Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 261

Xiao Lan nodded in satisfaction, but waited for Xiao Lan to see the cool black nightdress worn by Yuan Shan and Ye and the exposed back.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but frowned, and said, "He Ye, if you wear this way, you will catch a cold easily!"

"Will it?" Yuan Shan and Ye glanced at Xiao Lan, who was also very coolly dressed.

Xiaolan said with a serious face: "Of course you will. You are not here, and you have been living in Osaka. You don't know the weather in Tokyo. If you say it changes, it will change. If you say it is cold, it will be cold. I don't want you. Stay here for a few days and go home after catching a cold. So, Heye, you have to keep warm."

When Xiaolan said these words, she walked into the room and pulled up a sheet that had been folded on the bed. Then she walked out of the room and wrapped it around Yuanshan Heye, covering her beautiful white back. Layer, the right layer, wraps all the curves of Ye's body like a zongzi.

He Ye smiled and said without a smile: "Xiao Lan, then I have to thank you!"

Xiaolan smiled sweetly: "It's okay, who makes us good friends? I should do it to take care of He Ye."

"But Xiaolan, don't you need to keep warm yourself?"

"I'm okay, I'm from here in Tokyo, I've long been used to it."

At this moment, Xiao Lan, who was in a good mood, sat on a single sofa next to Kogoro Maori. She put a pair of white and smooth legs on the marble coffee table, then leaned on the back of the sofa, took the remote control, and started shaking the channel. Up.

Soon, the live broadcast of the previous two days appeared on TV. Xiaolan's favorite scene these days is this clip, especially the scene where Kogoro Moori showed his power and singled out twenty people. She even watched it. No less than ten times.

It’s just that every time Xiaolan sees the scene of grief and crying when she is saved by Moori Kogoro played by Yukiko, she always shakes the TV to other channels.

He Ye finished his hair, put the hair dryer on the cabinet, turned around, but found that there was no place to sit.

Speaking of the new sofa that Kogoro Mori bought, it was originally a long sofa with two single sofas, but unfortunately one of the single sofas was damaged, so I just returned it and did not buy it again.

So there is no other place to sit in the living room except the two sofas occupied by the father and daughter.

Kazuye sorted out the quilt wrapped around him, untied it and put it on himself again, then walked across the sofa behind Xiaolan to the middle of the couch of Moori Kogoro, sat down, and the quilt fell and covered it. Lives Mori Kogoro's body.

Chapter 0103 The Magical Use Of Psychedelic Talisman

Xiao Lan was sitting on the sofa in front. She had watched the replayed video just now, and she was turning the channel boredly at the moment.

Debate competition, don't watch!Food show, don’t watch it!Prank plan, don't watch it!Variety shows, too fake to watch...

She manipulated the remote control, and didn't pay attention to Kazuha and Mouri Kogoro who were sitting on the sofa together.

Yuan Shan and Ye watched the TV channel constantly turning around. She was holding the quilt on her shoulders with her hands. She looked a little strange and didn't know what she was thinking!

Mouri Kogoro smelled the fragrance radiating from He Ye, and watched the TV screen keep changing, and couldn't help but slap.

But soon, Maori Kogoro shook his body, and his whole body was agitated. He found that a little hand was inexplicably extra on his stomach, which was the left hand of Toyama and Ye.

Xiao Lan is right beside him, and He Ye is too courageous. Once Xiao Lan finds out, with Xiao Lan's force, I am afraid the house can be demolished.

Maori Kogoro hurriedly stopped Kazuo with his eyes, but Kazuye didn't look at Maori Kogoro at all. Her small face was staring at the front, but the corners of her mouth were slightly raised.

Heye’s soft glutinous hands stretched directly under the clothes of Maori Kogoro, and scratched Mouri Kogoro’s abdominal muscles. As Heye’s little hands continued to attack, the flames in Mouri Kogoro’s heart burned more and more.

Mouri Kogoro didn't move a look on his face, and slowly stretched his right hand into the quilt, grabbed He Ye's left hand, and shook his head gently at her.

