Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 374

Kogoro Mouri stepped forward and touched Xiaolan's head: "Yes, we're done. From now on, I will be the consultant of the Kakimoto Foundation and the Suzuki Foundation."

Yuanzi heard this and his eyes lit up: "Then Uncle Maori, would you go to work at the head office of the Suzuki Consortium?"

If Kogoro Mori would go to work in the company, he would definitely go to the consortium’s company for an internship in the garden after the holidays.

It's a pity that Yuanzi didn't know that her mother was the first to board this month!

Mouri Kogoro shook his head: "This is not true. After all, I have too many facts, and my job as a detective, so I can only be a part-time job as a consultant."

Hearing a look of disappointment in the garden's eyes, she immediately saw that only Kogoro Mouri appeared, and asked: "Uncle Mouri, where is my mother? Didn't she come down together?"

"Mrs. Suzuki, she felt a little tired after the talk and said she was going back to the room to rest."

In the room on the second floor, Tomoko Suzuki, who had been killed to lose his armor and armor, was lying limp on the bed at the moment, not wanting to move a finger, and she could hardly get up in a short time.

Maori Kogoro pulled up Xiaolan and said, "Yuanzi, thank you for your hospitality today. I and Xiaolan will go back first."

"I'll see you off!" Yuanzi got up and followed the two of them.

The three of them came out of the hall, crossed the corridor, and walked all the way to the iron gate outside.

Xiaolan waved goodbye to Yuanzi, and when he was parting, Yuanzi shouted at Maori Kogoro: "Uncle Maori, remember to come and play frequently in the future. It's okay to come alone!"

When Xiaolan heard this, Moori Kogoro quickly picked up the pace.

When the two got into the taxi, Xiaolan immediately looked at Moori Kogoro seriously: "Dad, what Yuanzi said is a joke, don't take it seriously!"

"Of course not!" Kogoro Mouri nodded naturally.

The car quickly drove back to Maori's house. Huihara and Conan hadn't finished school, and there was no one in the family.

However, there are more than a dozen bags in the coffee shop on the first floor, all of which are new clothes that Xiaolan bought today.

After thanking the coffee shop owner Uncle Anzai, Xiaolan and Moori Kogoro took all the bags to the third floor.

With a bright smile on Xiaolan's face, who is rich in trophies, she has been holding the stuffed white bear, carrying the bag in and out.

After all the bags were taken into the room, she began to organize the newly bought clothes, with Kogoro Moori helping her.

Xiaolan took out the clothes she had bought with Kogoro Moori from the closet, and she looked regretful.

Because of the redevelopment of the breasts, most of the clothes I bought before did not wear it a few times, and they became unfit. It was too wasteful. This made Xiao Lan, who had always been frugal, very distressed.

Mouri Kogoro comforted: "Xiaolan, it's okay. Now my father has made a lot of money, just a few clothes, don't take it to heart, adjust your mentality, and the game is the right thing to do."

Xiaolan nodded when she heard this, her face improved a lot, and the two quickly arranged their clothes.

Standing in the room, Moori Kogoro looked at Xiaolan, then stretched out his hands and made a gesture of hugging.

Xiaolan blushed and moved obediently and fell into the arms of Kogoro Maori.

Mouri Kogoro gently stroked Xiaolan's back, and said, "Xiaolan, the game matters, just try your best. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. It doesn't matter if you don't win. Don't get hurt, or your father will be very bad. Distressed."

"Yeah!" Xiao Lan nodded, Maori Kogoro lowered his head and kissed Xiao Lan's white forehead, then let go of her good daughter and walked out of Xiao Lan's room.


The next day, the atmosphere in the Mihua Stadium in Tokyo was very warm, with countless high school students in school uniforms sitting together, forming a square formation.

There is also a banner hanging on the gymnasium: Japan National Youth Karate Competition.

Xiaolan has passed the preliminaries and preliminary rounds, and today's game is to compete for the championship.

Kogoro Mori pulled Concubine Yingri into the auditorium. As soon as the two walked in, they attracted everyone's attention. They were really handsome men and women, very seductive.

Conan was still following behind him. As for Huihara, after learning that Concubine Yingri would also go, this Nizi refused to say that she was going to experiment, but she didn't follow.

In fact, little Lolita still feels a little afraid of Concubine Yingri, a genuine empress.

As soon as Kogoro Moori and his party appeared in the audience, Yuanzi immediately stood up and waved and shouted, "Uncle Moori, here, I will help you take a good position!"

The garden frowned when he saw Moori Kogoro holding Fei Yingri, but her face quickly returned to normal. The last time Tsukamoto Sumi said pointed out the garden.

Anyway, do you still have a chance before getting married again?

However, Yuanzi was also clever, and did not dare to be too enthusiastic with Kogoro Mouri in front of Fei Yingri, and did not make Feiyingri suspicious.

Item 0081

Mouri Kogoro led Fei Yingri to the garden, which was young and lively in blue school uniform.

She alone occupies the best viewing positions at the front of the Didan High School phalanx.

Because contestants in the Youth Karate Competition are required to be under the age of twenty, most of them are students who meet the conditions, either high school students or college students, so most of them come to cheer for students.

Mouri Kogoro and Fei Yingli sat down, and the garden next to them looked at Xiaolan's mother sideways.

To be honest, because Kogoro Moori and Eirihime had separated long ago, the garden has never seen Eirihime many times.

This time, I felt that she had changed a lot. Her appearance was like her own mother, she became very young, and her skin was smooth and reflective, crystal clear, and extremely hydrated.

The pair of Danfeng eyes under the gold silk glasses had traces of laziness and queen aura, which was no less inferior to his own mother.

The beautiful leg in black stockings underneath is Yuanzi. The woman couldn't help but glance at it.

The most intriguing thing is Fei Yingli's puffed up breasts. It's too bad, and she really deserves to be Xiao Lan's mother. Compared to Xiao Lan, it is really worse than Xiao Lan!

Yuanzi looked at her chest and couldn't help lowering her head: I lost, how could this be compared? The only thing that can beat her is her own age, two years before she becomes an adult!

Feiying Hair Jue Yuan looked at herself from time to time, then turned her head and spoke gently: "Yuan Zi, what's wrong, why are you looking at Auntie?"

Knowing that Yuanzi is Xiaolan's best girlfriend, Fei Yingli is also very friendly to her.

Yuanzi decisively recognized the counsel, and said: "Aunt Yingli, you are really getting more and more beautiful. You look so good-looking, I can't help but want to look at it more!"

Hearing this, Concubine Yingli was happy for a moment: "Yuanzi, your mouth is so sweet, just like wiping honey!"

Sitting between the garden and Kogoro Moori, Conan glanced at the garden pretending to be a good girl.

He suddenly remembered his previous history of humiliation on a cruise ship. He had been spanked and spanked by the garden.

Die Bapo, let you taste the fear today!

Conan pretended to be innocent and said, "I clearly remember that Sister Yuanzi said that I would let Uncle Maori be her boyfriend every time she saw Uncle Maori. Aunt Yingli, what is her boyfriend, and can I eat?"

Hearing this, the atmosphere in the four-person room instantly solidified, Fei Yingli Danfeng's eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light flashed by.

Even with two seats separated, Yuanzi felt a little breathless.