Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 262

Xiao Lan turned her head and asked He Ye if she wanted to go back to the room to rest, but she always said to watch for a while, and then for a while. Although the tone, demeanor, and accent were all right, Xiaolan felt weird.

And she turned around and asked Kogoro Mouri if the show was good?Mouri Kogoro nodded and watched with gusto. This is not the style of Mouri Kogoro before.

And when Xiaolan was about to walk over to sit with He Ye, He Ye actually set up her legs to prevent her from passing by. This is too rude!

In fact, all of this is a phantom formation constructed by Kogoro Mori in front of Xiaolan, but Xiaolan has practiced the guidance technique, and his five senses have become amazing, so he noticed the abnormality.


This magic array turned on the confusion function for Xiaolan, and also turned on the confusion function for He Ye. Except for what happened with Kogoro Moori on the sofa is true, everything else is fake.

In Kazuha’s vision, Xiao Lan returned to the room alone after watching TV and rested on her own, while she and Kogoro Mouri started a battle on the sofa, completely ignoring the room. Huiyuan and Xiaolan within.

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Then Xiao Lan sat back on the sofa and watched the boring food show.

After a long time, Kazuye stood up. She tucked the quilt on her shoulders and began to pour water. After the water cup was picked up, it seemed that her center of gravity was unstable. The water in the water cup spilled out and fell on the sofa and herself. The quilt is on.

He Ye couldn't help but picked up the quilt and started wiping it in a panic.

Xiao Lan hurriedly stepped forward to help, but at this moment He Ye seemed to be shocked, her face blushing, and a strange smell all over her body.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but feel a little weird when she smelled it, such a weird smell, and a little familiar, what's going on!

He and Ye Jiao said softly: "Xiao Lan, do you know all that?"

Xiaolan glanced at Yuanshan Heye strangely: "What do you know! You guy, clumsy, even knocks the water like this, only a glass of water, alas, it can wet such a large area on the sofa, too. It's amazing!"

Yuanshan and Ye Jian Xiaolan thought that the water stain was overturned with a water glass, and couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, just after the battle, Kogoro Moori wiped off the traces on the sofa with a damp cloth, otherwise he would really have to wear it!

Seeing that the two of them seemed to be talking, Mouri Kogoro quickly interrupted, "Heye, the quilt on your body is also wet. Take it in the washing machine and wash it."

Yuanshan and Ye Gongshun nodded their heads and stood up with blushing faces, but her body still couldn't help trembling, and her legs became weak. She hasn't fully recovered yet.

Just at the last moment, the feeling went straight for nine days, and then flowed down, the whole soul was trembling.

Toyama and Ye glanced at Mouri Kogoro. She knew that she would never leave this man in her life.

He Ye held the quilt, leaned on the back of the sofa, and walked slowly towards the washing machine.

Xiao Lan couldn't help but wonder: "What's wrong with He Ye?"

Kogoro Mouri hurriedly took cover: "It should be because I have been sitting for too long and my legs numb!"

After saying that, Kogoro Mori stretched out, with a satisfied look, his expression was as if he had just had a delicious meal.

Xiaolan's nose twitched, as if she could smell something again, but she couldn't recognize it, so she ignored it, turned and walked back to her room.


Just after the end of the fierce battle, all traces were wiped off by Kogoro Mouri with a damp cloth, so there was a water stain on the sofa, but the smell could not easily dissipate.

After the psychedelic array was over, the two who had ended the battle returned to their original state, and Xiaolan saw that the final scene of the phantom array was the scene where Ye was accidentally spilling the water cup, which finally connected the phantom array with reality.

It's just that the risk of doing so is too great. Constructing a psychedelic mirror for both sides, because the things that both sides see are different, they are naturally prone to flaws and flaws, and this is also a great consumption of Moori Kogoro's mind.

When Yuanshan and Ye came out of the bathroom again, she had already taken another shower.

Mouri Kogoro quickly grabbed her and said: "Heye, you can't do this at home next time. Fortunately, Xiaolan and Huiyuan didn't find it this time. Don't mention the matter on the sofa."

"Hi!" Nodded with Ye Gongshun. At the moment, he and Ye are what Moori Kogoro said, and she will do what she does. There is no objection.

Soon, He Ye entered Xiao Lan's room, and Xiao Lan was already lying on the bed.

He Ye, who was fed, felt very satisfied. After the war, she was exhausted and exhausted. She quickly climbed onto the bed, lifted the quilt and lay in.

Xiaolan couldn't help but smiled: "Heye, why did you take a shower again?"

He Ye replied casually, and then slowly closed his eyes.

But Xiaolan continued: "You and Dad are too weird, are you refusing to go away after watching that food show?"

"Also, just now Hattori Heiji came up and you didn't care about it. Is this really good? He Ye, He Ye!"

Xiaolan turned her head, only to find that He Ye was asleep.

He Ye's eyebrows stretched out, with a satisfied smile on his white little face, his eyes closed tightly, and a uniform exhalation sound from his straight nose. In less than a minute, he was already sleeping soundly.

Seeing this scene, Xiaolan smiled and stopped talking. She slowly got up from the bed and got out of the bed, closed the door of the room, turned off the light, and then gently returned to the bed and closed it. The eyes also started to sleep.

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Kogoro Mouri entered the bathroom and began to take a shower. He quickly rinsed off, changed his pajamas and walked back to the living room. It was already more than ten in the evening and it was time to rest.

But he suddenly remembered that when Hui Yuan entered the room, he didn't come out and didn't take a bath, so he turned and pushed Hui Yuan's door open.

I saw that the lights were not turned off inside, and a small body was lying on the table, already tired to fall asleep. On the side were the results of her struggle tonight, and countless chemical formulas about experiments.

Mouri Kogoro stepped forward and saw the chemical formula, he couldn't help sighing. In fact, Moori Kogoro had copied the information that Huihara had obtained before, and he had also conducted research in private.

Relying on the intelligence that had reached the limit of human beings, Kogoro Mouri quickly supplemented all the knowledge related to biology and chemistry.

As long as Kogoro Mouri thinks, he is completely the world's top scientist.

Thanks to the super-intelligence and the support of the Kimoto Foundation, Kogoro Moori's research speed is countless times faster than that of Huihara.

These chemical formulas that Huihara deduced were immediately obvious to Kogoro Mouri, and following this line of thought, the result this time must have failed.

In the laboratory under the name of the Kimoto Consortium, Kogoro Mouri has done countless experiments, and finally has to admit that this APTX poison is not simple at all, and the phenomenon of rejuvenation is almost irreversible.

The greatest achievement of Kogoro Mori is to produce a temporary antidote with no toxic side effects that can recover his body for seven days.

This progress is much faster than Huiyuan, after all, Huiyuan has not yet developed any temporary antidote.

However, whether it is to recover for one day, three days, seven days, ten days, or one month, this temporary antidote is of little significance to Kogoro Mori.

As long as no permanent antidote is developed, it is of little use.

Sometimes, Kogoro Mori also wondered if he should continue to study.

If a permanent antidote is really developed, then this cute high-cold loli will see herself bye, and then only a genius girl, Shiho Miyano will appear.

When I thought of this, Kogoro Mouri was really reluctant to give up. If there is an antidote, if you don’t take the antidote, Huiyuan can slowly grow into Shiho. If you take the medicine, Shiho will never become Huiyuan again. .