Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 339

But what is strange is that after entering the first-class compartment, Conan said to go to the bathroom, and he has not returned since he went out.

This kid will not run into a case again, right?

Kogoro Mori plunged his mind into his mind and ordered V to play Conan's monitoring screen.

I saw Conan being knocked on his head by an uncle programmer.

The uncle programmer looked mischievous and cursed: "Little devil, you have quarreled me, stop pranking, or I will teach you."

Hearing this, Conan quickly fled back.

Item 0046

Looking at the surveillance video, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help frowning. This was on the second floor of Car No. 7. What did Conan run over there to do.

Seeing Conan being driven away by the uncle programmer, he ran to the stairs of the No. 7 car, and he secretly observed the four people in the car, Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but wonder.

This Japanese train is different from China's. Except for the first-class trains, the other trains are separated into two floors to carry more guests.

There are only a few dozen guests in this No. 7 carriage.

Fortunately, the previous monitoring screen V has been stored, and Mouri Kogoro ordered it to be replayed. Everything that happened after Conan left this room was repeated in Mouri Kogoro's mind.

It turned out that when the kid was going to the toilet, he met two men in black who looked like gin and vodka. He mistakenly admitted the two and started to follow them.

Although the two men in black were not in the dark organization, they happened to be terrorists.

They took the black suitcases to the restaurant car to trade with people, and then returned to their seats.

But Conan installed a bug in the seat when they left.

He overheard that the item being traded by the two men in black was coming from a bomb, and was shocked.

When stopping at Yokohama Station in the middle, the two men in black hurriedly got out of the car and left.

Conan wanted to stop the two men in black, but found that these two were not gin and vodka at all, so he was taken aback for a while, but the two men in black escaped.

Conan only knew that the bomb would start after 9:30 and explode at 9:40, and the black leather suitcase would explode in ten seconds after being violently shaken.

After analysis, he has locked the target of the transaction for the man in black among the four passengers on the second floor of Car No. 7.

They are programmers who are irritable to catch up with the program, a white-bearded grandfather who is dozing off with headphones, a quiet and elegant middle-aged lady, and a gangster with a golden necklace on his neck.

Each of these four people has a black box, which means that the bomb is in these four suitcases.

Now the time is almost 9:30, which means that there is only less than ten minutes to find the bomb.

Mouri Kogoro frowned and immediately realized that this was a Shinkansen explosion.

Sure enough, Conan is a catastrophe. There are cases wherever he goes, and he almost went into trouble without paying attention!

Once the bomb exploded on the Shinkansen, it would be a large-scale accident involving car crashes, and Kogoro Mori could not guarantee that everyone would be saved.

He no longer hesitated, gently picked up Hui Yuan, put it on the seat, and said: "Uncle goes to the toilet and will be back soon."

After that, he turned around and walked out, passing by the three women, his face as usual.

The automatic sliding door of the first-class carriage opened, and Kogoro Mouri walked out, speeding up.

He walked quickly without any panic, the passengers only felt a gust of wind passing by.

Soon Mouri Kogoro walked from the first-class car No. 2 to the No. 7 car, and then went up the stairs, and saw Conan leaning against the wall thinking hard.

When I met Kogoro Mori, it was a bursting chestnut that greeted Conan's forehead: "You kid, it took so long to go to the bathroom, why did you come here for so long?"

A big red envelope appeared on his head, but Conan's face was very happy.

He had suffered enough just now, and he told the flight attendant about the bomb on the train.

But every one of the flight attendants thought it was a kid's prank, and ignored him at all.

The flight attendant here didn't know that Conan was the little boy following Kogoro Moori.

After that, Conan worked hard to find black suitcases with bombs in different carriages, but wherever he went, he was despised wherever he went, and he won the title of a bear kid.

Now the savior is here, and as soon as Uncle Maori with strong reasoning ability appears, Conan tells everything.

Mouri Kogoro pretended to hear it for the first time, and looked at Conan suspiciously.

"Uncle Maori, you must believe what I said!" Conan looked excited, and the train really exploded, it would kill a lot of people!

Kogoro Mouri nodded and said, "I believe, but I believe, but you kid, how can you know so much?"

Conan couldn't help but sweat his forehead when he heard this. He touched his head and laughed: "It must be because I'm by Uncle Maori, I've seen too many cases, and I'm so confused.

"Really?" Kogoro Mouri seemed to smile.

Conan's face changed, he clung to the wall of his back, afraid to speak: Is it going to be seen through.

Seeing that Conan was almost scared, Kogoro Moori's expression recovered, and he said with a sincere voice, "Okay, but uncle doesn't want you to learn to be a detective. Uncle still hopes that you can be a mathematician. You have an extraordinary talent for mathematics, no What a pity to learn!"

"Well, go back to my uncle and give you a class. Don't be so naughty in the future, Conan, or I'm sorry to your mother who is mining in South Africa!"

A smile appeared on Kogoro Mouri's face.

Hearing Kogoro Moori said this, Conan's mouth twitched and his forehead twitched.

The mother of mining in South Africa, she is probably enjoying it in the mansion!

No, report to class, pills!

Conan was about to refuse, but saw that Mouri Kogoro had entered the seventh car.

He could only observe quietly from behind.

The children can only keep circling around these four people, but Kogoro Moori's words are quite different.

The black-clothed man's trading partner didn't know that the bomb in his box, thought it was information related to gold, so he could sit in this car safely.

Kogoro Mori walked past the car with more than a dozen people, and his eyes flicked over the four people. All the information was instantly captured.

At this moment, he is like Charlotte of the BBC, with a 49-point intelligence, and all relevant information automatically emerges from his mind. It is very easy!

According to the original anime, Kogoro Mori should be walking towards that elegant and intellectual lady and asking her for the black suitcase, but this is the real world, and he has his own judgment.

The brawny man with a golden necklace on his neck and a flowered shirt is a member of the underworld society and his rank is not low.