Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 411

Seeing all this as Moori Kogoro had said, everyone looked at Mikasa Yuji's expressions. Shiozawa Kenzo and Kuriyama Midori moved slowly and moved away from Mikasa Yuji.

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"What are you doing? I said it wasn't me. Why should I kill someone? It's impossible to even kill Ritsuko together."

"Maori detective, your imagination is too rich."

Yuji Mikasa looked excited and flushed. He tried to use some debating skills to convince everyone of him, but apparently everyone was more trusted by the famous Japanese Maori detective.

Kogoro Mouri said, "Being a detective really requires some imagination. Attorney Mikasa, I think your murder was a temporary motive. As for the motive, it should be because of love and hatred, plus lawyer Lin!"

Hearing this Mikasa Yuji's expression was visibly stunned, his eyes fixed on Kogoro Mouri.

On the side, Yan Ze Xianza widened his eyes and couldn't help but exclaimed: "Maori detective, how can you know about Lawyer Lin."

When the others heard this new name, they couldn't help but look confused.

Yuji Mikasa fell silent, his head slowly lowered.

Kogoro Mouri explained: "I just called Yingli to ask about it. Attorney Lin is actually the new partner in the pollution case that Ms. Ritsuko commissioned Yingli to find."

"Originally, Ms. Ritsuko and Attorney Mikasa were responsible for this public nuisance case, but it is obvious that Attorney Mikasa is not qualified for this."

"In the first trial, she failed miserably. Ms. Ritsuko pulled back some during the second trial. So she wanted to change a partner, hoping to turn back completely in the final trial, so she entrusted Yingli to find an experienced lawyer to replace Mikasa's lawyer, Lin The lawyer is the target recommended by Yingli."

"And after hearing the news, Lawyer Mikasa couldn't bear the humiliation, so he thought of hurting the killer, so he ambushed in Miss Ritsuko's room, but because of this, he killed Lawyer Saku by mistake.

"Enough, Maori Detective, I just said that it's almost the same now."

Mikasa Yuji's eyes were red, and he looked furious. He was constantly yelling like a wild dog with a scar opened.

"Do you know? All of what you said has already constituted slander. I can sue you to jail at any time, and then let the world see how a great Maori detective is a slanderer."

"Do you have any evidence? Everything you say is your fantasy, Kogoro Moori, it's really shit."

Hearing such disrespectful words, Mouri Kogoro's face instantly became extremely cold, his aura continued to exude.

The temperature at the scene dropped instantaneously. Seeing this appearance of Kogoro Mouri, the rest of the people even lowered their breathing.

The barking dog Yuji Mikasa seemed to have encountered a higher-level being. He kept sweating on his body, opened his mouth, but did not dare to speak any more.

And the mountain village operator on the side could not help being very excited when he saw this: As expected, he is the god of reasoning, so terrible!

Looking at this completely serious Mouri Kogoro, Xiaolan and Haibara's eyes appeared intoxicated.

And Li Shanlu was trembling even more, looking at that cold face, she secretly made up her mind.

Mouri Kogoro glared, and his voice fell into Yuji Mikasa's mind like a judgment blade.

"Of course I have evidence. You keep saying that you didn't kill anyone, so you dare to lift your right foot and show the soles of your shoes to everyone?"

Hearing that Yuji Mikasa's pupils kept shrinking, he looked down at his only shoe that he hadn't changed. The cold sweat instantly covered his forehead, and then fell sullenly.

At this moment, he felt as if there was a heavy weight on his feet, and he couldn't lift it at all.

The cold voice shot at Yuji Mikasa like bullets.

"After you killed someone, there were blood stains in your hands and clothes. After turning on the light, you found that you killed the wrong person. Naturally, it is inevitable to panic."

"Although you know that the blood on the switch, the fingerprints on the dagger, the doorknob, and the room card were wiped with a handkerchief, and the traces were cleaned up, but there was also an omission. I saw a little in the pool of blood. Although there is only one corner of the shoe print, it is enough."

"After you went back, you took a shower and took care of your blood suit. But because it was a temporary murder, you only brought a pair of shoes, and there was no way to replace them, and you didn't find any blood on the shoes, so you kept wearing them."

"Hehe, it doesn't matter if you don't lift your foot. From here to your room, a blood reaction along the way can prove all this."

"Now, do you still want to sue me? Attorney Mikasa!"

This sentence instantly defeated Mikasa Yuji’s defenses. He collapsed weakly to the ground, laughed loudly, and then shouted grimly: "It was Ritsuko that bitch who killed me. She wanted to change me. That’s why she’s going to ruin my reputation."

"I knew that Lawyer Saku was going to do it, so I won't mix it up. I was so stupid. Killing the idiot Saku by mistake saved her life."

Kuriyama Green cursed from the side: "As for, attorney Mikasa, the lawsuit is inferior to human beings. Will it be replaced as a murder?"

Mikasa Yuji immediately roared with a fierce look, and the police officer on the side quickly controlled him.

"You don't understand. I have been pursuing Ritsuko for three years, and she has always rejected me, but when she met Kogoro Mouri, she fought fiercely with him."

Yuji Mikasa looked at Kogoro Mouri with resentment: "This bitch, as soon as he sees a good-looking man, he can't wait to post it. If he wants to harm me, he should die."

"Mori Kogoro, I hate you!"

Yuji Mikasa was struggling to come and beat Kogoro Mouri, while the principle of Oran Kazuhiro had a strange expression.

Hearing a bite of a bitch, Maori Kogoro felt harsh.

He looked at Yuji Mikasa who was already mad, shook his head, flicked his fingertips, and a talisman of bad luck fell behind him.

Kogoro Mouri has such a small mind.

Yamamura Cao immediately asked the police to take Mikasa Yuji down.

Kogoro Mori said to him: "Lawyer Mikasa, I have something to give you when I leave."

"That is, you can really do whatever you want to look good!" Hearing this, Mikasa Yuji was even more frantic.

But at this moment, the Doom Talisman was activated, and a light bulb on the ceiling suddenly loosened, just hitting his head, and the glass burst and smashed his head full of blood, making him dizzy.

Kenzo Shiozawa and Conan on the side looked at Kogoro Mouri with resentment.

The injured Mikasa Yuji was escorted to the stairwell by two policemen, but suddenly one of the policemen slipped his hand. Mikasa Yuji could not stand still, and rolled down the stairwell. The screams kept echoing in the stairwell.

Hearing the screams, Mouri Kogoro's face set off a light smile.

Everyone in the corridor heard the screams, but no one cared about the completely sick lawyer Mikasa. Instead, one by one looked at Kogoro Mouri with admiration.

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Shancun Cao took out another notebook and kept recording, Conan couldn't help but curiously asked: "Shancun police officer, what are you doing?"

Yamamura opened his face with excitement and said, "Of course it is to record the reasoning of the Maori detective and show it to the members of our detective support team."

"It's so amazing, Maori detectives can detect things that others can't."

"Especially the smell of wine on the carpet. With this clue alone, you can infer who the murderer is. It really deserves to be someone I regard as an idol for my life."

After the village exercises, he started to record again.