Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 346

After checking in and chatting with the boss, she was in a good mood and said, "Xiao Lan, senior sister, there happened to be a bonfire party and firework show nearby tonight. We can watch it together."

Xiaolan and Shumei also looked surprised.

Just as the garden was chatting, a young man walked out from the side, dark skin, with a broken short hair, wearing gray short sleeves and blue trousers, wearing reflective white glasses, light on his arms and corners of his eyes. His small wound was stuck with a hemostatic tape.

He is the son of the hotelier who came back to help after the holiday.

He took the luggage from the side and said, "Guest, I have been waiting for a long time. If you don’t check in as soon as possible, you can only take your luggage."

When he was talking, he walked up with his luggage, and the garden couldn't help but stared at the man: This waiter is too rude, there is no reason to talk to himself and direct the guests.

Sumi Tsukamoto frowned slightly when she looked at the son of the innkeeper. She seemed to have seen him somewhere.

Mouri Kogoro didn't care about this. He walked slowly up to the second floor holding Huihara, and then ordered Xiaolan to prepare the bed, and put Huihara on the paved bed.

The others went into their respective rooms to make repairs. Soon, the garden began to gather everyone to have lunch.

Starting at nine o’clock, it was originally eleven o’clock, but two hours have been delayed because of the bombing. Now it’s almost eleven o’clock, so naturally it’s time for lunch.

However, Kogoro Mori wanted to take care of Haibara, so he declined the invitation to Yuanzi.

Yuanzi suddenly looked disappointed, but soon regained his vitality and took the rest of the people to eat the famous seafood feast in Izu.

The three women walked in front of each other and kept talking together, while Conan walked behind with his hands in his pants with his hands in the blindfold.

However, he was quickly attracted by the passing bikini beauties, and he couldn't help but look at the passing women, completely ignoring Yuanzi and Shoumeijie's turning eyes.

Xiaolan whispered: "I'm right!"

Yuanzi couldn't help but look like a chill: "Xiao Lan, this little devil is so lustful, like watching that kind of film at home, it's disgusting!"

Tsukamoto Sumi could not help frowning: "The first time I saw this kind of child, he was too early to mature at a young age, Xiaolan, then why did you bring him here?"

"No way, after all, it's a child who lives in our house. It's really sad to throw him at home." Xiao Lan chuckled.

Chapter 0053 Xiaolan invited to buy a swimsuit

Conan greedily looked at the revealing bikini beauties along the way, but didn't know that the three girls in front could see their expressions all the way, and each of them became disgusted with Conan.

Soon, the four came to the famous seafood restaurant in Izu, and the group ordered a sumptuous seafood meal and happily tasted the food.


In the hotel room, Maori Kogoro quietly guarded the exhausted little Lori, his warm big hands gently smoothed the short brown hair of Lori, looking at this delicate little cute face, he really liked it more and more .

Xu Ye didn't smell the familiar smell, and she woke up shortly after leaving the Huihara from Kogoro Moori's arms.

All the way, sleeping soundly in the arms of Kogoro Maori, her state and physical strength have recovered a lot.

Huihara opened his big light blue eyes, still a little confused, his eyes lit up when he saw Kogoro Mori beside him.

Mouri Kogoro picked him up and said, "Little lazy pig, how come you can sleep like this?"

The agitated Loliyin said with a coquettish tone: "It wasn't you who caused it! Big bad guy, big pervert!"

Maori Kogoro kissed Huihara's little face: "Mua! Uncle is a pervert. Uncle is only perverted to Xiaoai!"

"Little Ai, how did you feel just now? Are you comfortable?"

Hearing this, Huihara's face was stained with blush, and he slapped Moori Kogoro's chest, and said, "I won't tell you!" She buried her head in Moori Kogoro's arms.

Comfortable, of course it was very comfortable just now, but how could a girl say this.

Kogoro Moori laughed openly: "Well, Xiao Ai has slept for so long, and has consumed so much energy. I haven't eaten lunch. Let's go to lunch with Uncle."

He put down the little Lolita, holding Hui Yuan's little hand with her big hand, and the two of them walked downstairs together.

Huihara was barely able to walk at this moment, but his walking posture was slightly different from usual.

Maori Kogoro looked at the scene of this little loli walking with a smile on his face. It was really interesting!

Huihara didn't take a few steps before stopping, staring at Kogoro Mouri with wide eyes.

Mouri Kogoro could only hold him up, and her little pink arm immediately wrapped his arms around Mouri Kogoro's neck, which gave a satisfied smile.

Mouri Kogoro walked downstairs holding Haibara, and he came to the hotel reception.

The innkeeper who was in his fifties was looking at the photo album, and when he saw Kogoro Mouri appeared, he quickly covered the photo album.

The innkeeper looked at Moori Kogoro with a complicated expression, but Moori Kogoro didn't care and asked, "Boss, is there any lunch available here."

The innkeeper said, "Yes, Ah Zhen, take this guest to the restaurant!"

This young man named Ah Zhen appeared out of nowhere. This guy was even darker than Hattori Heiji.

He led the two to the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, because it was already one o'clock in the afternoon, and there were fewer people in the restaurant after lunch.

The dark-skinned young man led Maori Kogoro to a dining table and turned around to help with the dishes.

Soon, he came up with a plate of food.

There are salmon sashimi, sushi, rice balls, seafood soup, lobster, grilled fish, and specialty drinks. The food is very rich and looks very delicious.

The young man then helped in the restaurant, tidying the table, greeting the guests, and serving dishes.

Although he has a cold look and expressionless face, his hands and feet are quick and he is hardworking.

Kogoro Mouri and Haihara started enjoying a big meal.

Huihara didn't sit across from the dining room. She had to sit in Kogoro Moori's arms. She didn't do it herself, but wanted to be fed.

Mouri Kogoro could only feed his own little loli.

But this Nizi was not sitting securely, she had to twist her waist, twist her hips, and Moori Kogoro was about to rise up.

She knew that Kogoro Moori would not do anything to her at this time, but she was unscrupulous.

Huihara couldn't help but smile triumphantly when he saw Uncle Maori's slumped expression behind him.

What a terrifying little fairy!

Mouri Kogoro was also helpless, restrained himself, and obediently fed Huihara a meal.


Had a lot of lunch, Huihara watched Moori Kogoro drank the last seafood soup, and said softly: "Uncle Mouri, it's strange, that guy has been watching us!"

Haibara was naturally referring to the guy named Ah Zhen. He turned his eyes to look at Kogoro Mouri from time to time while he was busy.