Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 312

Mouri Kogoro carefully checked the little Lolita under him, and found that Huihara had not suffered any injuries, and he was relieved.

He pulled up Conan who had fallen to the ground and eaten shit.

Conan was embarrassed. He was just hit by the air wave. He rolled four or five meters on the grass, covered with weeds and gnawed a lot of sand in his mouth!

"Bah! Bah!" Conan asked after he got up quickly: "Uncle Maori, what's going on, was this a plastic bomb just now?"

Sumiko Kobayashi also hurried up, her pretty face full of concern, holding onto Kogoro Moori's arm, and checking carefully, she looked extremely worried: "Kogoro, are you okay?"

Huihara couldn't help feeling a little strange when he saw Kobayashi Chengko's appearance and heard this name.

Mouri Kogoro patted Sumiko Kobayashi's little hand, and said, "It's okay. Someone came at me this time."

"By the way, Chengzi, why are you here? Didn't I tell you to be careful these days?"

Sumiko Kobayashi explained: "The children have to take a nature lesson and come to the green park to collect specimens. This is how they are brought here. I thought it was in the city center and there would be no problem."

"Fortunately, Kogoro, you arrived in time, otherwise the bomb would explode in the crowd and the consequences would be disastrous!"

The three members of the Junior Detective Group also ran up.

Ayumi also looked at Mouri Kogoro with concern, and the cute Loriyin said, "Uncle Mouri, are you okay?"

Kogoro Mori smiled at it.

Conan looked at Genta seriously, and asked, "Genta, do you remember who gave you the remote control plane?"

"It's an uncle with a long beard!"

"Still wearing sunglasses!"

"Wearing a taupe trench coat!"

"It smells weird!"

Three little you, I describe each sentence, trying to describe the appearance of that uncle!

At this moment, Mouri Kogoro's cell phone rang again.

Everyone immediately stopped talking.

At this moment, Mouri Kogoro's face has become very serious.

It is absolutely unforgivable to dare to start with Hui Yuan!

The phone was switched on, and a strange change of voice came out.

"Oh, you really deserve to be a great detective, this appetizer really didn't make you difficult, but the next one is better than the other!"

Maori Kogoro's stern voice passed over: "I'm curious, why did you find me? We should have no grudges!"

"We really have no grievances, but as to why we came to you! Hmm..." A deep voice came from the phone.

"It's okay to tell you, I just want to fix something."

"But there happened to be a gentleman who offered to help, and he couldn't make it, so he asked me to help learn the tricks of Japan's No. 1 detective. With a little effort, I certainly agreed!"

A sir?Mouri Kogoro frowned.

The voice of the voice changer continued: "Well, I've talked about this so far, I have been talking with you for so long, it's almost a bit."

"Look at my memory, the bomb at Mihua Station is about to explode, I forgot to tell the Maori detective about such an important thing, it's damn it!" There was a joke in the voice of the voice changer!

"Maori detective, you shouldn't mind! Well, I won't bother you next."

The phone was hung up.

Everyone on the side looked worriedly at Kogoro Mouri.

Kogoro Mouri turned his head to look at Sumiko Kobayashi, and said, "Sumiko, you can bring your students back to the school, don't come out, help me take care of Huihara and Conan!"

Sumiko Kobayashi immediately said worriedly: "What about you? Kogoro!"

Huibara on the side also looked worried.

Kogoro Mouri smiled: "Of course I am going to pull out this little bug with its head and tail, don't worry, I already know who he is!"

Conan spoke from the side: "Uncle Maori, let me help you. I am very familiar with Mihua Station. I will go find the bomb with you!"

The members of the Boy Detective Group are all eager to try!

Conan's words only ushered in three bursting chestnuts from Kogoro Mori.

Three big red envelopes appeared on Conan's head in an instant, and the pain was so painful that he could only hold his head and squat down. Seeing Conan's appearance, the junior detective team didn't dare to do anything.

Mouri Kogoro shouted: "Conan, this time is not a time to play, please go back to school and stay with me, don't mess up!"

Mouri Kogoro turned his head and looked at Sumiko Kobayashi: "Sumiko, they will leave it to you, don't let them sneak out!"

Finally, Kogoro Moori touched Huihara's hair: "Sai, believe uncle, this incident is very simple, uncle can solve it quickly, you have to be obedient!"

Huihara nodded slightly.

Mouri Kogoro immediately rushed to the direction of the car, and in the blink of an eye he crossed the grassy slope and came to his car.

After Mouri Kogoro left, Conan also wanted to run out, but was caught by Sumiko Kobayashi.

At this moment, Sumiko Kobayashi recovered the aura that was like exterminating Shita when school started.

"Conan, where are you going! Yuanta, show me a good view of him!"

Sumiko Kobayashi threw Conan into Genta's arms.

Yuanta, who is bullying and fearful of hardship, saw the terrible appearance of Teacher Xiao Lin, and held Conan tightly with his arms to prevent him from breaking free!

Conan kept struggling and shouting: "Genta, let me go!"

But the little fat boy Yuan Tai didn't pay any attention to it, just taking care of the bear and hug Conan!

Sumiko Kobayashi dissipated, and became weak again, looking at the direction that Moori Kogoro was going away, the look in her blue eyes was exactly the same as Haibara, and she was very worried!


Mouri Kogoro ran to his car, only to find that the rear tire burst due to the last overload of the car.

There are spare tires in the car, but there is no time to replace them.

At this moment, he saw a female traffic policeman standing in front of the car driving a parking ticket.