Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 394

Seeing the appearance of the two women not dealing with each other, if this is completely known, the Shura field will not be able to escape properly.

Kogoro Mouri couldn't help but feel a little distressed. If this goes on, the party in Karuizawa will be uncomfortable.

Thinking of this, he stood up holding Hui Yuan and said: "Xiao Lan, you are waiting for your mother here, Hui Yuan clamored to eat ice cream again, I will take her to buy it!"

Xiao Lan nodded and smiled: "Sure enough, he is a small kid who is always clamoring for ice cream!"

Huihara quickly retorted: "Where did I say to eat..."

Moore Kogoro covered his little mouth before he was halfway through.

Mouri Kogoro disappeared into the sight of Xiaolan and Conan holding Huihara, then turned around and walked back to the hotel.

Hui Yuan quickly said, "Uncle, isn't this the place to buy ice cream?"

Kogoro Mouri touched Huihara's little head and smiled: "There will be ice cream that Huihara likes!"

He took the elevator back to the sixth floor, Hui Yuan quickly realized what would happen next, and his face flushed immediately.

Mouri Kogoro swiped the card in Huihara's room, locked the door after entering the room, and then walked to the bed with Lori in his arms.

Mouri Kogoro put Huihara on the bed, then stood by the bed with a wicked smile on his face.

Looking at such uncle Maori, Hui Yuan was a little frightened, and quickly retracted to the corner of the bed, with his two short legs closed...

She held the pillow to her chest, with a look of love and fear in her big light blue eyes.

"Little Ai, your performance was very bad last night and today, how could you have trouble with your sister Xiaolan?"

"Too bad, uncle decided to punish you!"

While taking off his clothes, Mouri Kogoro climbed onto the bed, grabbed the small feet of Huihara curled up in the corner of the bed with his big hands, and pulled him over.

Little Lori immediately let out an agitated exclamation, but she couldn't resist.

……Two thousand words are omitted here……

Forty minutes later, Xiao Lan, who was sitting in the cafe, called Kogoro Mouri, but the call was never made.

Fei Yingli sat next to Xiaolan and couldn't help but say: "This guy should be running to pick up the girl again. I can't stop for a while!"

"Mom! Dad took Huiyuan to buy ice cream, it is impossible to go and strike up a girl!" Xiaolan explained quickly.

On the opposite side of the goatee man wearing a brown T-shirt, Hashimi Saku said, "Maybe he was entangled by fans, so let's delay it. You know, the great Maori detective is very famous. It can be said that no one in Japan knows. , No one knows."

At this moment, Mouri Kogoro's voice came.

"I heard someone praise me as soon as I came, so lucky, lawyer Saku, long time no see!"

"Yingli, you are finally here!"

Mouri Kogoro appeared glamorously, holding Little Lori Haibara in his arms.

At the moment, Hui Yuan had a behaving face. When she saw Xiaolan and Yingli, she even showed smiling faces, almost startled Xiaolan.

Conan next to Saku Hoshi is also full of suspicion: How did this guy turn sex?

I have to say that Maori Kogoro's club education is very successful. At this moment, Haibara is so obedient and daring not to quarrel with Xiaolan.

"Dad, where have you been?"

"Just now, Xiao Ai ate too much ice cream, and she had a bad stomach, so she delayed for a while, but now it's okay!" Mouri Kogoro explained and sat next to Xiao Lan with Xiao Ai.

Chapter 0101: Beauty Tactics?

Recalling what it was like just now, Mouri Kogoro's depressed morning disappeared.

He just carried Huihara while experimenting while training little Lori.

At first, Huihara was stubborn, but Mouri Kogoro was so experienced that Xiao Lori was completely defeated before she could hold on for ten minutes.

In the end, Mouri Kogoro nodded and agreed whatever she said.

At this moment, I was satisfied, and the completely fed Hui Yuan had lost his sharp appearance before, and there was no idea of ​​competing with Concubine Yingli and Xiao Lan.

She just wanted to rest her head on Mouri Kogoro's chest quietly.

With a quiet smile on Huihara's face, he ignored everything, just smelling the smell of Moori Kogoro's body, counting Moori Kogoro's heartbeat voice: one, two!

It’s great, the frequency of uncle’s heartbeat has become the same as mine, and our hearts are connected!


Mouri Kogoro turned his head and looked at Hideri who was aside. Hideri had no makeup, but his small face was already flawless.

She wore a light purple conservative top, showing her delicate collarbone. Underneath was a pair of jeans. Her slender legs were outlined vividly. The young Yingli and Xiaolan were sitting together like a pair of sisters.

Mouri Kogoro praised: "Hiri, you dressed beautifully today! Looks like Xiaolan's sister!"

In the crowd, Fei Yingli blushed when Moori Kogoro's praise was heard, and said, "What are you talking about!"

The face of Saku Hoshi who was on the other side was pale.

Conan was frustrated by the dog food and shook his head speechlessly.

At this moment, a beauty with short brown hair appeared.

Cherry has big watery eyes and tender skin on her mouth. She is wearing a pink strapless dress and black high heels under her feet.

Uishui Ritsuko smiled and said, "I didn't expect that the famous queen of the law and government actually looked like this in front of her ex-husband. It's no different from a little woman!"

"Queen of law?" Xiaolan heard this statement for the first time.

"Have you never heard of it? The majestic attitude of the lawyer in court is daunting, coupled with the superb dialectical skills that can overwhelm the presiding judge, and the 100% winning rate, so everyone calls her the legal circle. The queen!"

Usui Ritsuko blinked his big eyes and glanced at Mouri Kogoro.

Fei Yingli shook her head and said: "Don't say that, you just call it that way!"

At this time, a lovely girl in a green jacket and blue denim skirt came over.

Kuriyama Green opened the mouth and said, "Teacher, it's not just us saying that, even the inspectors think so!"

There were two men behind Kuriyama Green.

The hair is a little bit gray, and Kenzo Shiozawa is a fat man in his fifties.

And in his thirties, Yuji Mikasa, who was full of pockmarks on his face.