Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 254

Huihara in the back seat said, "It's Conan's excuse for asking for leave, and I simply don't want to go to school!"

Hearing Huihara tear down the stage, Conan's head immediately retracted and returned to Hattori Heiji's arms.

Xiaolan couldn't help asking, "Then Huiyuan, why don't you want to go to school?"

"That's because I heard that when I was in school, Uncle Maori had many beautiful female friends who came to visit him. I was very curious about this matter, so I specifically asked for leave to take a look!" Hui Hara glanced at Mouri Kogoro, and said with a cold expression, a single sentence had an effect on Kogoro Mouri.

A cold sweat broke out on Mouri Kogoro's back, and the complexion of Toyama and Ye on the side seemed to be a little bit ugly.

At this time, Xiao Lan chuckled: "Hui Yuan, you actually care about this. Those are Dad’s good friends, and many of them are people who helped when handling the case, because Dad has been working hard to solve the case and help people. Washing away the grievances, that's why many people love it!"

Hearing Xiaolan's words, the expressions of Toyama and Ye and Huiyuan immediately eased.

Maori Kogoro wished to stop the car and hug his baby girl for a few kisses. It was indeed his own intimate little padded jacket, and the explanation was too timely.


Because Kazuya wanted to go to Shibuya to buy clothes, the car drove to the pedestrian area in Shibuya, and everyone got out of the car.

In the front, Kogoro Mori was holding Huihara, and the two girls in the middle, Xiaolan and Kazue, were happily discussing what clothes to buy, while Hattori Heiji and Conan fell behind.

Conan spoke in Kudo Shinichi's tone at the moment, and said, "How is your relationship with your childhood sweetheart?"

There was a trace of sadness in Hattori Heiji's eyes, and he barely smiled: "Hey, the girl's mind is really incomprehensible. I don't know what I did wrong. Heye hasn't spoken to me for more than a month!"

Hattori Heiji shook his head and then asked: "Don't mention these annoying things, I said Kudo, Xiaolan still doesn't know who you are? When I mentioned it just now, she said that she almost forgot you. It's not going to work like this!"

Conan's head lowered, making it invisible to people: "I also know that it's just that dark organization is hidden too deep!"

Hattori Heiji frowned: "I will also help you investigate after the New Year, but it seems that the organization has not been active in Osaka, and I have not found any clues."

"Forget it, don't worry about so much. Even dark organizations will surface someday, but I said Kudo, did you really not receive the Koshien event invitation letter from Nisei TV?"

"I have said it several times, if I didn't receive it, I didn't receive it!" Conan gave Hattori Heiji a glance.

Hattori Heiji grinned and laughed: "Tsk-tsk-tsk, it seems that the Hattori in Kansai is more famous in China, and yes, it is normal for Kudo's disappearance for nearly half a year and his reputation to decline."

Xiao Lan and He Ye turned their heads to see Hattori Heiji and Conan who were joking behind, Xiao Lan couldn't help but said: "I really didn't expect that Conan such a naughty kid would be liked!"

He and Ye glanced at the two of them: "This may be the same smell!"

Item 0095

The two women quickly walked into a women's clothing store, while Kogoro Moori waited in the coffee shop beside him with the others.

The two women picked them up in the store, because someone was waiting outside, both of them speeded up, and soon bought the clothes they wanted, and then went to the cashier to check out.

When He Ye was about to take out the money to pay the bill, she suddenly saw something on the side and was taken aback.

The shopping guide lady said cordially: "Is there a need for these special underwear? I can recommend it for you!"

That area is full of all kinds of erotic underwear, the fabric is as little as the extreme, and also as thin as the extreme, it seems to make people feel ashamed.

Xiao Lan turned her head and saw He Ye's dazed expression and couldn't help but smile: "Does He Ye want to buy these underwear? Is there a boy you like that wants to wear it to him? Is it Pingci?"

"How could it be him!" He Ye immediately retorted when he heard this.

Xiaolan immediately laughed badly: "Such an answer means that even though it is not Heiji, Heye still has a boy he likes! Alas, poor Heiji!"

He Ye blushed, looking at Xiaolan's smiling face, but he didn't dare to say what he felt.

[Of course there is someone I like, that person is your dad!

At this moment, Xiaolan pulled Heye and whispered: "Heye, did you do that with the person you like?"

"How is it possible?" Yuan Shan and Ye blushed so much that steam came out.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but roll her eyes. At this moment, she is very clever: "How could you think of buying erotic underwear to wear for him if you didn't do it? Let me ask you, He Ye, how does it feel to do that?"

At this moment, Xiaolan seemed to have two little devil horns growing on her head, and a curious light appeared in her eyes.

How does it feel?Pain, big, up, comfortable, dying, no, it’s rushing to the sky, bliss!

Recalling the scenes with Kogoro Mori, in the martial arts hall, in the hotel near the school, in the hot spring pool, Kazuha's blush almost dripped.

Seeing Xiao Lan who was smirking, He Ye quickly recovered, and said in a panic: "Xiao Lan, what did you say! I have never done that, of course I don’t understand how it feels like you asked. I just saw those underwear styles are exquisite, just appreciate it."

Soon, He Ye calmed down and counterattacked: "Xiao Lan, you asked me about this. Could it be that you have done it with others, and want to compare it!"

Now it’s Xiaolan’s turn to blush, she hurriedly covered her mouth and laughed: "Thick, thick, no matter what happens, our school is very strict. Let’s go, let’s check out quickly, Dad and the others Still waiting for us!"

The two women turned the topic over, took the money and left.

However, the two women who walked out of the shop involuntarily turned around and glanced at the dazzling array of erotic underwear.


The two women and Maori Kogoro and his party would get along, and they continued to go shopping. Soon, everyone came to the Meiji Shrine, the shrine is antique, and the people who come and go are sightseeing.

After Xiaolan and He Ye bought copper coins with money from the monk beside them, the two of them threw the copper coins into the gap between the wooden boards, and then began to make a wish. The voice was very small, and they couldn't hear what they had made.

Mouri Kogoro stood behind him holding Huihara, and couldn't help looking down at Gao Leng Lori in his arms: "Little Ai, don't you want to make a wish?"

Huihara shook his head: "I don't believe these. If the gods really existed, then so many bad things wouldn't happen in the world!"

"At a young age, why do you speak so deeply!" Mouri Kogoro messed up the hair on Huihara's head, and then laughed. It is really pleasant to play with little Lolita.

At this moment, a voice rang from behind Hattori Heiji.

"Isn't this Heiji? Unexpectedly, I would meet here, I thought you had already gone home first!"

A middle-aged man in his fifties with a generous face spoke up.

"Uncle Shigematsu, why are you here?"

Hattori Heiji looked surprised, and then he introduced to everyone: "Uncle Shigematsu is the housekeeper of my mother's classmates."

"But Uncle Shigematsu, why are you here?"

The middle-aged man named Akio Shigematsu spoke: "I came with this young lady today. She said she wants to get acquainted with Tokyo."

"Who is this lady?"

"She is Miss Feng who will marry Young Master Juren tomorrow."

A weak woman wearing a white coat, a blue shirt, a white dress underneath, and a sapphire necklace on her chest greeted everyone: "Hello, I am Katagiri Kaede."

Hattori Heiji wondered: "Isn't you supposed to be accompanied by your Chrysanthemum Master to get married?"