Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 429

Yumi immediately slapped Moori Kogoro on the chest in a panic: "What are you doing, you are dying, you are driving now, but I am a traffic policeman, I'm arresting you in front of me, believe it or not?"

"Want to catch me, it seems that the lesson just now is not enough!" A wicked smile appeared on Kogoro Mouri's face.

Miyamoto Yumi suddenly felt a little frightened. Even as a police officer, she was of excellent physical quality, but she couldn't bear the merciless beatings of Kogoro Moori when she first experienced personnel.

She suddenly became very obedient, and was obediently embraced and kissed by Kogoro Maori.

The distracted Moori Kogoro drove like a dog.

The owner of the car next to him in the same lane couldn't help being stunned when he saw the explosive scene in Lexus.

Kissing while driving is already too much, and the subject of the kiss is still a beautiful traffic policeman, which is really annoying.

Soon, Kogoro Mori let go of Miyamoto's small mouth, patted her buttocks, and told him to sit down.

Kogoro Mouri spoke domineeringly: "Yumi, you are my woman from now on, do you know? Keep your distance from other men in the future."

Hearing this, Miyamoto Yumi smiled, and replied softly, "I see, bad guy!"

The car continued to accelerate and soon reached the Metropolitan Police Department.

The two got out of the car, and Yumi Miyamoto was still reluctant, standing in front of the Metropolitan Police Department, holding Kogoro Mouri, looking at him affectionately.

However, there were too many acquaintances at the entrance of the Metropolitan Police Department, and she did not dare to stay too long. It would be bad if Miwako knew.

After saying goodbye to Kogoro Mouri, she headed for the transportation department building next to her.

On the other hand, Kogoro Mori headed towards the criminal department building on the front. He has not forgotten to see the case about Domoto Conservatory of Music.

Item 0135

Moori Kogoro walked towards the building in the middle of the Criminal Department. The police who came and went all recognized Moori Kogoro, and they all looked at him with respect.

After all, Kogoro Mori has solved too many cases for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

A detective like this has no impression of which policeman.

Police officers in uniforms or suits passed by, nodding to greet Kogoro Mouri from time to time, and Kogoro Mouri smiled at each other.

The clothes worn by the police in the Criminal Department are regulated.

For inspections, the chief inspector stipulates that he must wear a uniform, but after he is promoted to the chief inspector, he can bring plain clothes and only his documents.

However, once he rises to the position above the police, he must wear a uniform.

In the middle of the inspection minister, the police department, the mainstay police positions of the police department are all in suits or casual clothes.

The reason is also very simple. The people who deal with the case on the front line are usually the Megumi Police Department, the Sato Police Department, and the Takagi Inspection Director. If they wear casual clothes, they will not attract the attention of criminals. If necessary, they can show their identity by showing their identity.

Therefore, Kogoro Mori has not seen Miwako wearing a police uniform until now.

Kogoro Mouri watched the policewomen in blue police uniforms pass by, but he didn't pay much attention. He didn't pay attention to these rouge fans.

After all, he just pressed the beautiful police officer of the Ministry of Transportation Yumi Miyamoto under him, and was stunned in the car in the maple forest.

Recalling the taste of bone-eating ecstasy just now, Yumi Miyamoto, who was wearing a police uniform and half-unlinked, can really arouse people's enthusiasm for the temptation of uniforms.

Especially her pair of huge buttresses that are so abundance that Moori Kogoro can't stop it.

I thought that Miyamoto Yumi's plump upper circumference was already a gift, but I didn't expect that buttocks were the gift of the Creator.

Had it not been for tourists in the maple leaf forest, Kogoro Mouri could not have ended the battle so quickly.

When I thought of this, I started to have high spirits again.

Kogoro Mouri shook his head quickly, and threw the picture from his head.

He entered the office of the search class with ease, with familiar faces inside, but he didn't see Officer Mumu. If there is no Officer Mumu, then look for Miwako.

Officer Chiba greeted him, and Kogoro Mouri asked directly, "Where is Officer Sato's office? I have something to look for with her!"

Mikako Sato is already in the post of the police department, and naturally has his own office.

Kogoro Mouri knocked on the door of Officer Sato's office under the guidance of Officer Chiba.

"Come in!"

A familiar female voice came, and Kogoro Mouri opened the door and walked in, and saw Mikako who was making a call anxiously inside.


"What's the matter with the people in the material class? How can this kind of error occur? Can the unsettled case 18 years ago be the same as the unsettled case 15 years ago? The years are different, how can I make a mistake!"

"Hurry up and give me a reminder. If today is over, there will be no chance. It is now 5:36, which means we only have twenty-four minutes."

"According to the procedure, according to the procedure, it is all bureaucratic, you have said how many times you follow the procedure, don't you know how to work it out, please hurry up!"

After listening for a moment, Kogoro Mori understood what was going on. It seemed that there was something wrong with the justice police officer's prosecution.

Mikako Sato hung up the phone and couldn't help inserting her hands into her short hair, messing up her hair.

She sighed long, and when she saw Moori Kogoro appearing at the desk, her eyes lit up, but her face quickly turned depressed again.

"Kogoro, what should I do? You finally helped me find the murderer, but my colleagues messed up. There was a problem with the materials sent to the Supervision Office and was beaten back."

"It seems that the murderer who killed my dad is really going to escape. I don't know how to tell my mom now!"

Hearing this, Mouri Kogoro couldn't help being a little surprised, isn't there a tomorrow besides today?

The 15-year prosecution period for the proboscis man will end tomorrow!

Kogoro Mouri suddenly remembered that when he was talking about reasoning today, he did not mention that Shuji Shikano's plane was delayed by one day due to a typhoon on the day when he returned from Italy.

And Mikako Sato didn't investigate. She thought that Shuji Shuji's free day was tomorrow's birthday, and the prosecution period was only today. No wonder she was so anxious.

Kogoro Mouri walked behind Sato Miwako, put his hands on Miwako's soft shoulders, smiled and said, "Miwako, maybe I can help you solve this problem."

Miwako Sato smiled bitterly and said, "Kogoro, don't be joking. I have only discovered that the material is wrong until now. It is too late. It will take at least one or two hours to rearrange the relevant information on the "Sorrowful Incident" from the warehouse. ."

"Why do you think that this case 18 years ago has already passed the 15-year prosecution period? If it weren't as special as Shuji Luye, there would be no way to prosecute it. The materials 18 years ago would have been sealed in the warehouse as discarded materials. , It takes too much time to find out!"

Kogoro Mouri continued to speak: "Mikako, I can really help you solve this problem!"

Hearing Moori Kogoro repeating these words, Mikako Sato's eyes lit up with hope.

She turned to look at Mouri Kogoro, and Mouri Kogoro looked at her with a smile on his face.