Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 253

Lexus was galloping fast along the way, all because of the text message from Yuanshan and Ye on the phone just now: "Mao Lijun, I'm almost downstairs at your house, waiting for me!"

He Ye, the girl, is still here, the girl who first loves is so hot and cumbersome, there is no way to refuse.

The car soon drove downstairs to the Mori office. As soon as Kogoro Mori climbed up, he saw Hattori Heiji standing outside the office. He couldn't help but say, "Heiji, why don't you go in?"

When Hattori Heiji saw Moori Kogoro, a look of concern appeared on his black face: "Mori detective, you were not harmed by the hijacking the previous two days, right?"

Kogoro Mouri smiled and said, "It's okay, it's a satisfactory solution. No one on our side was injured."

As he spoke, he opened the door and entered the office with Hattori Heiji. The office was full of people.

"Uncle Maori!"

A figure rushed over from the side, her face was excited, her hands opened, and she wanted to embrace Kogoro Mouri.

Mouri Kogoro immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed her head to block it.

Kogoro Mouri looked distressed. The visitor was a fan of Kogoro Mouri, Suzuki Sonoko who wanted to sleep with his idol every day.

Suzuki Soonko struggled, and said: "Uncle Maori, I am really worried about you. I heard Xiaolan say that you were about to be blown up. Let me see if you are injured!"

"I came here yesterday, but I didn't see you Uncle Maori at that time. I came here today and finally saw Uncle Maori."

Seeing Suzuki Yuanko who looked so excited, Xiaolan and Toyama Kazuya sitting on the sofa, and Xiao Lori Huiyuanai standing by the sofa, the expressions of the three of them became extremely bad.

At this moment, a majestic female voice came out: "Yuanzi, don't be rude!"

Upon hearing this voice, Yuanzi's excited expression immediately converged back, and became a pretty lady again.

A woman dressed in every way came up. There was a beauty mole next to her right eye. Her slightly raised face carried a touch of strong confidence and arrogance. She had a graceful figure, slender legs, and a purple dress. Even more gorgeous, it is Tomoko Suzuki.

Tomoko Suzuki walked over on high heels, her eyes full of concern: "Maori detective, are you okay?"

Kogoro Mouri smiled at him, his eyes flashed, and he said: "Mrs. Suzuki, I'm fine, I have to thank you for your righteous action this time. The incident has been solved successfully. Next time, I will definitely come to the door myself.' Thank you so much!"

Tomoko Suzuki heard the meaning of Kogoro Moori's words, gave him a wink, and said: "If you need anything next, please speak up, I will definitely help."

Kogoro Mouri replied, "It should be fine. If necessary, I must contact you, Madam."

Tomoko Suzuki turned to look at her daughter, and said, "Well then, Yuanzi, let's go, the Maori detective has a lot to do!"

Yuanzi looked dissatisfied, but lost to her mother's tough posture, so she could only follow her obediently.

With this departure, only two guests from Osaka, Toyama and Hatobe Heiji were left in the office.

Xiaolan looked at Toyama and Ye on the side, and then at the charcoal-like Hattori Heiji, she couldn't help but said, "That's weird, Heye, didn't you and Heiji come to Tokyo together before? How come we are separated this time?"

Yuan Shan and Ye's face turned cold, and they folded their hands on their chests and said, "I don't know, I don't know if someone has been stalking others, and just followed all the way here!"

Hattori Heiji's complexion darkened, and he said: "Don't spit people, I have a few things to do before I came to Tokyo, and just happened to know what happened to the Maori detective, so I just came over and cares, who knows I actually met you guy."

The relationship between Toyama and Heiji Hattori fell to a freezing point after returning home last time, and the two of them almost broke off friendship and stopped talking to each other.

This time the two met here at Kogoro Mori is purely coincidental, so Hattori Heiji heard the laughter of Toyama and Ye in the office outside, and he hesitated, not knowing whether to push the door or not.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help asking, "What's the matter?"

"Oh, my mother's old classmate son will get married tomorrow. My mother was going to come, but was hit by a grilled octopus iron plate."

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As soon as Xiaolan heard this, a worried expression appeared on her face. This is how she sympathized with excess: "This sounds very painful."

Hattori Heiji touched his head and said, "Oh, it doesn't hurt too much, but my mother is too lazy to run. It just so happens that I have something to come to Tokyo, so she asked me to be the representative to attend the wedding. They will get married tomorrow. For a wedding banquet, it’s just a matter of going over the scene."

Conan on the side asked, "Brother Heiji, besides attending the wedding, what else can you do in Tokyo?"

Hattori Heiji squatted down, squeezed Conan’s small face, kneaded it into a dough, and said, “Invited by a program on Nisei TV, they invited high school detectives from all over the country to hold a detective Koshien. activity."

Hattori Heiji turned his head to look at Xiaolan, laughed out two rows of big white teeth and said, "Maybe Kudo will also go there by then!"

Hearing the words'Kudo', Xiaolan turned her gaze towards her father, her little face seemed a little strange: "Shinichi?"

"Counting out, since the beginning of school last year, I haven't seen him for several months, and I almost forgot!"

Hearing Xiaolan's words, Conan's face immediately became bitter, and Hattori Heiji looked at him sympathetically.

Conan looked back sympathetically.

[You fellow, what right do you have to sympathize with me? Your childhood sweetheart has already broken off with you, and Ye She would rather talk to Uncle Maori than to you.

The eyes of the two crossed, and they immediately felt the same, and both of them immediately became dejected.

At this time, Xiao Lan took He Ye's hand and said, "He Ye, you came here to care about me this time. I was so touched. I didn't expect He Ye to be such a warmhearted person!"

Toyama and Ye couldn't help but smile awkwardly when she heard this. Actually, she came here this time mainly because she wanted to visit Kogoro Mouri.

Xiaolan turned to look at the two of them, and then said: "In this case, you can stay at my house, anyway, there is a place in the house, so there is no need to stay in a hotel."

"He Ye, let's sleep together at night!" Xiao Lan opened her bright eyes, looking at Yuanshan and Ye inviting.

On the side, Kogoro Mori also said, "Yes, you guys finally come from Osaka. Let me entertain you. In the afternoon I will take you to visit Tokyo and stay at my house in the evening, Kazuya. Just sleep with Xiaolan, as for Pingci..."

On the side, the black charcoal service department Heiji raised Conan and said, "I will sleep with Conan tonight!"

Conan's face immediately appeared exclusive blind fish eyes, he was about to refuse.

Kogoro Mouri made a final decision: "Okay, it's so decided."

Conan looked resentfully at Hattori Heiji who was smiling behind him.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but said in surprise: "I didn't expect Heiji to be so angry with Conan, it's incredible!"

When Toyama and Ye heard the decision made by Kogoro Mouri, they laughed sweetly and nodded.


In the afternoon, Kogoro Maori took everyone into the extremely dazzling Lexus, still sitting in the same way.

Conan was held in his arms by Hattori Heiji, and he felt the lumps of things behind his ass. He was extremely upset, but Hattori Heiji didn't seem to feel at all, not embarrassed at all.

The back seat is followed by Xiaolan, Heye, and Huiyuan.

Xiaolan saw Conan and Huiyuan on the side and couldn't help asking: "Conan, and Huiyuan, isn't it Thursday? Why don't you go to school and go sightseeing with us."

Conan in the front seat immediately turned his head and said: "We have already taken time off. Because too many things have happened at home in the past two days, Mr. Xiaolin is also worried about other accidents, so we let the two of us study at home."