that she had misunderstood when she saw this scene, and her face turned red.

It's just that when she saw Maori Kogoro treating Concubine Hideri so carefully, she couldn't help but feel a bit more sour in her heart. She folded her hands on her chest, twisted her head and said, "Hmph, I'm angry, the kind that doesn't coax me!"

Looking at Yukiko with such a young daughter's attitude, even if she is jealous, she is very cute, and Moori Kogoro finds it very interesting.

He covered Concubine Yingli's quilt, stood up, and walked slowly in the direction of You Xizi, with a malicious smile on his face: "Then don't coax, I just didn't know who was so bold and said to replace What about Yingli!"

In the apartment study before, Kogoro Mouri was not completely happy. After hearing what Yukiko said, an extremely evil thought immediately emerged in his heart.

Hearing this, Kiko immediately panicked. She was about to run away, but Mouri Kogoro grabbed her slender arm.

With a little effort, Maori Kogoro pulled Yuki into his arms, looking at the little Elf-like face of Yuki with a look of panic, and then thinking that his wife Hideri was sleeping soundly behind him, it was unspeakable. The excitement appeared in my heart.

Mouri Kogoro couldn't bear it anymore, he smiled evilly on his face, lowered his head and kissed Yukiko's pink lips directly.

At this moment, Kiko's beautiful big eyes were extremely panicked, her pupils kept shrinking, and her hands kept pushing Moori Kogoro's chest.

But Kogoro Mouri paid no attention, and immediately after Kogoro Moori's right hand climbed directly onto the soft spot with the C cup.

The other hand stroked You Xizi's jeans, and with the force of his left hand, he lifted You Xizi whole.

The lifted Yukiko continued to resist, his two thin legs kicked in the air, his hands still beating Moori Kogoro's chest constantly.

But Kogoro Mori still didn't care at all, instead he threw it on the blank bed next to Hideri.

It is also to blame that the bed in this room that Yukiko prepared for Concubine Yingli is too big, enough for four or five people to sleep on it.

At this moment Yukiko really panicked. Mouri Kogoro's posture seemed to be real. She couldn't help but panicked: "Kogoro, are you crazy? Hideri is right next to you. If you really want to, go to our room. !"

Mouri Kogoro's breathing was already heavy at the moment. He looked at Yukiko who was panicked, and then at the sleeping Concubine Hideri, and heard the even breathing and heartbeat of Concubine Hideri, knowing that she was in deep sleep at this moment.

Mouri Kogoro climbed onto the bed lightly, pressing directly on Yukiko's body, biting her ear and whispering, "It's okay, Yukiko, just don't shout too loudly."

At this moment, Kogoro Maori is so overbearing that it is unstoppable. His hands are working extremely fast, and pieces of clothing are constantly flying up and falling on the floor beside him.

Yukiko, who was unable to hinder Maori Kogoro's movements, had mist in her eyes, looking guiltily at the quiet jade face beside Concubine Hideri, she whispered, "I'm sorry, Hideri!"

But looking at Fei Yingli's sleeping face, You Xizi also felt an unspeakable excitement in her heart. This was the husband who stole her in front of Fei Yingli.

Yukiko couldn't help but gazed at Mouri Kogoro with affection: This life is ruined in your hands.

But Dang You Xizi recalled a kiss on the sea of ​​fire on the yacht 20 years ago: I am willing to destroy it in your hands in the next life!


The familiar concerto sounded in the room, intense and forbearing!Endless!

(A lot of text is omitted here.)


At Maori's house on the third floor, Xiao Lan was preparing dinner, while Conan and Hui Yuan came back from school and walked into the living room on the third floor.

Conan couldn't help asking: "Sister Xiaolan, where is Aunt Xizi? And Aunt Fei Yingli? Where are they?"

Xiao Lan, dressed in an apron and dressed as a little cook, leaned out of the kitchen and said: "Mom and Aunt You Xizi were irritated by my father. After going to the Metropolitan Police Department to record a statement today, the two of them threw us down. , And then left."

Xiao Lan continued to speak: "Dad is true too. It is a pity that I missed such a good opportunity to get back with my mother!"

Xiaolan who said this didn't mean the slightest regret on her face. On the contrary, the corners of her eyes and mouth were slightly raised, and she seemed to be in a good mood.

Huihara couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when he heard this, the result was really great.

Conan laughed happily when he heard this: "I knew it was such a result. How could Uncle Maori chase back to Aunt Yingli?"

He raised his brows and looked at Huiyuan, then whispered: "Are you satisfied now?"

Hui Principle ignored him, turned around and entered his room, the corners of his mouth were slightly cocked, and his mood suddenly improved a lot.

How could these three people know that the three elders they said were talking about are on the same bed at the moment, doing vigorous exercise!

Item 0091

Time is flowing slowly, and the movements are constantly playing.

Mouri Kogoro also spent 3,000 points in the system, exchanged the Sleeping Talisman, and pasted it on Hideri's body, so she woke up on the way.

The sleeping Yingli stretched out his brows, and gradually a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, as if he had achieved a dream.

As a result, Kogoro Moori became more and more unscrupulous. He pressed C with his big hand, and E at once. The two different feelings really made him obsessed.

Soon, Yukiko's slender body was pressed on Fei Yingri's body. Her small face was red, and her face was panicked. She couldn't believe it: "Kogoro, you, are you not afraid to wake Yingri? I, I was fine yesterday. , I finally agreed with Yingli, and I will be with you in the future."

"But, this is too fast, you are too much, are you not afraid that Yingli will be angry when he wakes up?"