Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 377

Maori Kogoro smiled, this is still his own credit!

If you talk about doing it, just get down, without any moisture!

Kogoro Mori looked at Conan's position, shook his head, and then turned to look at the game on the court.

Surprisingly, Xiaolan was actually at a disadvantage.

Because when she was fighting, she accidentally caught a few people talking with her father, and didn't look at herself, so she couldn't help but fall in love.

However, Hetian Yangna seized the opportunity, and under a series of combos, Xiaolan was beaten to the ground, her hair covered with sweat under the helmet.

Hetian Yangna raised his brows, and said, "I dare to be distracted when competing with me. It seems I was underestimated."

Seeing Xiaolan being suppressed, Yuanzi couldn't help it anymore. He didn't know where he took out a horn, jumped up and shouted excitedly: "Xiaolan, focus, focus, show persistence, show fighting spirit, Hold on!"

The sound of Hedong Lion's roar and horns was exactly like a lion's roar. When people heard that the little girl in Yuanzi was so excited, they couldn't help but laugh at Yuanzi.

But Yuanzi completely ignored the opinions of others.

Kogoro Moori took the horn of the garden and started shouting: "Lan, calm down and hold on. Dad believes you can do it."

Hearing the voice of Maori Kogoro, a bright light flashed in Xiao Lan's big eyes, she propped up her body, stood up, her eyes lit up with Xiongxiong fireworks: I don't want to let my father down!

At this moment, Xiao Lan seemed to be burning with raging flames, and when she turned around, golden light seemed to flash across her eyes, and the referee couldn't help being shy.


Xiao Lan's speed broke out completely and rushed towards Wada Yangna.

An incredible flash of Wada Yangna's eyes, this speed is too fast!

The speed gained by practicing the guidance technique exploded at this moment, and Xiaolan instantly approached Wada Yangna's body...

The blue gloves passed through Wada's hands like a flash of blue lightning and hit her in the chest.

Hetian Yangnai's green eyes couldn't believe it at all, she had already made a defensive posture, but it was too fast, she couldn't stop it at all!

how is this possible?How could it be possible that in just one year, the defeated opponent has become so powerful?

Immediately after Xiaolan kicked Hetian directly in the back with a round kick, she staggered and lost her center of gravity.

In the lower, middle, and upper stages, three consecutive kicks kicked He Tian Yangna's abdomen, chest and neck, and kicked him out instantly.

A referee sat in the direction of flying out, and the referee dodged with a blue flag.

There was an uproar in the audience, and I did not expect that there would be a crushing scene in the finals.

And this action is so beautiful, clean and neat, it makes people unable to fault it, and it looks pleasing to the eye.

All three of Kogoro Mori in the audience looked happy.

"Good job, Ran!" Moori Kogoro's praise reached Xiaolan's ears, and a smile appeared on Xiaolan's face.

Wada Yangna hammered the floor unconvincingly, and stood up again, thinking that she was just careless.

But when she and Xiaolan start the next round again, the scene is exactly the same as before!

Wada Yangna was completely pressing and hitting, with no strength and speed, and soon he was beaten to the ground again.

The blue flag kept being raised, and Xiaolan's score kept stacking up.

Once three minutes were up, the referee stepped forward and shouted: "The game is over!"

A look of loss immediately appeared on Hetian Yangna's face, and she knew she was defeated.

Sure enough, the referee sitting on the red table stood up and announced: "The red player He Tian Yona has an effective score of seven points, and the blue player Mo Lilan has an effective score of 68 points. The winner is the blue player Mo Lilan! "

The referee on the field raised Xiao Lan's right hand.

Behind the students of Tedan High School suddenly cheered, and the trio of Mouri Kogoro stood up excitedly.

He hugged the equally excited Fei Yingri into his arms, and the garden behind him leaped up and hung it on Kogoro Moori's back, laughing with a big heart: "Uncle Moori, Xiaolan won Yeah, Xiaolan won!"

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Mouri Kogoro watched his daughter stand on the highest point of the podium and waved to himself, he couldn't help but smile.

Soon the game was all over, and the players left the field one after another. Xiaolan, who had changed back to plain clothes, came up from the aisle next to him with trophies and medals, and came to Kogoro Mori.

Xiao Lan originally wanted to put Moori Kogoro in the arms, but when she saw her mother on the side, she stopped and only showed the three of them the trophy in her hand.

Upon seeing this, the garden on the side accepted the glass trophy with a surprised look: "Sure enough, with the help of Miss Ben, Xiao Lan, you finally won the national championship. You will be called the champion Lan in the future!"

Xiaolan smiled sideways: "It's not that exaggerated, Yuanzi!"

"But I really want to thank Yuanzi for his help, for giving us such a good training dojo, providing me with my new martial arts uniform, and cheering for me so loud just now, Yuanzi, thank you."

Hearing this, Yuanzi waved his hands and laughed: "What are you polite, Xiao Lan, are we best friends!"

Maori Kogoro stepped forward, hugged Xiao Lan in his arms, hugged his baby daughter tightly, and bowed his head gently and said, "Lan, I know you can do it!"

Seeing her mother next to her, her father dared to be so bold, Xiao Lan's heartbeat soared, her cheeks flushed quickly.

Fei Yingli didn't feel anything unusual, she also had a full smile on her face, walked up to touch Xiaolan's head, and said, "Xiaolan, you have done a great job. Mom will rely on you for protection in the future. Up!"

Seeing her mother didn't have much reaction, Xiao Lan became bolder, and reached out to hug Mouri Kogoro's waist.

Doing this blatantly with her father in front of her mother made Xiaolan feel dizzy.

However, Kogoro Mori quickly let go of his daughter and said: "To celebrate the competition, I have already reserved dinner at the lookout restaurant in the Mihua Central Building. Let's go there for dinner later!"

"Yuanzi come together!" Hearing the invitation, Yuanzi nodded repeatedly.

However, Xiaolan soon discovered the abnormality and asked: "Conan, I just saw him cheering on me too!"

The garden on the side said: "You said that lecherous kid, that guy said to go to the bathroom, and then he didn't know where he went."

"Uncle Maori called him just now, he said the game was too boring, so he went back alone!"

Hearing this, Xiao Lan didn't react much.

At this moment, a female voice appeared.


When everyone turned their heads, they saw Xiaolan's opponent, Wada Yangna of Beihu Middle School, walking over. She was still wearing a karate uniform.