Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 379

Officer Megome and Mikako Sato greeted him. Officer Megume saw Kogoro Mouri's face with surprise, while Mikako Sato looked softly at Kogoro Mouri, with a hint of affection in her purple eyes.

"Brother Maori, you can count it!"

"Sorry for keeping you waiting."

"How is Xiaolan's game?"

Kogoro Mouri smiled proudly: "This girl is still struggling and won a national karate championship."

Officer Mumu congratulated him repeatedly, and the three quickly walked to the third floor room.

Miwako Sato introduced on the side: "The deceased was Mr. Yamazaki, the head of the Rice Flower Bank. He was fifty-two years old this year. He was stabbed to death on the bed while resting in the room on the third floor at about two o'clock in the afternoon."

"According to the wound, the murder weapon should be a dagger-like blade, but it was not found at the scene. The room was locked from the inside, and the only key was in Mr. Yamazaki's pocket."

"The only thing open at the scene is the balcony window facing the atrium."

"It was the housekeeper of the Seba family who found the body. Because he couldn't knock on the door and didn't have a spare key, he and the maid opened the door with tools, only to find Mr. Yamazaki who was dead on the bed!"

The three of them came to the room on the third floor. Kogoro Mouri looked at the door and the corpse, and then walked straight to the balcony.

He took a close look at the structure of the balcony, and a smile immediately appeared on his face.

At this time, Officer Takagi ran up and said anxiously: "Officer Megome, Mr. Seba is already a little dissatisfied. He said that it was too long, and he yelled below that he wanted to see you!"

Officer Megome and Officer Takagi went downstairs to comfort Mr. Seba, and only Kogoro Mouri and Mikako Sato were left on the balcony.

Seeing no one else, Sato Mikako's face immediately became serious. She pushed Moori Kogoro to the wall and slammed it against the balcony wall.

Purple eyes stared at Moori Kogoro closely: "Moori-kun, say, what did you do with Yumi? Yumi has been talking about you for a while!"

Maori Kogoro raised his eyebrows, Yumi-chan, a beautiful traffic policeman, and an avid fan.

The last time the two kissed in the car, they were both on the initiative of Yumi. Speaking of which, I really have to find a chance to meet this fanatical female fan of myself and have a long-cherished wish!

Kogoro Mori smiled: "Mikako, Yumi and I didn't do anything. The last time I borrowed her patrol car and threw the bomb under the viaduct. I encountered it at that time, and I never had a chance to knock it down. ."

"But you know, Yumi is my fan, and it's normal to follow me!"

Kogoro Mori gently put his arms around Sato Miwako's elastic waist, and turned his back on the guest. The positions of the two changed instantly, but Miwako was stuck on the wall.

There was a smirk on Kogoro Mouri's face: "Mikako, you care about Yumi so much, aren't you jealous?"

"Well, how can it be possible to eat your jealousy!"

Feeling that Kogoro Moori's hands started walking around him, Mikako Sato couldn't speak easily.

Kogoro Mori touched the big bump of Mikako Sato with his left hand, his skin was smooth and elastic, and his right hand slowly moved up from the waist, clutching a soft ball.

Sato Miwako tremblingly said, "Kogoro, don't you, don't be too much!"

"Is it too much? I don't think it is too much. Isn't it okay to touch my own woman?" Mouri Kogoro said aggressively.

Hearing this, Mikako Sato's face instantly burst into red, and his head buzzed, and five words echoed all the time:'My own woman!'

Is this a confession???

Her mind short-circuited, and even Kogoro Moori didn't do anything to stop it!

Mouri Kogoro kissed the frozen mouth, and looked at the stunned Mikako Sato underneath. It was very interesting.

Although Miwako was stunned, she still cooperated obediently. Her bare hands did not know when she had already held Mouri Kogoro's back.

Kogoro Mouri slowly let go of Miwako Sato's mouth, looked at this delicate little face, and said gently: "Okay, we have to solve the case!"

Hearing the word "solve the case", Mikako Sato immediately recovered and said, "Kogoro, do you know the murderer of this case? Why are you here so soon?"

Maori Kogoro smiled: "This kind of simple case will be finished in a few minutes, let's go, little vinegar jar!"

Mouri Kogoro touched Mo Mi Kazuko's head, took her and walked downstairs.

Item 0086

Kogoro Mouri brought Mikako Sato to the first floor, and he heard Juntoku Seba in a wheelchair shouting angrily: "Officer Megume, you are endless, I don’t have time to play this kind of fruitless with you. Search!"

"All you have left are my most distinguished guests and the most prestigious people in Tokyo. If this continues, I will have to talk to Chief Police Officer White Horse!"

Seba Zuntoku kept talking, hoping that the investigation would end here, and the guests on the side also complained.

"When will it end? I still have important things to deal with!"

"Yes, I have to go back with my wife and children!"


Police Officer Mumu comforted everyone with sweat, and said: "Please cooperate. The murderer must still be hidden in this villa. Please wait patiently!"

Kogoro Mouri walked down from the top of the stairs and said, "Everyone, I have figured out this case."

Maori Kogoro's voice was not loud, but it clearly spread to everyone's ears.

For a while, the noise slowly subsided, and everyone looked at the handsome Moori Kogoro on the stairs, with surprise in their eyes.

How long has he been up there? He will solve the case in less than three minutes?

When Mori Kogoro came to Seba Juntoku, Seba Juntoku's face turned ugly in a wheelchair.

"Meet again, Mr. Seba."

Officer Mumu couldn't help asking, "Māori, do you know him?"

Kogoro Mori looked at Seba Juntoku with a smile but a smile: "Well, I met at Suzuki's house yesterday. Mrs. Suzuki also wants me to help investigate the incident of Mr. Seba's banquet horror letter."

"Unfortunately, Mr. Seba said no, otherwise this unfortunate case would not happen today!"

Hearing this Seyu Zunde burst out all of a sudden, he shouted: "Don't talk about those useless, you didn't mean to know who the murderer is, then please tell me as soon as possible, what a detective, I think you have a false name! "

Kogoro Mouri chuckled lightly, and said, "Why is Mr. Seba in such a hurry? Is there a ghost in his heart!"

"Okay, back to the topic. In the crime scene on the third floor, Mr. Mikoto Bank's Mr. Yamazaki was killed in the room. The door was locked, only the balcony window was open."

"In other words, the murderer sneaked in from the balcony, killed Mr. Yamazaki, and escaped from the balcony."

Mrs. Sewa on the side said, "That's on the third floor. The windows in the left and right rooms are locked, and there are no footprints under the balcony. How can you escape from there?"

Mouri Kogoro said, "The murderer sneaked into the room from the balcony opposite the crime scene and committed the crime."