Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 314

Mouri Kogoro pulled Miyamoto Yumi into the stance seat, sat in the passenger seat, and shouted, "Yumi, drive me to the clearing by the river under the viaduct."

Miyamoto Yumi subconsciously stepped on the accelerator and dashed towards the river.

And Kogoro Mori looked around, seeing Yumi Miyamoto's chest, his eyes lit up.

He carried the back of the orange cat in his left hand, and leaned his right hand toward Yumi Miyamoto's chest. When he touched it, he felt very soft even through the uniform!

Miyamoto Yumi couldn't help panicking: "Da-ba! Maori-kun, don't be like this!"

Maori Kogoro didn't stop with his right hand. He pulled out the ticket book on his chest, took out the clip that was clamped on it, and clamped it around the big orange cat's neck. The orange cat stiffened and stopped moving!

"What are you thinking about? I am going to operate on it. The bomb is in its stomach. Drive to the clearing by the river, hurry up!"

Item 0021

Miyamoto Yumi saw that there was a cut in the belly of the big fat orange cat, and the green fluorescence flashed through the belly.

Fortunately, Miyamoto Yumi's patrol car has a lot of miscellaneous and everything, so Kogoro Mouri found a replaced T-shirt and a pair of scissors, and put the fat cat on the T-shirt.

He felt that this was not safe enough. Although the orange cat was clamped in the neck and could not move, after all, he was going to perform surgery to remove the bomb.

Therefore, Kogoro Mouri controlled his efforts and knocked out the fat cat directly.

Then he picked up the scissors, cut the mess with a sharp knife, and instantly cut the fat cat's abdomen and took out the blood-stained bomb.

The bomb weight is not small, and only this fat orange cat can hold it. Kogoro Maori used a T-shirt to bandage the orange cat that had been operated on.

There is only one minute left for the plastic bomb.

Seeing the constantly beating time, Miyamoto Yumi stepped on the accelerator of the patrol car and rushed all the way.

Because it is a police car, other vehicles all evade when they see such a ferocious driving.

Soon, the viaduct appeared in front of them.

But the distance is still very far away, and the bomb will explode in this residential area on the road before it reaches the open space over there at the speed.

With the size of this plastic bomb, it may explode in a large area, and there may be casualties if it explodes in this place!

Mouri Kogoro's brain is spinning fast, and all the terrain of Tokyo is instantly reshaped in his mind.

He immediately found a shortcut path, through the alley can quickly reach the open space on the river bank.

Kogoro Mori threw the cat into the back seat, then got up from the co-pilot position, stepped directly, and sat on Yumi Miyamoto's body. Everything that touched the road behind him was soft!

Miyamoto Yumi couldn't help exclaiming: "Mori-kun, what are you doing?"

"Don't talk, cooperate with me!"

"Oh!" Miyamoto Yumi easily accepted!

Mouri Kogoro took the steering wheel and stretched out Miyamoto Yumi's thighs with great flexibility.

The driving skills were instantly deployed, he slammed his foot on the accelerator, turned the steering wheel, and instantly rushed into a narrow alley next to him.

This alley was not a smooth road. A large section of it was a downward staircase. Kogoro Mouri drove down without hesitation.

Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!

Bounce bounce bounce bounce!!!

The screams continued, and the two soft balls behind him kept hitting Kogoro Moori's back along with the bumps.

In the end, Miyamoto Yumi couldn't stand the collision anymore, and he opened his arms and hugged Kogoro Mouri tightly, which made it much better.

The last section of the alley is uphill, and the speed of the patrol car at this moment is not slowing down, like a roaring giant beast, roaring up.


The patrol police car flew up with the scream of Miyamoto Yumi's annihilation, crossed a road, flew over the head of a car, and rushed into the open space by the river.

The owner of that car saw the police car flying by in the sky, his eyes widened, his line of sight shifted, and finally he reared behind and didn't notice the car ahead.

The police patrol car landed heavily on the downhill lawn, rushing down the river.

The numbers on the bomb's timer kept beating.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6...

At this moment, Miyamoto Yumi was in horror, while Moori Kogoro was engrossed, with a wicked smile on his lips.

At this moment, the perfect posture skills quietly transformed, and finally advanced to master driving skills.

Shifting gears, stepping on the foot brake, pressing the tires, using the body's inertia and matching the tire's grip on the grass, the vehicle speed is slightly reduced.

Miyamoto Yumi saw that the car was about to rush into the river, and the bomb on the side was about to explode.

She couldn't help but hugged Kogoro Mouri tightly in horror, and screamed: "No, I'm going to die before I have a boyfriend. Who will save me!"

5, 4, 3, 2...

Right now, Mouri Kogoro turned the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator to the extreme.

U-shaped swing drift!!!

The patrol car had just arrived at the river bank, a large wave of water blew up from the rear wheel, and a bomb in the wave flew out of the car window.

Mouri Kogoro slammed the steering wheel and accelerated the body a second time with the excess weight and speed of the front of the car after the tail flick and corner.

After drifting downhill, the speed of the car did not decrease at all, and it rushed uphill.


The bomb that was thrown off exploded over the river, and it was very powerful. A huge black smoke area appeared in the air, and bomb fragments continued to fall on the river.

The patrol car driven by Kogoro Moori has left the explosion area.

Only the air wave swept in, which happened to help the patrol car accelerate, and the car quickly climbed uphill and returned to a flat clearing.

Mouri Kogoro let out a sigh of relief and blew the hair on his head with a calm expression on his face, so handsome!

Miyamoto Yumi stared blankly at the side of Kogoro Mouri who was sitting on her.

I just took her to rush into the river to die!

How can you escape in an instant? This is too powerful!

The big fat cat behind him also stared at the two people in front of him in a daze, and could not help but let out a meow to brush his sense of existence.