Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 393

"What's wrong, Xiao Ai?"

Moori Kogoro touched Huihara's little head, and Huihara opened his mouth and said, "Doropega Paradise!"

Maori Kogoro chuckled lightly, pulled Huiyuan over, and hugged it in his arms: "Is it because my uncle did not take you to the amusement park? Don't be angry, this time it’s your sister Xiaolan’s sole reward. How about uncle taking you alone next time?"

Huihara smiled satisfied and snuggled into Kogoro Moori's arms and started drinking tea.


However, when they were sleeping and resting at night, Huiyuan and Xiaolan quarreled again.

Mouri Kogoro sat on the bed and watched the two women in pajamas face each other at the door.

The two girls faced each other, and Xiao Lan took the lead and said: "Hui Yuan, you are already this old, you should learn to sleep by yourself. Besides, if your sister asks your dad for advice on martial arts, go back first!"

Huiyuan didn't retreat half a step, and a cold light flashed in his light blue eyes: "Please ask martial arts, but isn't the karate competition just over? Why do you still need to ask!"

"And in the past two days you said to ask martial arts, I got up in the middle of the night and found that there was no one in your room, and you didn't go back to your room to sleep at all!"

Xiaolan became embarrassed all of a sudden: "Hui Yuan, you have to figure out that I am my father's daughter, not you. What is the relationship between me and my father, but you, do you want to steal my father!"

Huihara sneered all of a sudden, spit out a few words: "Abnormal! Father control!"

As if being poked at the center, Xiao Lan quickly countered: "Little pervert! Uncle control!"

The two women scolded the uncle for control and the other scolded the father for control. It was quite lively!

Maori Kogoro couldn't help but sighed, but he couldn't let them continue like this. He rushed up quickly, picked up one in one hand, and closed the door with his feet.

He threw both women on the bed and said: "Stop fighting, let's rest together!"

But the two women on the bed were a little resistant, and they continued to argue.

Then Kogoro Mouri folds Xiaolan and Haibara together, and starts spanking one by one.

Xiao Lan is more able to bear it, and his strength is greater, while Hui Yuan's body is weak and his strength is less.

Thirty strokes later, the two women's buttocks were red, and under the punishment of Kogoro Moori, they both became honest.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Isn't it enough? It's just a rest, can't you just sleep together?"

The two women didn't speak, and flames ignited in their eyes.

Xiao Lan finally understands why Hui Yuan has been unable to get close to her. It turns out that this young girl likes her father.

At this moment, Kogoro Moori turned off the light in the room, and he walked to the middle of the bed, then he hugged the two women, covered them with a blanket, and the room instantly became quiet.

"Don't make trouble anymore, take a rest, and we will go to Karuizawa tomorrow!"

Mouri Kogoro hugged the two women and frightened his hands. He did use his force just now, and both women suffered some minor injuries.

He couldn't bear the two women continuing to endure the pain to sleep, so the treatment was performed, and Su Su's numb energy lingered in the two women's hips.

The two hummed at the same time, and both blushed.

Maori Kogoro embraced the two beauties, big and small, felt the softness in his hands and smelled the refreshing fragrance, a smile on his face was contented, and he slowly fell asleep.

Item 0100

Maori Kogoro seemed to dream that he was eating steamed buns, with a big steamed bun in his right hand and a small steamed bun in his left hand. It was extremely soft and powerful, which made people want to stop.

However, waiting until the next morning, he woke up from his sleep, only to find that the bed was empty, and he set up a tall tent.

No more chicken or ice cream when you wake up early!

The ancients are not deceived by me, and the three monks have no water to drink. This is the reason.

Mouri Kogoro waited for himself to calm down before leaving the room.

Breakfast was already prepared outside, and Xiaolan and Hui Yuan both finished their meals.

The two women were sitting on the sofa, one watching TV and the other watching fashion magazines. They didn't talk to each other. The atmosphere seemed a little weird.

Hui Yuan glanced at Xia Yuan, Xiao Lan glanced at Hui Yuan, her eyes crossed, as if there was lightning lingering in it.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but touch his forehead, and the relationship between the two seemed worse than before.

Conan, who was eating at the table, saw the two women with extremely gloomy aura, and he ate breakfast tremblingly for some reason.

After breakfast, Kogoro Mouri took everyone to the appointment with Eri, and went to Karuizawa in Nagano Prefecture, while Eri was leaving with her colleagues in her office.

As for asking for leave from school, it's no longer a problem.

After meeting Tomoko Suzuki before, I mentioned it to her during a fight in bed.

Tomoko Suzuki used funds to invest in the Didan Education Group in the name of Kogoro Moori.

Kogoro Mori naturally became the chairman of Tedan Elementary School and Tedan High School, and the request for leave was settled in one sentence.

The car departs towards Karuizawa, a famous summer resort in Japan. It is located in Nagano Prefecture and adjacent to Gunma Prefecture. There are many luxurious villas and it is a gathering place for the upper class.

The scenery there is very good, because of the topography, it is just surrounded by Mount Asama, Bakiyama, and Ubing Ridge, and it is also very cool in summer.

More than an hour later, Lexus came to the agreed hotel to stay in. The hotel was very luxurious. There was also a swimming pool on the first floor. There were many young girls in swimsuits swimming.

This hotel was booked by Saku Fushi. It was the goatee man in the office last time, and the man who peeked at Concubine Hideri and Kogoro Mouri.

Kogoro Mouri came to the front desk to ask, and the front desk clerk said that the others had not arrived yet.

Kogoro Mori couldn't help frowning and said, "Calling Yingri this morning, they obviously set off first. Why haven't they arrived yet?"

Xiao Lan grabbed Maori Kogoro's arm and smiled: "It must be my father who has superb car skills. He drove fast and steady all the way, so we arrived first!"

Seeing that the two are so close, Hui Yuan on the side frowned.

Kogoro Mouri stepped forward and asked the front desk staff for the four room access cards, and then took everyone to the room on the sixth floor.

Everyone put their luggage in the room and then returned to the lobby on the first floor to wait.

Kogoro Moori returned to the swimming pool on the first floor holding Huihara, and a few people enjoyed the coolness by the pool.

Conan, the little devil's sight, was instantly attracted to the girl in the swimming suit in the swimming pool. He was frustrated in love at this moment and indulged himself.

On the other hand, Haibara's expression in Kogoro Maori's arms was quite triumphant, as if gaining the upper hand, making a defiant face at Xiaolan in the chair next to him.

Xiaolan frowned when she saw this.