Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mori Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 438

Xiaolan's exclamation was immediately heard from the phone: "Dad, come to the underground parking lot of the mall, here is a girl full of blood lying on the ground!"

Upon hearing this, the gazes of Officer Megome, Officer Chiba and others suddenly became serious. Everyone immediately rushed out of the coffee shop, and Officer Chiba who fell to the end helped to settle the bill...


Soon, everyone came to the underground parking lot.

As soon as Moori Kogoro appeared, the panicked Koran immediately plunged into Moori Kogoro's arms, and many people were already watching.

Maori Kogoro hugged his daughter tightly, and gently stroked Xiaolan's back with his big hand to comfort her.

He looked at the woman who was attacked, her head covered with blood, her eyes widened, her pupils dilated, and she couldn't live if she wanted to.

Officer Mumu rushed up, checked his pulse, and shook his head.

Seeing that the situation became serious and there was a murder, Officer Mumu immediately took out his mobile phone to request support.

Yuanzi saw Xiaolan in Maori Kogoro's arms, and her big amber eyes rolled around, and she immediately followed it.

She hugged Moori Kogoro's back tightly, and a pair of small whipped creams pressed against Moori Kogoro tightly.

Yuanzi pretended to be scared, and said, "Uncle Maori, it's terrible, it's dead!"

When Conan saw this, his face twitched, and the blue veins on the forehead of Officer Sato on the side kept jumping up.

It was Xiao Lan in Kogoro Moori's arms that couldn't stand it anymore, she took the garden's little ear and walked aside.

Yuanzi couldn't help but said, "Xiao Lan, what are you doing? I'm really scared!"

"I know! I'll go to'comfort and comfort' you!" Xiaolan smiled gently, but Yuanzi felt a cold glow on his back.


Mouri Kogoro couldn't help shook his head, and walked forward to check the body.

Soon, police officers and personnel from the forensic course arrived and the parking lot was cordoned off.

Because of the horrible murders in the Peihu shopping mall, a broadcast soon sounded in the mall.

"Dear customers, this mall has an accident today and is temporarily closed. Please leave the mall within 20 minutes. Please understand if any inconvenience is caused."

"Dear customers..."

When the radio sounded, the customers in the mall looked confused, but they also exited in an orderly manner.

Item 0144

The cordon of the underground parking lot is already full of guests.

Because this case occurred in the Peihu shopping mall, a high-end shopping mall with extremely high traffic, it caused a great impact, and reporters outside formed a circle.

The Chiba police officer had already investigated the deceased's identity, and spoke on the side.

"This time the deceased was named Lanzawa Dahui. He was 20 years old. He was an employee of the previous mall. However, he was fired a year ago and has not found a job. Her fatal injury was a blunt head attack. The wound caused."

Officer Mumu looked angry and smashed his fist on the car: "Damn it, I didn't expect that the fourth incident turned into a murder. This prisoner is becoming more and more rampant."

He turned his head and looked at Kogoro Mouri: "My brother Moori, have you found anything?"

Kogoro Mori took the three previous photos and compared them carefully. Hearing the question, he said: "Officer Megome, look, the victims of these four cases wear this cup on their wrists or necks. Commemorative goods for the 10th anniversary of the mall, that is to say, all the victims are guests of the Cuphu mall."

Officer Mumu took the photo, took a closer look, then took another look at the corpse, and was immediately surprised: "That's true. It seems that this prisoner is someone who stared at this mall. Well, it might be this one. Competitors in the mall did it."

"But it's difficult to do this. After all, the volume of people in the Peihu Mall is so large, the scope suddenly becomes very large."

At this moment, a young man emerged from the crowd crying, crying with tears in his eyes: "Duohui, Dahui."

Officer Mumu couldn't help but wonder: "Who is this man?"

Officer Chiba turned over the police manual and said, "This man is Aizawa Tae’s boyfriend, named Shirakawa Noriyuki. He works in a mid-to-high-end restaurant in Muito Shopping Mall. I saw my parents in the restaurant."

A woman wearing the clothes of a waiter in the restaurant appeared next to her. She patted Shirakawa Noriyuki's shoulder and continued to comfort her.

Officer Mumu asked again, "Who is this woman then?"

"It's the waiter in the restaurant where Noriyuki Shirakawa works. The name is Yuri Konno. She and Mr. Shirakawa are classmates in college and have a good relationship."

At this time, a fat middle-aged man wearing glasses and a suit appeared at the scene and glanced at the exaggerated deceased who fell on the ground, his eyes full of coldness.

Officer Chiba opened his mouth and said, "This is Shirakawa Kiyuki's father, and his name is Shirakawa Chunyi, who is the owner of this cup house shopping mall."

Shirakawa Chunyi said to his crying son: "It's too unlucky to die here. Jizhi, you should have a long memory this time. Don't look for these nonchalant women in the future."

"From now on you have to find me a woman with no bad record."

After Shirakawa Chunyi finished speaking, he turned around and ordered the manager to eliminate the impact of this incident.


Shirakawa Kiyuki, who was tearful, looked at Shirakawa Chunyi with a look of disappointment.

Hearing this, Officer Megome couldn't help asking: "What's the bad record that the father said?"

Shirakawa Kiyuki burst into tears, as if she didn't want to answer.

Konye on the side opened his mouth and said: "It should be said that Miss Dahui caused a car accident in the underground parking lot of this mall a year ago!"

"Car accident?"

"Well, at that time, she drove down a very young boy. It was because of this incident that she was expelled from the company."

Officer Sato remembered this, and said, "I heard Yumi talk about this before. The little boy was waiting for his mother in the parking lot. The car suddenly drove out of the dark and knocked down the child. "

"Although the car didn't drive very fast in the parking lot, the little boy was still unable to be rescued after he was taken to the hospital because of a crash. I still remember that child was called Akira Sakurai."

Everyone could not help but look thoughtful when they heard this.

Then Mikako Sato glanced at the height of the people present, and approached Kogoro Mouri.

She whispered: "Xiaogoro, I think the short mall owner is suspicious. He doesn't like the girlfriend his son finds, and he knows that she will show up in the parking lot. It is very likely that he did it."

"And according to what the ladies who were attacked before, the gangster is about 1.5 meters and the boss is about 1.5 meters."

Kogoro Mouri raised his eyebrows and said, "Did those women who were attacked really say that the gangster is 1.5 meters?"

Mikako Sato held his chin and thought for a while before he said: "The only women who came to the Metropolitan Police Department to record were the first and third women. They all said that the prisoners were about the same height as them. I helped them to measure. It's one meter and fifty-one, one meter is four-nine-nine, it shouldn't be much different!"

Kogoro Mouri chuckled softly: "In that case, the boss is not suspicious. You forgot, these people who were attacked are all 109 Spice Girls. The standard configuration of 109 Spice Girls is to wear a platform with a height of at least ten centimeters. shoe."