Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 368

Xiaolan nodded softly: "Well, Hetian Yona of Beihu Middle School is also a player in this karate competition. I lost to her the last time I competed!"

"Wow, it seems to be a real enemy, Xiaolan, you have to come on!" Maori Kogoro touched Xiaolan's head.


Wada Yangna quickly pressed the robber and the middle-aged lady to go to the Metropolitan Police Department, and the pedestrian street returned to calm.

Mouri Kogoro continued to drag Xiaolan through this dazzling array of streets.

There were relaxed smiles on their faces. Others didn't know they thought they were a couple!

In the clothing store, Xiaolan came out of the fitting room wearing all kinds of styles of clothes. She is completely a hanger. As long as she can wear it, she can control any style of clothes.

Kogoro Maori feasted his eyes, nodding and shaking his head constantly, and most of his clothes were bought by swiping his credit card. He was extremely bold, and looked like he spent a lot of money.

The female shopping guide on the side laughed from ear to ear at this scene.

From time to time, Xiaolan poked her head out of the fitting room and asked Mouri Kogoro in to help. Of course, Mouri Kogoro was bound to do so.

The most amazing thing for Kogoro Maori is that Xiaolan wore a dress that looked like a female vampire.

He was obviously a little angel, wearing a blood-red leather skirt, matching blood-red stockings, blood-red high heels, and a red ribbon tied on the blue silk. The temperament of the whole person changed suddenly.

Like a witch, the fascinating and evil charm makes people's hearts tremble.

Xiao Lan liked that costume very much and took it down soon!

However, this Nizi did not know if she turned on a peculiar switch when she bought a swimsuit in Izu.

After returning to Tokyo, all the underwear styles she bought were extremely exposed, almost all of them were erotic underwear styles.

Whenever he changed a set, he pulled Moori Kogoro into the fitting room and asked Moori Kogoro for advice.

Looking at Xiaolan who was wearing only underwear in front of him, holding his chest, and turning around from time to time, Moori Kogoro had long been dizzy, and he naturally nodded and praised him where he could give any advice!

This time I went shopping and bought dozens of clothes. Fortunately, the door-to-door service was very attentive. Otherwise, Kogoro Mori might be full of bags.

After buying the clothes, Xiao Lan was in a very happy mood, even walking a bit happily.

Xiao Lan hugged Mouri Kogoro's arm tightly, rubbing his arm with his soft chest without any scruples.

As soon as she saw what she wanted to eat in the street, she stared at Mouri Kogoro eagerly.

When a look came down, Kogoro Mouri couldn't stand it anymore, so naturally he obediently paid for it.

Ice cream, grass milk tea, hot sauce pancake...

This girl only buys one portion every time, eats a bite by herself, and then feeds it to Kogoro Mori.

You have a bite of ice cream, I have a bite of ice cream, you have a bite of milk tea, I have a bite of milk tea, you have a bite of hot sauce biscuits, I have a bite of hot sauce biscuits.

No, it's too spicy!Give it all to Dad!

Maori Kogoro could only deal with this devil hot cake with a bitter face.

The two of them quickly walked to a shooting shop, ten meters away, under a row of exhaust balls hung one by one plush dolls.

When Xiaolan saw one of the big white bears, she couldn't walk anymore, and looked at Mouri Kogoro eagerly: "Dad, I want that!"

Of course, Kogoro Mouri has no opinion. If you want to help Xiaolan relax, naturally it is all about Xiaolan!

"Boss, I want to try it once!" Xiaolan stepped forward and picked up the pistol, and Mouri Kogoro followed to give the money.


After five shots, none of the balloons burst, Xiao Lan continued to turn around, looking at Mouri Kogoro with eyesight.

Kogoro Mouri naturally followed suit.

There were five shots, ten shots, twenty shots, and thirty shots, all of which were nothing.

Mouri Kogoro couldn't help but frowned. Even if he tried his luck, he should knock down one or two.

The boss on the side couldn't help but laughed and said, "Guest, it seems that you really don't have the talent to play this game, so hurry up, don't waste your boyfriend's money!"

Xiaolan couldn't help but retorted: "Could it be your gun?"

"How is it possible? I have always been a young man in business. You give me the gun." The boss yelled like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and took the pistol in Xiao Lan's hand.

With a shot, a balloon was instantly burst.

Kogoro Mori instantly saw through the boss's trick. There were three buttons on the butt, the handle, and the gun body.

When shooting, press and hold these three buttons at the same time, the bullet can be shot smoothly and normally, otherwise the trajectory of the ball will be deflected, and naturally there will be no way to shoot.

Sure enough, no treacherous, no business!

Mouri Kogoro glanced at the plush dolls on the wall, there were fifty in total, most of which were very delicate.

He drew out 20,000 yen from his wallet and said, "Five more shots!"

The boss quickly took the money, and laughed from ear to ear: He was a fool again!

Behind Xiaolan, who came from Kogoro Mori, she hugged her daughter in her arms, and they both held a pistol in their hands.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Come on, Xiaolan, Dad teaches you how to do handguns!"

Item 0075

Mouri Kogoro put his arms around Xiaolan's soft body, tightly holding her small hands with both hands, but secretly pressed the three buttons.

Xu had never been so close to her father in front of outsiders, and Xiao Lan's face instantly turned red.

Mouri Kogoro's spear skills were displayed, aiming in the direction of the balloon, he gently said: "Xiaolan, shoot!"

The warm breath blew to Xiaolan's ears, and her little ears instantly turned red, and she didn't aim, completely trusting Kogoro Mouri, and shot directly.


A balloon burst in an instant, and the big white bear Xiao Lan wanted was in the bag.

"Dad, hit, hit!"

Xiao Lan turned around and throbbed with excitement around Kogoro Mori. There was really no one hitting people with the ball!

Upon seeing this, the boss instantly understood that Kogoro Mouri had held down the switch, and he quickly said, "Mr., only one person is allowed to shoot. Two people are not allowed!"

"Well, did your store just say this rule?"