Conan's Mori Kogoro

Conan's Mouri Kogoro (Conan's Most Powerful Uncle) Chapter 441

Mouri Kogoro's control was extremely precise, and only a half of his kidney was broken.

In the future, Dingjin Yoshio's urinary problems will become the biggest problem. It is not dead, but life is not as good as death. This punch is enough to make Dingjin Fangxiong's second half of his life in pain. A small punishment is also a breath of relief for the garden.

"Hiss, Uncle Maori, you are amazing!"

So Yuanzi was struggling to get closer to Kogoro Mori. At this time, all the lights in the mall were turned on, and the entire mall suddenly became like daylight.

Mouri Kogoro immediately saw the blood flowing on the garden, and squatted down close to her. When the garden saw this, he moved his body again to hug Moori Kogoro.

Mouri Kogoro held the smooth forehead of Yuanzi with his hands, and said, "I've hurt my legs, so I'm not honest."

While talking, Kogoro Mori put his arms around Yuanzi's legs and neck, picked him up, and put it on the glass cabinet for her to sit down.

As soon as I sat on the cold glass cabinet, the garden shook.

A wound was drawn on her left leg, blood was flowing, and her right leg was cramped and both legs were injured.

Kogoro Mori unzipped his white boots with his right foot over the knee, and then took off the boots. The ankle was already red and swollen.

Maori Kogoro grabbed and pulled the two slender legs of the garden, carefully observing the injury.

I have to say that Yuanzi's legs are very flexible, and his legs are as beautiful as Tomoko, and they feel really good to the touch.

Yuanzi's face was a little blushing, she couldn't help but said, "Uncle Maori, you saved me again!"

Mouri Kogoro said in a breathless voice: "I know that there is a murderer nearby, and I run around by myself. Wouldn't I call Xiaolan when I went to the toilet?"

The big amber eyes of the garden lit up: Uncle Maori is caring about me?She couldn't help but obediently responded: "Oh!"

With big amber eyes, he looked closely at Moori Kogoro who helped him deal with his injury.

Mouri Kogoro raised his head, immediately saw something out of date, and quickly stood up.


Because this was a transparent glass cabinet, the injured legs of the garden were stretched apart again, and she didn't even think about guarding against Kogoro Moori, the orange Kouchi under the skirt was seen.

Yuanzi obviously noticed it too, her face turned a little bit redder, but she didn't do anything.

Normal girls should cover their skirts with their hands, but there is no response when they change to the garden.

Mouri Kogoro stood up straight, coughed a few times, and turned to help her find a bandage for her dressing.

It just so happened that this place was a department store, and it had everything. Soon Mouri Kogoro returned with a bandage.

Item 0147

Mouri Kogoro stood in front of the garden, placed the bandage and medicine he found next to him, and then stretched out his hand to sprinkle the medicine on the big dog.

Yuanzi frowned slightly and said in a low voice, "Will this leave scars?"

Mouri Kogoro patted another uninjured white man in the garden: "Listen to me and you won't leave scars. You can walk later."

Kogoro Mouri naturally wanted to use healing techniques, but Yuanzi was not her own woman, and she was afraid that she would speak out with her big mouth, so she naturally wanted to cover up.


Yuanzi couldn't help taking a breath, and Mouri Kogoro chuckled lightly: "Now I know it hurts, who made you wear such high shoes."

Yuanzi immediately said, "Doesn't Uncle Maori like it? Then I won't wear it anymore."

Mouri Kogoro chuckles when he hears this: "It's pretty good-looking, but next time, don't wear such thick-soled and high-shoes."

Hearing this, Yuanzi's big amber eyes lit up, and he nodded obediently.

Kogoro Mouri sprinkled the powdered medicine, then took out the bandage, reached out to grasp the garden's elastic right leg, raised his right leg, and let it step on the edge of the glass cabinet.

In an instant, a rather shameful action was made, and Xiao Nene was instantly revealed, Yuanzi's face was flushed, and she bit her teeth, but there was no movement in her hand.

The well-informed veteran driver Mouri Kogoro didn't care. He took the white bandage and rolled the right leg of Yuanzi a few times, then tied a knot, and then put down the right leg.

Immediately afterwards, Kogoro Mori grasped Yuanzi's injured left ankle, and with his palm, the healing technique was instantly performed.

Yuanzi's eyes widened immediately, and his large amber eyes stared at Mouri Kogoro closely.

In pain, the healing energy of Su Su Ma Ma lingers in Yuanzi's legs.

Soon the pain in both legs disappeared, and the redness and swelling on the left ankle and ankle also disappeared.

Kogoro Mouri flickered: "The left foot injury is a trauma. You will be fine after you break it off. The bandage on your right leg will not be removed until tomorrow. Then there will be no scars, do you know?"

Yuanzi nodded with a red face, and said, "I see."

"Well, you can come down now!"

Hearing this, Yuanzi moved her body, timidly touched the ground with her right leg, and then fell down with her left leg. She moved her foot.

so amazing!The injury just now doesn't feel anymore!

At this moment, the deposit of Jin Yoshio lying on the glass cabinet groaned, and Yuanzi was taken aback immediately, and plunged into Moori Kogoro's arms in a panic, a pair of small crispy milk pressed against Moori Kogoro's chest.

Looking at the garden where the tears were still in his arms, Kogoro Mouri didn't get away from her, but instead reached out and patted the garden on the back.

Sonoko only felt that Moori Kogoro's chest was filled with a sense of security, and recalled the scenes with Moori Kogoro before.

At the Izu Hotel, Maori Kogoro gave his life to the rescue and grabbed a dagger full of blood with his bare hands. Here he was hit with a baseball bat on the shoulder again.

Yuanzi raised his little head and looked at the handsome face close at hand, with courage coming from nowhere.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed Moori Kogoro's mouth with a kiss. After learning the tongue-kissing technique from an unknown love secret book, she launched an attack on Moori Kogoro.

Yaoshou!A loss of consciousness was even attacked by the garden.

Excessive!Keep kissing, what kind of trouble is this!

Kogoro Mouri hurriedly reached out and pushed the garden aside, and said, "Yuanzi, are you crazy?"

"Uncle Maori, are you my boyfriend?"

"I'm serious, Xiao Lan, we just need to hide it from her!"

Yuanzi held Moori Kogoro's big hand with both hands, and the amber version of the big eyes stared at Moori Kogoro closely.

After being rescued by Moori Kogoro twice and three times, Kogoro Moori was the only one in the garden.

Even the existence of Xiaolan, a best friend, could not hinder Yuanzi's desire to confess.