Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 259

He immediately opened the mouth to Little V: "Little V, please pass the picture you just captured to my phone, and the pixels are also configured with my phone."

Little V's female voice came over: "As you wish, host."

Just now Kogoro Mori stood at the door, and he ordered V to exchange for a nano camera to film how the Mori Juman planned to escape.

Originally, he still thought about not using this shot, but he didn't expect this Senyuanju person to be so difficult to deal with. In the end, he even wanted to use political power to suppress this matter!

If there is no stronger evidence, then he really has to escape.

Kogoro Mori took out his fruit phone. The video played by this new type of phone is quite high.

Mouri Kogoro turned his head to look at the proud Mori Juto, and said: "Mr. Kikuto, you should remember, I will stand at the door for a long time after breaking the door!"

"In fact, I found you at that time, but I was curious about how you want to escape, so I put my phone on the cabinet and recorded the video. Come and see how I recorded this video. kind?"

Hearing this, Morijuto's face became extremely pale. He saw Moori Kogoro playing the scene of himself escaping from the room on tiptoe, and he collapsed to the ground, unable to argue.

This video is an ironclad fact.

Kogoro Mori smiled: "This is how you use psychological tricks. If the game is successful, everyone is happy; and if the game fails, then it is naively ridiculous, Mr. Kikuto, what else do you have to say now?"

Officer Mumu couldn't help complaining: "Brother Maori, why didn't you tell me earlier that you have such a key video evidence? I have been looking for clues here for so long."

Kogoro Mouri responded very quickly and immediately responded, "Of course it’s because of this kid Heiji. This time he came to Tokyo to participate in a detective competition. I wanted to train him once, so I hid the video. Come down, I want to see if he can solve this secret room murder case, but unfortunately it seems that the results of this training are not very good, and it almost went wrong to other people!"

Hattori Heiji couldn't help touching his head and smiled embarrassedly.

Mouri Kogoro continued: "Heiji, every time he enters the scene of the crime, he determines the life and death of the deceased. It is correct to expect that the deceased is still alive. However, this process must not be careless and the murderer must not be Any opportunity for trickery."

"After breaking the door, be careful not to destroy the evidence in the room. The scene of the crime must be kept as it is..."

Kogoro Mori is educating Hattori Heiji, and Hattori Heiji kept nodding and saying yes.

At this moment, Yuji Sakuraba suddenly violent and hit Morijuto’s eye sockets with a punch. He looked angry: "You guy, why did you kill Uncle Shigematsu? The company you ran outside went bankrupt. Uncle Shigematsu helped you maintain it!"

Sen Yuanju sneered and said: "It's not all of this but you are to be blamed. If it weren't for you and my fiancee to mess around, Shigematsu, the old guy would not let me cancel the wedding before. The old guy thought he had discovered me. It's naive to use funds in the company to control me and manipulate my life!"

"You guy, you are obviously a servant, but you can never remember who you are. You and I tell you, Shiongsong died because of you, hahaha!"

When Moriju-to was caught on the police car, he still satirized Sakuraba.

Sakuraba Yuji's face remained unchanged, and finally lowered his head. Katagiri Kaede on the side looked worriedly at Sakuraba Yuji.

And seeing that his son really killed the deacon in the family, Mori Maru made a long sigh, without saying a word, walking upstairs to his room with a sullen expression.

Morimaru Yurie saw his brother being arrested, and his eagerness disappeared from the sight of Kogoro Mouri.

The wedding was naturally cancelled.

Kogoro Mouri forwarded the video on his cell phone to Officer Megumi, and took everyone home. This time, it took less than 30 minutes from calling the police to leaving.

In the car, Hattori Heiji, who was holding Conan, looked at Kogoro Mouri with admiration: "Uncle Mouri, you are indeed a great detective. Observation is keen. Neither I nor this little guy even noticed that guy. Hiding in the dark room behind, you say yes, Conan!"

Conan couldn't help but sneered. You said you would be fine, why do you bother with me!

