Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 433

But even so, Takagi was still shocked, and he was stunned like a petrified person.

But Mikako Sato ignored the Takagi Shibuya behind him. She and Kogoro Mouri walked out of the Metropolitan Police Department together and got into their own cars.

The black Lexus followed the red Mazda towards Sato Mikako's house.

Chapter 0139 Double-Kill

Xiaolan, who was eating at home, frowned soon after receiving the text message.

Hui Yuan on the side immediately saw the message from Xiaolan's face, and frowned, "Uncle Maori won't come back for dinner today?"

The atmosphere at the dinner table suddenly dropped.

Conan, who was grilling rice, was delighted when he heard this. It would naturally be easier not to see Uncle Maori.

But Xiaolan turned her head and smiled gently at Conan: "Conan, Dad said in the message that you can start studying advanced mathematics. He will look at spot checks when he comes back."

"I really didn't expect Conan to be so talented in mathematics. He can learn mathematics knowledge from university. It's really amazing."

When Conan heard this, he suddenly looked unlovable. He thought he could have a relaxed Saturday, but it was impossible.

Huihara on the side couldn't help but chuckle.

Of course he has talent. It was originally the brain of a high school student. Of course, learning these things is fast.

Every time I saw Conan being tossed about these topics, Hui Yuan looked down on Conan more and more.

As a genius who has completed all the courses in the university by himself and has a profound knowledge of biological sciences, Huihara's gaze at Conan is the same as the gaze of a Xueba looking at Xuezhu.


Lexus and Mazda are docked under an apartment, and above it is the home of Sato Miwako.

Mouri Kogoro stood in front of Lexus, still a little nervous.

Sato Mikako couldn't help but smile secretly when she saw this, she stepped forward and put her arms around Kogoro Mori's arms.

Mouri Kogoro said, "Miwako, it would be rude to visit with bare hands like this. Auntie likes something, let's buy some first, how about?"

Mikako Sato chuckled and said, "Kogoro, my mother doesn't value these things, let's go up quickly."

After that, Miwako dragged Moori Kogoro to the stairs of this apartment, and soon the two came to the door of the apartment on the sixth floor.

Mikako Sato took out the key, then opened the door, and the two walked in.

Kogoro Moori stood in the living room after changing his shoes. Miwako's house is quite big, but the decoration is quite old. The home appliances seem to be more than ten years old, and the TV is desktop.

This is also normal. Sato Masayoshi was in the position of the Metropolitan Police Department. He was regarded as a high-level member of the Metropolitan Police Department and naturally bought this big house.

However, after Sato Masayoshi's death, the Sato family had no source of income. With the allowance of Sato Masayoshi and the work of Miwako's mother, the life was naturally difficult.

Miwako went back home and went straight into her room without knowing what she was doing.

Mouri Kogoro stood in the living room for a long time, but he didn't see Mikako Sato's mother. Maybe he hadn't come back after he went out.

There were no chairs in the living room, so he sat on the tatami in the living room and waited. Not long after, the door of Meihe's ovary opened.

First of all, a pair of slender legs greeted the eyes.

Sato Miwako walked out. At the moment, she was dressed very boldly. She was only wearing a knitted turtleneck sweater. The sweater was lavender. It went all the way to the neck and covered the base of her legs.

This sweater has no sleeves, revealing a pair of white jade arms, these two hands, I don't know how many criminals have been subdued.

Sato Miwako has finished the bath, and she exudes a different fragrance and charm.

Kogoro Mori couldn't help but wonder when he saw this dressed-up Mikako Sato. Although it is more casual to wear at home, it would be too irritating to wear this way!

At this moment, Mikako Sato's face was a little shy, and she looked at Kogoro Mouri with her eyes tightly.

With this look, Kogoro Mouri reacted instantly.

The atmosphere in the living room was a bit hot for a while.

Kogoro Mouri swallowed his saliva and said, "Miwako, did Auntie go out? When will you come back!"

Mikako Sato couldn't help but chuckle when she heard this: "She, now in Osaka. My father was buried in his hometown in Osaka after his death. So every year today, my mother will go to Osaka to worship."

While talking, Mikawako Sato leaned down and approached Kogoro Mouri, with a smile on her delicate face, and her purple eyes were full of affection.

Mouri Kogoro immediately smelled a mysterious scent. He felt a little dry mouth and made a hoarse voice: "Then you said your mother wants to see me?"

A bright smile appeared on Miwako Sato's face: "She said she wanted to see you, but not today. Today I want to be with you, can't you? Kogoro!"

After Mikako finished speaking, she pecked Mouri Kogoro's mouth gently.

That feels like freezing!

Is it tolerable or unbearable!

Mouri Kogoro instantly lifted up his pole. He took Miwako's little hand and pulled it into his arms, and then let it lie on the tatami. His fiery big hands instantly stroked Miwako's beautiful legs.

Kogoro Mori put a kiss on Miwako's pink lips, and the two of them breathed heavily.

Miwako responded enthusiastically, and the atmosphere in the room became extremely hot.

Mouri Kogoro's big hands kept wandering around Miwako's elastic body.

But soon he raised his head as if waking up from a dream, and Miwako couldn't help being stunned.

Mouri Kogoro said: "Miwako, wait for me!"

After that, Kogoro Mouri got up and ran to the next room.

Mikako Sato was a little confused for a while: Is Kogoro Moori looking for a small umbrella?But how could there be a small umbrella at home, shouldn't you go out and buy it?But would it be a pity to use a small umbrella for the first time!

Miwako, who was lying on the tatami in the living room, suddenly heard the sound of the door closing from the bathroom, and it became clear that Kogoro Moori was running to take a bath, and she couldn't help but put a satisfied smile on her face.

This bad guy!Quite considerate!

Mouri Kogoro just wanted to wash away the traces left on his body. Although he was lustful, he still wanted to respect Mikako for the first time.

However, Kogoro Mouri in the bathroom was excited as long as he thought that today's Double-Kill achievement was about to be achieved, and the speed of bathing was so fast.

Soon, Kogoro Moori, who was only wrapped in a bath towel, got out of the bathroom of Sato's house, but there was no sign of Miwako in the living room.

Kogoro Mouri soon heard the sound coming from the bedroom, he burst out quickly, and instantly got into the bedroom, closing the door easily.