Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 360

Only then did Kogoro Mori remember that on the first afternoon when he came to Izu, when he hadn't even watched the fireworks show, someone spied on him. It turned out that that person was the big man who had been watching the garden!

Yuanzi couldn't help but look scared when he heard this, and hurriedly ran to Mouri Kogoro's side and hugged his uninjured right hand. The soft little chest with only the B cup was tightly against Moori Kogoro's arm.

"It's terrible, I didn't expect someone to have such terrible thoughts of me!"

Xiaolan and Tsukamoto Sumi saw this scene and couldn't help but roll their eyes and squint at the garden, but they couldn't say more!

Jingji really couldn't help frowning when he saw this scene.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Xiaolan, call the police again, and call the ambulance by the way. Otherwise, this guy might die?"

Yuanzi looked at Maori Kogoro dumbfounded: "Uncle Maori, are you so strong? Are you going to beat him to death?"

Kogoro Mouri glanced at the garden: "My power control is very precise, at most it will cause him serious injury and loss of resistance, but the few feet you kicked are too hard, you know, that is the vital part of the human body!"

Yuanzi blushed when she heard this, pretending to be soft and coquettish: "I hate it, uncle, people don't usually do this, I'm a lady!"

Hearing the shameless words of Yuanzi, two words sounded in everyone's hearts at the same time: Haha!

Chapter 0067

In the end, Kogoro Mouri was pulled to bandage the wound at Yuanzi's insistence.

Xiaolan wanted to help, but was pushed away by the garden.

Yuanzi's big amber eyes flickered, staring intently at the two deep dagger wounds on the palm of Kogoro Mouri, one on the palm and the other on the second knuckle.

Then she picked up the powder, sprinkled it on the wound, and then began to wrap it up with medical gauze.

Maori Kogoro looked at his left hand with pain on his face as his left hand was getting bigger and bigger, and finally became like a bear's paw, and his eyes twitched.

"How is it? Uncle Maori, I'm okay with my bandage!"

However, looking at Yuanzi's care, Mouri Kogoro didn't break it, and nodded in praise: "Yes! Not bad!"

The healing technique secretly stimulated the granulation in the wound of the left hand, and the palm under the gauze soon recovered.

Kogoro Mouri waved his hand, and took the gauze apart when he thought about going back.

Everyone was waiting in this hotel room, and Kyogoku really looked at Kogoro Mouri from time to time.

The eyes under the reflective glasses were jealous and suspicious!

Not long after, the sound of ambulance and police car came from a distance at the same time.

The curly-haired police officer Henggou and the police reappeared in front of Kogoro Mouri, along with medical staff from the hospital.

Officer Henggou was shocked when he saw the big man inlaid on the wall. Hearing that Kogoro Moori beat him into this picture with a punch, Officer Henggou immediately looked at Kogoro Moori in admiration. No doubt!

Finally, after listening to Kogoro Moori's judgment, he said that the guy who was beaten in the wall was the murderer of the serial murder.

Police Officer Henggou was also taken aback. He recalled Daori Masahiko who had been crying out injustice when he was recording his confession at the Metropolitan Police Department today.


Because Daori Masahiko never admitted, the police officers who took the confession used some small tricks to make Daori Masahiko a pot of delicious food.

Officer Henggou looked at the medical staff who were asking for advice, and quickly commanded: "Well, you guys be careful, dig this guy out of it, and then send it to the hospital."

He then turned to look at the police officer he had brought, and said, "You will bring a few more people to the hospital to guard him later, don't let him escape, you know?"

The inspecting officer in police uniform nodded quickly: "Hi!"

The medical staff hurried forward to help pull the sturdy man from the wall. This process was very difficult, with stones falling from time to time.

Finally, the police officers also stepped forward to help, and the big man finally lay on the stretcher, and there was a big human-shaped hole on the wall.

The big man curled up as soon as he reached the stretcher, tightly protecting his crotch.

Before he left, the sturdy man stared at the garden fiercely, and the garden quickly hid behind Kogoro Moori, not daring to look at his sight: "Uncle Mouri, I'm afraid!"

"It's okay, this guy won't be able to hurt people in the future!" There are a total of twelve stretches of Moori Kogoro's Ji Bengquan, eight of which escape from the body surface, and the remaining four are tightly wound. In this big man.

The hospital didn't see any problems, but as long as this guy wanted to use his strength, the tarsal collapse would burst out, and the pain was unbearable. It can be said that this guy will be useless in the future.

Besides, once this guy was caught and sentenced for his crimes, he would be sentenced to life imprisonment afterwards, and naturally there was no way to appear in the sight of everyone.

Officer Henggou bowed respectfully to Kogoro Maori and thanked him with respect: "This time, thanks to Maori detectives, I helped solve this serial murder and helped the victims get justice. "

"However, Maori detective and Miss Yuanzi, please come to the Metropolitan Police Department tomorrow if you can. After all, there are two cases, so let's follow the procedure!"

Kogoro Mouri nodded naturally, "Of course it's okay!"

The police officer Henggou led the team back. The arrival of the police car and the ambulance woke up the entire hotel, one by one, looking at the Maori group who was seeing off the police officer Henggou in the lobby on the first floor.

Soon someone recognized Kogoro Mouri!

"That seems to be our great Maori detective in Tokyo!"

"It seems to be him!"

"Did the murder happen again just now? It's too exciting, I would have gone up to watch if I knew it!"

"Don't talk nonsense, someone in the hotel was attacked just now, and the Maori detective grabbed the attacker. I was in the next room and I heard clearly. The guy who was taken to the hospital on the stretcher was Izu Link The murderer of the murder case."

The fat bald man at the top of the stairs looked content, like a storyteller, showing off what he heard.

When the crowd heard the bald fat man say this, they quickly surrounded him, and the atmosphere was very lively.

Kogoro Mouri naturally heard the murmurs of others, but he didn't bother to care about it. They were about to go back to their room.

At this moment, outside the hotel, a man in a fur suit and a hat appeared.

It was the hotel owner who had returned from the sea. He was very powerful and put a lot of pressure on every step.

He stood at the door of the hotel and took off the hat, and there seemed to be a flash of light in his eyes.

The murmurs of everyone in the hotel gradually lowered, and it seemed that they felt a serious atmosphere.

"Detective Maori, no, Kogoro Maori."

Hearing someone calling him to stop, Kogoro Mouri turned around, smiled slightly, and said, "Mr. Kyogoku, you finally don't pretend you don't know me!"

This person is the head of the Kyōgoku Budo, who was defeated by Moori Kogoro twenty years ago, Kyōgoku Mamoru.

It's just that for some reason, this martial artist, who was originally the same age as Kogoro Maori, has become so old, with deep wrinkles, almost an old man in his fifties.

"Mori Kogoro, I have remembered your name for 20 years, and I have remembered the big defeat 20 years ago for 20 years, it's like a nightmare!"