Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 378

Yuanzi immediately guarded Xiaolan, and yelled: "Why, don't you admit it if you lose, do you want to get back in private? With me here, you don't want to bully Xiaolan."

Hetian Yangnai's green eyes cast a blank look at the garden, and he said, "Don't worry, I have no malice. I just want to ask Maori classmates."

When Yuanzi heard this, he turned away and let Wada Yangna come over.

Wada Yangna looked at Xiaolan with a serious face, and asked, "I'm very curious, what the Maori classmate has gone through this year, how much progress has been made, you were not my opponent last year, and now, I will even wear your clothes. I can't touch the corner!"

Xiao Lan laughed, put his arms around Kogoro Moori's arm, and said, "Because my father is a karate master, today my father trained me personally, so I will improve quickly!"

Wada Yona turned her head and looked at Moori Kogoro. Looking at this mature and handsome man, she quickly recognized it, and said excitedly: "I recognize you, you are a great Maori detective, right? So you are a classmate Maori. Father, if it were you, it would explain it!"

Seeing Hetian Yangna’s excited expression, the garden said vigilantly in his heart: "Hey, Uncle Maori does not accept apprentices. Don’t think that you pretend to be a fan and think of apprenticeship. It’s impossible to point you to karate. You will die. This heart!"

A mathematics elder sister who worshiped Moori Kogoro as a teacher has long become a serious problem for the garden. She naturally has to take precautions before it happens, and stifle Wada's thoughts invisible.

Wada Yangna laughed confidently: "I never thought about going to a teacher. If I lose this year, I lose. I will train well after I go back. Mao Lilan, I will definitely defeat you next year!"

"Okay, I'll wait!" Xiaolan nodded seriously.

Watching the energetic girl leave, a look of appreciation flashed in Mouri Kogoro's eyes.

The spectators nearby also began to leave the stadium, and Moori Kogoro and his party also exited the stadium and left the Mihua Stadium.

When everyone got in the car, Lexus drove in the direction of the Mihua Central Building.

It was almost seven o'clock in the evening after the game, and the sky outside had already darkened.

Fei Yingli is still looking at the medals Xiaolan won, happier than she has won.

Xiao Lan, who was in the back seat, couldn't help but said, "Dad, did you watch me play the whole game?"

"Of course there is. I also know that you used the twisting kick that Mei taught you three times, and all of them hit your opponent. They played beautifully!"

Xiao Lan pouted: "A lie, I saw you talking to Yuanzi, you clearly didn't pay attention to my game!"

Unexpectedly, Xiaolan was thinking about this, and Kogoro Mouri shook his head and chuckled.

Yuanzi said, "That's because Officer Mumu called and said that a case happened, or it happened at the house of someone I know, so Uncle would say a few more words to me!"

"Case?" Xiaolan tilted her head in confusion.

Yuanzi then said: "Xiaolan, do you remember Mr. Seba who came to my house yesterday? Obviously received a warning that he should cancel the banquet, otherwise he would be killed. He just didn't believe it, my mother recommended his uncle to help investigate him. Not willing, something really happened now!"

"Sergeant Megome said this!"

When Xiaolan heard it, she quickly said, "Dad, then you don't want to go!"

Mouri Kogoro shook his head and said: "Today, Xiaolan, you won the championship. At such an important moment, how can I go away!"

When Xiaolan heard this, a touch of emotion appeared on her face.

Kogoro Mouri continued, "Furthermore, the police of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are all elite. I believe they can handle this case."

The main reason is that Conan has already gone, and Kogoro Mori intends to leave the case to Conan to solve it.

Fei Yingli frowned and said, "A good reputation is hard to come by. It needs to be maintained. Moreover, Mumu called you to ask you for help. You must have a difficult problem. You should help!"

Fei Yingli still has a sense of justice.

Xiao Lan also echoed: "Dad, it's okay, we can celebrate tomorrow, the case is still more important!"

Seeing that both mother and daughter insisted, Mouri Kogoro stopped the car and said, "Well, Hideri, come and drive and wait for me on the top floor of the Mihua Central Building. I have covered that floor, you guys. Wait for me there!"

"Xiao Lan, give Dad 30 minutes, I will settle the case, and I will go to the Central Building to meet you soon."

thirty minutes???

When the three girls heard this, they looked at Mouri Kogoro with some doubts. It took more than 20 minutes to go back and forth, right? There is a little time left to solve the case???

Kogoro Mori smiled confidently: "Well, it's already eyebrows. If it goes well, the case can be solved!"

"Sigou, Sigou, Uncle Maori is really invincible in the world!" Yuanzi trusted Kogoro Maori completely and immediately looked at him admiringly.

Fei Yingli couldn't help but chuckle with satisfaction: "You guy, are you thinking about a case as soon as you hear the phone? But you really have you, and I don't want to go."

Kogoro Mouri really didn't want to go, and it didn't matter if he had a few thousand points. There was Conan, so it didn't matter if he didn't go.

But if his wife and daughter have a strong sense of justice, then they can only go for a while!

Item 0085

Soon Kogoro Mori came to Seba Juntoku's villa on Kuroishi Street, and the outside of the villa was guarded by the police.

A banquet was held today. Many people from the upper class attended the banquet here, and all the murder cases were stranded on the scene.

As soon as Kogoro Moori came to the scene, the police officer guarding the door opened in surprise: "Detective Moori, you are here!"

These police officers were naturally very happy to see Moori Kogoro. Every time Moori Kogoro appeared, the next case would be quickly concluded, and they would get off work earlier.

So they also wished that Mouri Kogoro would appear frequently.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Did you see a kid in a blue suit sneaking in?"

The police officer at the door hurriedly said: "Yes, he said it was your assistant from the Maori detective who came to help collect information."

Hearing a few pound keys appearing on this Kogoro Moori's head, Conan was cheating everywhere again under his own name.

He stepped up the stairs and entered the villa.

As soon as Moori Kogoro entered the villa, the police officers met each greeted him one by one. The upper-class people in the lobby also showed surprise when they saw Moori Kogoro.

"The Maori Detective is here too, so the case should be resolved soon!"

"Great. I have been trapped here for three hours. If I can solve it quickly, I won't have to suffer here if I go back soon!"


In the crowd, an elegant woman opened her eyes, her scarlet eyes staring at Kogoro Mouri.

Conan, who sneaked into the crime scene on the second floor, heard the commotion downstairs, and ran out quickly. After seeing Kogoro Mouri, Conan couldn't help panicking: Isn't Uncle Mouri unable to tell?

He had just avoided Police Officer Megumi and Mikako Sato before finally finding a chance to sneak into the scene of the crime.

Now I have to leave first, otherwise I won't be able to explain why I'm here after I'll knock down Kogoro Moori!

hateful!Already have a clue!But there is no way to continue the investigation!

Before Kogoro Moori stepped up, Conan quickly climbed down the stairs, got into the crowd of high-class people, and then sneaked out.