He glanced at Mouri Kogoro: It must have been the martial arts master's super five senses that made him discover someone in the room, and it was not really derived from reasoning. When he thought of this, Conan curled his lips in disdain.

Item 0101

Hattori Heiji couldn't help holding his head in his hands and said, "Ms. Maple and Mr. Sakuraba’s secret love led to today’s tragedy. So, if you really love each other, you should express it openly so that you won’t be misunderstood. It won’t hurt others."

Hearing Hattori Heiji's words, the atmosphere in the car suddenly stagnated, and everyone looked strange and thoughtful.

Except for Kogoro Mouri, everyone felt that this was talking about themselves.

Mouri Kogoro felt the gaze of the three women behind him, and only felt a chill in his back.

Heiji Hattori sensed the weird atmosphere in the car and said, "What's the matter, am I wrong?"

Mouri Kogoro laughed and said, "That’s right, but it depends on the situation. If you know that speaking it will hurt others and make people unable to accept it, you should hide some special situations of love or hide it well. of."

When the three women in the back seat heard this, they felt that it was Kogoro Moori who was talking to him. For a while, the expressions of the three of them became a little gloomy.

Conan sitting in Hattori Heiji's arms couldn't help but laughed: "Brother Heiji, since you say that, there must be a girl you like, so let's say it boldly!"

Conan smiled smirkly, his eyes kept looking at the distant mountains and leaves in the back seat.

Hattori Heiji is actually a strong mouth king. He panicked when he heard this, and closed Conan's mouth, and then sneered: "Where do I have any favorite girls? You boy, you always ask about this. Inexplicable question."

The smiling Hattori Heiji still couldn't help but glanced at Toyama Kazuya in the rearview mirror, and found that she hadn't looked at herself at all, and couldn't help but feel lost.


The group finally returned to Maori's house. On the stairwell from the second floor to the third floor, Maori Kogoro and Hattori Heiji and Conan said goodbye, then led Huihara and returned to the room on the third floor with the two women.

Hattori Heiji looked at the four people who left, and did not notice the slightest abnormality, so he and Conan entered the office, and they were resting in the office room tonight.

As soon as everyone came to the living room on the third floor, Yuan Shan and Ye sat on the sofa with their heads, gently beating their white calves with their little hands, and said, "I am exhausted after walking around for so long today!"

Huiyuan glanced at this and was completely out of sight, treating this as her own girl, and frowned, but she didn't say anything, turned around and went into the room and started reading.

Xiaolan smiled and said, "Heye, are you tired? Would you like me to massage you? My massage skills are very good, and my father is full of praise."

Mouri Kogoro broke out in cold sweat when he heard this. It would be fatal to press it down, and he was about to stop it.

But seeing Yuan Shan and Ye immediately looked surprised: "Really? Then I must give it a try."

After that, she took off the green coat of the generals, revealing the cool black vest inside. She took off her shoes and squatted on the sofa, revealing two thin legs.

Xiaolan sat down and massaged her.

Surprisingly, this time it was not like helping Moori Kogoro massage at all. Toyama and Ye were humming comfortably.

Watching the two women get together and dressed very coolly at home, this scene is very seductive.

At this moment, Yuanshan and Ye are very satisfied. She has been thinking that one day she will become a Maori wife. At this moment, she enjoys the filial piety from her daughter in advance, and she immediately feels happy, especially Xiaolan's massage skills. Not bad.

The Maori Kogoro on the side has a weird look. In the past, Xiaolan used to massage herself so hard?

"Ah, Xiao Lan, what are you doing pressing my ass?" Yuan Shan and Ye cried out immediately after being attacked at a sensitive position.

Xiaolan stuck out her tongue and said, "Sorry, I'm used to it!"

After speaking, he pressed his hands to Yuanshan and Ye's waist.

He Ye couldn't help but laughed: "Listening to this, it seems that Xiaolan has been helping people to massage. Who is it for? Is it a man, ah, it hurts!"

Xiao Lan suddenly panicked when he heard the question, and the strength of his palm could not be controlled.