Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 252

If it hadn't been for the two huge objects on her chest that broke apart when she was walking, then this scene would have been perfect.

Seeing Fei Yingri finally clutching her chest and leaving in a panic, Mouri Kogoro and Yukiko both laughed.

Soon, Mouri Kogoro lying underneath glared: "Don't come and help me!"

Yukiko immediately put down the spatula and ran up to help Mouri Kogoro, who immediately flicked a finger on his forehead.

"You guy, I didn't tell you last night, sleep together, I will take care of it when Yingli wakes up!"


Yukiko woke up when she slept until five o'clock in the morning in the morning. After waking up, she secretly broke away from Kogoro Mouri's hand and then left the room.

Mouri Kogoro slept in a daze, but still felt. He thought she was going to the bathroom or drinking water, but he never expected that Yukiko would never return.

After getting up, You Xizi ran to the next room to clean up all traces of the fight between the two of them last night. He removed the sheets and sheets and washed them, just not wanting Concubine Yingli to be angry the next day.

Seeing such a considerate Yukiko, Maori Kogoro was naturally very distressed. From before to now, Yukiko has always been like this and wronged herself.

When Mouri Kogoro was in college, Yukiko clearly liked it, and she liked to be with Mouri Kogoro very much, but as long as Hideri came from Tokyo University, she could only leave sadly or hide from the sidelines.

Although she likes to make small jokes and do some pranks, in fact she also cherishes the friendship with Yingli very much. In order not to hurt her girlfriends, she can only wrong herself.

Just being wronged, wronged, it has become a habit!

Therefore, she cannot treat the relationship between the three as boldly as Kogoro Mori. On the contrary, she is very cautious, especially when facing this good start at this moment, Yukiko wants to slowly go over it.

After all, Yukiko, unlike Kogoro Mori, has a favorability system that allows him to watch fire from the shore and see everything.

In fact, Kogoro Mouri did not know that during the years when Kiko escaped from the country, she spent several months of vacation every year in Neon, and lived in this villa.

Because Hideri, she hadn't been close to Moori Kogoro who was so muddled at that time, but every time she returned to China, she used a telescope to see the man she loved, so she could survive the ten-year separation.

If it hadn't been for the Conan's getting smaller incident, he was hit by Kogoro Moori and was dragged to the room of the Rice Flower Hotel for a while, Yuuki would not come back so soon.

I have to say that Maori Kogoro's magical weapons still have magical effects!


A finger was bounced on his forehead, and You Xizi quickly covered the smooth and white forehead and screamed, "Ah, it hurts!"

"You know it hurts, don't you listen to what I say in the future?" Mouri Kogoro stared at Yukiko.

Yuki suddenly yelled, "Hiri, Kogoro bullied me!"

Fei Yingli, who had not gone far, immediately reappeared in front of the door, pulling Yu Xizi over.

Seeing the frost on his wife's face, Mouri Kogoro immediately shuddered. This is not afraid. This is an instinctive reaction, an instinctive reaction that was trained after marriage.

Standing behind Fei Yingli, Yukiko made a mischievous face, and the two women walked arm in arm to the kitchen downstairs.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help sighing. It seems that revitalizing the husband is a long way to go!


After finishing washing, Mouri Kogoro put on the leather suit and shoes that Kiko prepared for him in the closet, restoring his chic and handsome appearance.

He walked downstairs, toward the dining table, and slept soundly all night. After waking up, he was already hungry.

Only when Moori Kogoro walked to the dining table, he wanted to run away, because the man with the spatula turned out to be Princess Hideri.

You Xizi is a big star, cooking is not delicious, but she can still swallow.

But the food made by Fei Yingli is always all dark dishes.

She will always use the wrong ingredients, add miso to the miso soup, she will add chili powder and pepper;

The fried chicken chop is a magical chicken chop that is not cooked on the outside and inside;

In addition, she also likes to make creative dishes. The main achievement is to fry fruits, such as stir-fried apples with watermelon, stir-fried pineapple with oranges, stir-fried corn with grapefruit, and all kinds of weird flavours.

What's more frightening is that Fei Yingli doesn't feel the least bit uncomfortable cooking for herself, and she eats it with relish every time.

Before the separation, every time Fei Yingri cooked dishes for Moori Kogoro and Xiaolan.

Mori Kogoro still remembers that after she separated from Fei Yingri, the seven-year-old Xiaolan stepped on a mat and cooked for the first time under the guidance of Mouri Kogoro. The first time she ate her own cooking, she was young. Lan's expression.

The little expression was like opening the door to a new world, with two big eyes blinking and shining. From then on, Xiao Lan fell in love with cooking.

Item 0093

Kogoro Mouri was about to slip away quietly, but he heard a cold drink: "Come back!"

He obediently returned to the table seat. At this moment, Fei Yingli carried a plate of dark and yellow unknown things on the table.

Fei Yingli's face turned slightly dark, and she said, "For the reason you helped me move yesterday, this potato curry pork chop rice is for you!"

Maori Kogoro smiled, clutching his stomach and said: "My stomach just got a little bit up, I don't have any appetite, I want to go to the drugstore to buy some medicine!"

"Yeah!" Two cold rays shot at Kogoro Mouri from behind the lens.

"Ah, suddenly I have an appetite again." Mouri Kogoro grabbed the curry rice in one hand, and said without his conscience: "Yiri, I didn't expect your cooking skills to have grown so much, this curry pork chop rice. I have a special appetite at first sight."

"I'm moving!" Taking out a spoon and taking a sip, Mouri Kogoro's face immediately froze.

It's spicy, it's so spicy that it kills people, and it's so spicy.

Didn’t you say good curry?

Mouri Kogoro's tears shed instantly.

Fei Yingli immediately asked, "What's the matter?"

Kogoro Mouri's twitching face forced a smile on his face: "I'm touched, I'm so touched, I haven't eaten your meal made by Hideri for ten years. I really miss it,'so delicious'!"

Fei Yingli nodded in satisfaction when she heard this, then turned her head to look at You Xizi: "You Xizi, there is some left in the pot, would you like to try it?"

You Xizi’s smile froze immediately, but she knew her best friend’s cooking skills, so she quickly said, “I’ll leave it alone, I haven’t finished cooking the porridge yet! Besides, I can’t stand the curry. Taste, enjoy yourself!"

When Fei Yingli heard this, she couldn't help but shook her head. She poured the remaining potato curry pork chops on the rice, and then she carried it on the table and started to move.

Sure enough, Fei Yingli couldn't taste the abnormalities of the dishes she cooked at all. She ate it with relish, not like Moori Kogoro, who was so spicy that she was so hot.

Yu Xizi on the side saw this scene constantly oozing sweat.

After breakfast, Fei Yingli, a workaholic, is going to her law firm to start work, while You Xizi went back upstairs to catch up.

Mouri Kogoro drove his extremely popular Lexus to her law firm, and then hurried back to his home.