Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 260

Seeing He Ye Jiao's pain, she quickly took her hand back.

"He Ye, are you all right? Sorry, I just tried too hard."

"You guy, are you punishing me deliberately, okay, okay, I won't ask." Yuan Shan and Ye rubbed their backs with an expression of fear.

Xiaolan immediately laughed: "I haven't helped other people press it, I just keep helping Dad massage!"

He Ye shook his head and said, "Cut, you don't want to say it." He Ye Ke didn't believe it at all.

Xiaolan spoke again: "Heye, do you want to try the yoga stretching technique I recently learned, which will make your body soft."

Hearing the word Lajin, He Ye immediately showed a sense of horror on his face, and quickly got up and said: "Forget it, Xiaolan, let's not massage, let's go, let's take a bath together!"

Xiaolan nodded when he heard the invitation, and the two women took the clothes from the room like this, then turned around and entered the bathroom...

Kazuha before entering the bathroom also blinked at Moori Kogoro.

Maori Kogoro shook his head and smiled bitterly. Toyama and Ye really lived on thin ice this time, for fear that they might say something wrong between the girls, but fortunately, no one seems to see any clues.

Kogoro Mouri had excellent hearing and soon heard the sound coming from the bathroom.

"Wow, Xiaolan, I can't see that you are so big here without your underwear. You are sixteen years old! You have such big boobs, which is so enviable!"

"Yes, it's not birthday yet, hey, He Ye, don't catch it!"

"Let me squeeze. Everyone is a woman. It's okay. I haven't caught such a big breast yet! It's so dead, it feels super good, I am a little envious of the boy you like now, he must be very happy!"

"He Ye, let go, obviously you have it yourself!"

"That's different. By the way, Xiao Lan, is there any secret for you growing up here?"

"No, I should be hereditary, my mother's breasts are bigger than me!"


Hearing this conversation, Kogoro Moori couldn't help but think about it, and a picture immediately appeared in his mind. Too high intelligence led to too good imagination, making the picture clearer. He took a deep breath and calmed down.

Mouri Kogoro shook his head and walked to the living room, lying on the sofa, turning on the TV, and continuing to understand the follow-up of the arson case.

The rice flower TV station continued to report this incident, and as expected, the police did not find any clues. This case is destined to become an unsolved case.


Just as Moori Kogoro was watching attentively, the bathroom door opened, and a girl in a black suspender nightdress came out. It was Toyama Kazuha like a lotus flower in the water.

This sling nightdress was bought by Ye Ye when he was shopping today. It is very cool. The skirt can wrap up half of his beautiful legs. There are two white arms on the left and right. There are two or three drops of water hanging on the neck and chest. Exposed large areas of fair skin.

Because this nightdress is black, the skin becomes more white and tender.

She wiped her hair with one hand, and walked towards Mouri Kogoro in style.

Item 0102

There are still drops of water dripping on Heye’s hair, and the drops are crystal clear. At this moment, a pair of jade feet are not wearing any shoes. They stand on tiptoes for fear that the whole foot will be dirty. Both feet are arched and connected to the calves. Form a beautiful arc together.

The hem of the black nightdress twisted with her waist and swept left and right. Soon she came to the sofa. Her amber eyes glanced at Moori Kogoro who was lying on the sofa, and Kazuya turned around and sat down. Coming down, his soft body leaned against Mouri Kogoro.

Mouri Kogoro immediately saw a smooth back as white as jade, and this nightdress was actually a backless.

He couldn't help panicking, and whispered: "He Ye, Xiao Lan will come out at any time."

Yuan Shan and Ye turned their heads while wiping their hair with a dry towel. Their big amber eyes were full of innocence: "Just come out, I didn't do anything, right, Uncle Maori!"

He squinted his eyes slightly as he spoke, and his teeth bit his lower lip lightly.

This Nizi is clearly tempting herself.

But this kind of situation is too dangerous. The Huihara room on the left may open at any time, and Xiaolan on the right may come out at any time. Mouri Kogoro can only constantly restrain himself.

Seeing Maori Kogoro's tangled expression, Heye couldn't help but chuckle, and said: "Stop teasing you, Uncle Maori, where are your hair dryers?"

Mouri Kogoro pointed to the TV cabinet opposite: "It should be taken by Xiaolan."

Yuan Shan and Ye immediately got up, walked over on tiptoe, then knelt down, knees touched the ground, and slowly leaned forward, arched and straightened their waists, opened the cabinet of the TV cabinet, and began to look for it. With a hair dryer, the body curves are very beautiful.


In the office on the second floor below, Hattori Heiji was taking a shower in the bathroom of Conan's room. He said: "Kudo, don't you really want to wash with me? We can still rub each other back!"

Conan sitting on the bed trembled with deathly eyes: Ha ha, don't tell me to rub your back, give up!

He did not want to recall the tragic experience of the last time Kimono Heiji rubbed his back, nor did he want to be a chrysanthemum-sniffing boy again.

Soon, Hattori Heiji, who had taken a full shower, walked out wearing striped shorts and a black vest, full of energy.

He didn't think of himself as an outsider. He lay on Conan's bed all of a sudden, his face gradually becoming a little depressed: "I ask you, Kudo, is Kazuha coming to Tokyo this time to visit Xiaolan? She didn't come to your house. Did you go somewhere before and who did you meet?"

Conan said, "You don't have to worry about this. She came to home at 8:20 in the morning. Today, the first train from Osaka to Tokyo arrives at 7:50. The station needs to be away from home. It was nearly 30 minutes by car and the time was right, so she came to Tokyo to visit Xiaolan, who was kidnapped."

"And today she is with us all day, so how can she have time to meet other people!"

Hearing Conan's words, Hattori Heiji's eyes lit up: "So that's it, then I'm relieved!"

Conan's dead fish-eye squinted: "Why, what are you worried about?"

Hattori Heiji said, "To be honest, although girls are fickle, it is still rare to see such a big change. Kazuha only changed after I came to Tokyo the last time. I doubt she was the last time. Who did you meet in Tokyo."

"But no matter who that person is, I'll get him out!" Hattori Heiji looked bloody.


Originally, the hair dryer was very conspicuous, and you could see it at a glance in the cabinet, but He Ye just looked for a long time before finding it. After He Ye got up, she turned around, her blushing face with watery eyes.

Looking at the stunned Maori Kogoro, He and Ye pursed their lips, stood up, and tidied the clothes.

At this moment, the bathroom door opened again, and steam rolled out.

Xiaolan came out from the inside. The weather got warmer. She wore a white vest showing her slender waist. Underneath were a pair of light blue shorts made of pure cotton with elastic bands on top.

The chest is still bulging, making people feel shocked when looking at it!

Xiao Lan glanced at the living room, everything seemed normal.

Kogoro Mouri lay on his side on the sofa and watched the TV program seriously, with an extremely focused expression.

On the other hand, Toyama and Ye plugged the hair dryer and stood beside the TV, blowing their hair continuously.