Seeing that she couldn't get away with her left hand, Heye couldn't help but frown and pursed her mouth. Then, under the quilt, her body slowly leaned back, her soft body leaning against Kogoro Mori and twisting her lower waist.

Mouri Kogoro's panting became heavier and heavier. He didn't expect He Ye to be not only courageous, but also such annoying.

But Kogoro Mouri was still restraining himself, without any response, until Toyama and Ye's right hand also probed!

The critically attacked Kogoro Mouri's eyes glowed red, and he whispered: "Stop it, Kazue!"

He Ye raised his eyebrows provocatively.

Maori Kogoro couldn't bear it anymore, he let go of He Ye's left hand, but his big hand deceived him, grabbing He Ye's soft waist, Yuan Shan He Ye's breathing was a little bit quick.

He Ye quickly took back the hand that had just been on Kogoro's stomach, grasped the quilt that was falling on his shoulders, and then held his chin, pretending to be watching TV.


At this moment, Xiaolan spoke: "Dad, look!"

This sound almost scared away half of Mouri Kogoro's soul.

Xiaolan pointed to the female anchor who was reporting news on Nisei TV, and said, "This is the reporter who interviewed you last time. I recognize her, she seems to be called Shui Wu..."

Xiao Lan held his head and thought.

Mouri Kogoro hurriedly said, "Mizumi has no mercy!"

"Yes, that's her. I didn't expect that she would be a female anchor besides being a reporter. That's amazing!" Xiaolan looked at Shui Wulan on TV with a look of envy.


Looking at the appearance that Xiaolan hadn't noticed at all, Maori Kogoro's courage grew. Under the quilt, his big fiery hand gently stroked He Ye's smooth back, and gently rubbed it on He Ye. His body shook for a while, and he returned to nature again.

Therefore, a woman is a natural actor, and He Ye has not undergone any acting training at all, but at this moment, her acting is perfect, her face is calm, she can't see what the right hand is doing underneath, her white face is looking at the TV screen. .

He Ye’s nightdress is extremely convenient. Mouri Kogoro’s arms are long. He is lying on the sofa, but his big hands quickly pass under He Ye’s ribs, clutching a soft object.

Doing such a thing with her good friend in front of her daughter gave Moori Kogoro and Kazuo an indescribable excitement.

Xiao Lan looked at Shui Wu Lian intently. Soon, she seemed to notice something abnormal, turned her head, and said: "He Ye, what's wrong with you, I feel that your breathing is a little abnormal!"

Yuanshan and Ye's blushing face was controlled by him, and she laughed: "How can it be abnormal? Maybe it's because of eating too much, flatulence, let me drink a glass of water!"

While talking, Toyama and Ye stood up, Mouri Kogoro's pupils kept shrinking.

If the quilt is pulled up, Xiaolan will see this scene, I am afraid that her reputation will be ruined, and she will not be able to be a qualified dad in the future.

Fortunately, He Ye didn't plan to go to the kitchen to collect water, but got up slightly and poured a glass of water into the kettle on the coffee table.

Xiao Lan was not suspicious, she turned her head and continued to watch TV.

Moori Kogoro was about to take the opportunity to tidy up his clothes, then got up and left. Unexpectedly, He Ye slowly backed up and sat on Moori Kogoro, holding a water glass in his hand, and drank it!

When I drink water, I still exhale gas continuously.


He was bullied by He Ye, how could Mouri Kogoro endure anymore, he said in his mind: "Little V, take my psychedelic charm!"

In an instant, a small formation engulfed the entire third floor of the Maori house. All the light, smell, sound, and heat were all controlled by Maori Kogoro.

A big battle broke out on the sofa instantly!


Xiaolan feels a little weird. Dad and Ye have been sitting on the sofa for a long time. Both of them have not spoken. They have been watching a very boring food show. They watched very enthusiastically, which made Xiaolan bothered. Dare to change channels.