Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 375

She hurriedly laughed and said: "It's all joking. I am a key member of the Uncle Maori fan support club. Everyone in the support club said that they want Uncle Maori to be their boyfriend. That's it!"

As she explained, she hammered Conan's head with her fist, and looked down at Conan from time to time: "Conan, you are so naughty. If your sister is joking casually, you can take it seriously. You obviously like watching porn movies. How can you not know what a boyfriend is!"

The garden was smashed so hard that Conan couldn't even hide. The child was already weak and couldn't resist.

Soon Conan's head was full of red packets!

Yuanzi's technique of blasting chestnuts is really self-explanatory without a teacher, and he will naturally learn it if he reads more.

There were tears in Conan's eyes, and he felt his head and gasped, hiss!

Hearing Yuanzi's explanation and seeing her barren figure, Feiying thought that no matter how animals and Maori Kogoro would attack Xiaolan's girlfriends, Feiying easily believed it, but the coldness in her eyes did not fade.

On the contrary, she was very interested in the few words Yuanzi just said.

"Yuanzi, what are you talking about porn movies?"

Yuanzi immediately said with a look of excitement: "I also heard what Xiaolan said. She said that Conan is very precocious and likes to watch pornographic movies and adult magazines by herself."

Hearing this fictitious remark, Conan immediately panicked, and hurriedly said: "This is fake, I have never done anything like this!"

He stretched out his hand to cover Yuanzi's mouth, but he was weakened by Yuanzi's one hand.

Yuanzi went on to say: "Don't think Conan is a child, in fact, he is very lustful. At Izu Beach, Xiaolan and I have secretly observed. Conan specially stared at those girls' breasts all the way."

"Tsk tusk tusk, people are big and small, but unfortunately they are all developing in an unhealthy direction."

Conan repeatedly defended, "Slander, pure slander, where did I ever do such a thing!"

"I knew you had a hard-headed boy. Fortunately, I have evidence, Qiang Qiang."

Yuanzi took out the phone, found the picture on the phone and handed it to Kogoro Moori and Hideri Mori.

"This was taken by me secretly during our vacation on Izu Beach a few days ago. Look, the look of this kid!"

In the picture, Conan on the beach saw a passing beauty with big breasts, staring at that beauty's chest intently, her eyes seemed to be flaming, her mouth opened very wide, and she looked like a soul.

Conan's face was ashamed when he saw the hard-wired evidence, especially when he knew that Xiaolan treated him the same way, it was even more heartache.

Concubine Yingri shouted: "You don't learn well at a young age, Kogoro, you have to discipline this kid!"

"That's natural!"

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help chuckles when he looked at Conan, who had been dubbed the lecherous kid.

At this moment, eight girls wearing white martial arts uniforms walked out of the martial arts stadium, and Xiao Lan was impressively listed.

Although wearing a helmet, blue gloves in his hand, and protective gear tied all over his body, Kogoro Mouri recognized his daughter at a glance and waved to her!

Upon seeing this, Xiaolan waved to several people quickly.

Yuanzi immediately became excited, and put Conan's affairs behind her head, her hands were trumpet-shaped in front of her mouth, and shouted: "Xiaolan, come on, hit me on the opposite side."

Hedong Lion Roar shook the audience as soon as he came out. Everyone looked at the garden in amazement. The little girl looked thin and weak. I didn't expect to be able to scream so loudly. I am afraid that most of the stadiums can hear this sound. Here it is!

The quarter-finals were quickly guided by the referee to draw lots. Two by two were paired. The winner was promoted and the loser was eliminated. Simple and crude, only one champion was chosen!

Xiao Lan quickly drew her opponent, a senior girl from Shuiyuan High School, who was the master of karate in her high school.

Mouri Kogoro glanced at him and determined that this girl was not Xiaolan's opponent.

After all, there are not many people who are as perverted as Tsukamoto Sumi and Kyogoku Ma.

Item 0082

Soon Xiaolan and the female high school students of Shuiyuan High School entered the competition field.

The current karate competition is different from 20 years ago. Twenty years ago, Kogoro Mouri and Shou Kyōgoku competed in martial arts. At that time, there were not so many rules. As long as who can win, whoever is the winner.

The current karate competition requires the use of karate skills to hit the designated position to score. The higher the score within three minutes, the winner will win.

The designated position is limited to the head, face, neck, abdomen, chest, back, side, and key positions are not allowed to attack.

Xiaolan went to the martial arts arena full of fighting spirit, and all four of the audience in the audience looked at her with concern.

There are four referees sitting in the four corners of the martial arts arena, holding the red and blue flags in their hands, and raising their flags when they see who scores.

Xiaolan and her opponent stood in the middle of the court and bowed to each other. The referee gave an order: "Go!"

The two of them put on the karate kicking pose, moving constantly, looking for opportunities.


Xiao Lan's eyes condensed and she stepped on the white field, her speed exploded in an instant.

The blue glove hit the opponent's head directly, and the female high school student from Shuiyuan High School had no time to resist and was hit instantly.

After playing with Kogoro Mori and Sumi Tsukamoto for a long time, Koran naturally knows how to seize the opportunity.

She gained power and did not forgive, and then kicked out with another kick. The mid-stage kick directly hit the opponent's abdomen, kicked it two or three meters high, and fell heavily to the ground.

Fortunately, there is a protective gear in the martial arts uniform, so that it will not be injured, otherwise, this foot will be enough to kick him seriously.

The four referees kept raising the blue flag, and the scorer in the distance kept adding points.

"Sen's enough! Xiaolan is really amazing, that Shuiyuan High School is not an opponent at all!"

Such an amazing rolling offensive is extremely rare in this arena, and the students of Didan High School cheering for Xiaolan suddenly boiled.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but smile proudly: "You don't look at whose daughter it is, who taught this karate!"

Yuanzi immediately put his hands on his chest and looked at Maori Kogoro in admiration: "Of course this is all due to Uncle Maori. Xiaolan's karate is only so powerful because of the true biography of Uncle Maori!"

While talking, Yuanzi picked up Conan, who was full of red packets, and sat down beside Moori Kogoro, leaving Conan on the outermost side.

Yuanzi just missed the post on Mouri Kogoro.

Conan couldn't help but glanced at the garden without a word. He cursed at Bapo in secret, and then turned his attention to the arena again.

Hearing the flattery, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help grinning triumphantly.

Fei Yingli glanced at Kogoro Mori for a blank look, and said, "I was born with Xiaolan. There is a mother who takes first place in everything. Of course it is not a problem to deal with such small scenes."

"Well, well, it's all your credit!" Mouri Kogoro directly hugged Concubine Hideri with his big hand, and continued to watch how his daughter crushed the opponent.

Upper kick, middle kick, lower kick, side kick, straight punch, uppercut...